Monday, April 20, 2009

Momma Knows Best

I believe I have shared before one of my guilty pleasures is reality TV.

Trashy reality TV is even better.

Tonight is the season finale of one of the shows I watch from time to time - VH1's For the Love of Ray J.

How can you not find this amusing? "I've been in this game a long time... I've been with a lot of women but I'm ready to get out. I want to do this show to find a ride or die chick, a chick that makes me want to get out of the game." - Ray J

I'm thinking Ray J should listen to his momma. She said none of the girls were right for him. I'm not one to judge but keep on looking Ray J. Keep on looking.

Ace and Mars, if VH1 decides to call me for a show y'all are still up first to be my Lil B's (his "advisor" y'all).

Peace and Love Peeps.



bingo. mom's are always right!

Will you be my advisor to my boys someday say in 15 years when they think I'm wrong? Will you please come in and say, "MOMMA's always right?"

the ladder is still in my garage..crap. :)

fiwa said...

I saw the one where his momma was telling him they were ALL crazy! That was hilarious. She had a good evil mama eye on her. She scart me.

Can I come on your show and get into a brawl with someone?

Maricel said...

I'll be your Lil B :-D I can totally see Fiwa getting into a brawl with someone :-D