Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Poor Thing

My poor baby has been violated on so many levels.

First she bursts her anal glands.

Then she gets treatment for them and when they don't heal, has surgery.

While she is under for said surgery, she has her teeth cleaned and ends up having one of them pulled.

Then she comes home only to have parts of her fur shaved and sporting this fine looking collar for weeks on end.

In her quest for a sense of dignity, she gets crafty and removes her collar the day before her stitches are to be removed much to the dismay of her Aunt Fiwa and momma too.

Mom arrives home and stuffs her in the kitty carrier so someone else can look at her bootie.

When Mom is told, "That doesn't look good. Can you bring her back Monday?" she gets stuffed back in the carrier for a drive home and a weekend of exposed muscle and tissue.

Monday arrives and Auntie Fiwa stuffs her back in the carrier for a ride to the vets office.

It is decided the baby needs surgery yet again. This time it is not her anal glands but near the area. Apparently her tail, rather her nub, has been working overtime and is causing a tension spot that tore itself open.

That my friends is some serious nub action.

Surgery was a success and she will be a resident of the vet's hospital until I arrive back in town Friday late afternoon.

And above all, I violated her by taking pictures in her collar and weakened state. Can't you just tell from the look above she is having no part of it?

I couldn't resist though. She cracks me up when she sits like this and to add the collar...a picture had to be snapped.

If you will add a kitteh vibe and prayer for us, I'd be grateful. She's had enough. My checking account has too but you can't put a price on the well being of a fur child that is otherwise healthy and provides me such joy.

Please and Thank You.

Peace and Love Peeps.
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fiwa said...

Poor girl! Her dignity has been violated, by no less than her mother! There she was sittin, just minding her own business, trying to get in a little cleaning time, and you up and take a picture of her lady bits and post them on your blog. She would like you to know that she is NOT Britney Spears.

Poor Kitteh... I feel so sorry for her, I hope this surgery is the ticket and she'll start feeling better.

Miss ya!

Brad said...

Dear Kitteh, It really is the latest look for spring. really. You look lovely. Momma loves you, be well.


Kathy said...

Poor, poor Kitty! Sometime soon this will just be a bad memory!

Cheryl said...

My bad memory was 3 years ago tomorrow. Let's just say I couldn't sit. So I can relate to your poor kitty. Only I didn't need a collar.

Tina... said...

now that photo is tow up from the flo up and she is a hot mess. but she's cute so she has that going for her.

Live.Love.Eat said...

wow, she has been through a lot. Prayers and good kitty vibes coming her way!!!!