Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is This Blog Worthy?

Before we go further, allow me to say the bird was not harmed by us.
When I arrived to my destination for the day (about a month ago) and exited my car I was greeted by this.

Honestly y'all I thought it was not real. I thought it was a stuffed fake bird and not a real one by any means.

Look at this for a moment. Feast your eyes on how it is posed/landed.

Do you see many birds, deceased ones at that, in this position?

Yeah, me either.

I made way in to the building and asked the SBQ6's to join me outside.

I was compelled to ask them if this was a practical joke. They agreed it wasn't.

We looked at the little birdie from various angles and decided the poor thing nose dived and went to the "other side".

We were astonished it "landed" so perfectly.

Then these words were spoken.

"MoW (Mo-Dub) is this blog worthy?", asked the SBQ6s. "Why yes it is", I replied.

Then it hit us. Not only was it blog worthy the situation was practical joke worthy.

Carefully picking it up with a napkin, we decided who would be the receipent of the practical joke.

We were successful in our joke is all I'm gonna say.

Remember, no little birdie was harmed in the course of this day or joke.

May he or she rest in peace.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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fiwa said...

That is weird. Poor little birdie.