Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Day

Happy Earth Day to you and yours!

Most people don't get excited about rainy days but I find it fitting for Earth Day. Rain is good for the planet.

Rain is also good for sending bumblebees and yellow jackets on their way.

Have I mentioned I don't care for flying, stinging insects?

I know they serve a purpose but I am fearful of them.

There. I. Said. It.

I am a grown woman who runs and shrieks from said insects.

So imagine how I responded when one found its way in my home yesterday. Not only did it find its way in, it decided to visit my neck while I was taking a half hour nap.

Let me set the scene for you. There I lay in a twilight slumber. Snuggled under my covers. I feel something fluttering about on my neck. I jump up and out of bed and see it. A plump bumblebee crawling across the bed where I was just laying.

I shriek. I panic. I see a glass sitting on top of the dresser across the room.

I think to myself, "Aha, I can trap it!"

I do just that. Then the alarm goes off. Loudly. I am stuck. My hand is over the glass on the side of the bed. I am praying the bee will stop moving.

Finally it does but I know better. It is probably unconscious. I think to myself there is no way it could have gone into the light that quickly.

I look around for something to cover the trap with so I can remove it from my space and set it free outside.

Another aha! I notice my little pottery pot on the bookshelf is the perfect size to put on the top of the glass.

So this is exactly what I do. We make our way to the patio door and as I am intently looking at it up close the little sucker starts making movement in the glass.

I hightail it to the patio. When I notice the yellow jackets, yes plural, hanging out on the wall I, like the scared girl I am, put the glass and pottery pot on the ground and shut the doors.

I'd like to apologize for not setting the bee free. My fear got the best of me.

At dinner last night I learned Fiwa will be my bee savior. She is just a phone call away and thankfully only 8 blocks away. Thanks girlfriend!

I'd rather set an insect free any day of the week than take its life.

So dear internets, do you have a fear you'd like to share with me on this glorious day?

I'm listening.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

I can handle most anything that as long as it's not a surprise. Like if you walk right up to someting. If I know it's there from a bit of a distance I'm ok. If I walk right up to it and see it I scream like a little girl.

Apologies to little girls everywhere.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hands down....ALL snakes and MOST spiders. I will set a Daddy Long-legs free and maybe a teeny tiny spider...but the rest of them don't stand much of a chance with me. It was especially unnerving when I read that we are NEVER more than 3 feet away from a spider of some sort...all our lives. Yuck! ewwwww. I try to put that fact out of my mind. Glad you didn't get stung.

Kathy said...


Mo said...

Snakes get me too!