Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Da Road

Let's talk about my road day trip the other day shall we?

The day started like most others. How is that you might be asking? When I am home, Jasmine yells at me from the floor on the left side of the bed.

Even if she is granted permission from Princess to sleep on the bed, she will jump off and hit the floor to yell before the break of dawn.

Upon doing the morning routine, I headed out to my local preferred rental car establishment to pick up the car for the day trip. I arrived in plenty of time to be on the road at 8:00 AM but my "friend" had other ideas.

My "friend" is an employee of said establishment who, on more than one occasion, has attempted to flirt his way into a date. Flattering but I'm not interested in pursuing more than our current level of interaction.

He must have been feeling it this particular morning as he kept me at the office much longer than necessary.

I scored a Sirius equipped car but not one I'd want to rent again. I was in a Kia Rondo. Is it a station wagon? A SUV? A sedan? I don't know.

What I do know is the driver's seat didn't budge much. It literally felt like I was sitting in a chair at a table. My traveling companion for the day, SBQ6, adequately described it as a captains chair when he got behind the wheel.

Please do not get me started on how I felt like I was 15 and learning how to drive again anytime I needed to use the brakes. This car's brakes were soooo much more touchy than my vehicle. Call me Lurch because this is what I did anytime brakes were applied.

After being delayed, I was finally able to get on the road to head to my first destination of the day. All was good for the first 2o minutes or so.

Here I am approaching downtown Seattle and internally seething for a few seconds as I could see the gridlock up ahead. It took about twenty minutes to go less than a mile. Traffic only continued to get worse as the minutes passed. Traffic in front and more coming up behind me.
See now why I wish I had the bubbles? Cars. More cars. And yet more cars. Like I said before, I took it in stride. Jammed. Figured out Sirius and XM completed their merge. Played the crazy lady taking pictures of the Seattle skyline role and decided on the final holiday card combination.

Post the day's events, and in an effort to avoid even more traffic for the day, I decided to stop and do some shopping I was planning to do Sunday.

I hit up Impress for a new birthday (653F by Cats Life Press) and this year's happy holidays stamp.

I headed over to Paper Zone to get my holiday card "covers" and envelopes. Apparently the color combo I am using this year is a hot choice as there was a fellow shopper getting her paper for her cards in virtually the same colors as I selected. Either great minds think alike or we are easily influenced.

From there I hit up Office Depot and then headed over to Ulta, Bath and Body Works, and decided to get some Thai food.

Upon my arrival home I was greeted by a bunch of stuff all over my door and on the mat. My Jehovah Witness friends came back by to visit. They left me with a magazine type of pamphlet and a personal note saying they were sorry they missed me and hoped I enjoyed the articles. I had a feeling they would be back by and appreciate their efforts.

I finished off the day by loving on the babies, taking a nice long hot shower, and crawling into bed with the intentions of reading for a bit but that was quickly squashed when I was unable to keep my eyes open.

It was another good day in which I accomplished the day's goals and then some.

I love when things come together like that.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Brad said...

We need to coordinate better - you could have stopped by and visited the goats rather then sitting in traffic. You were just below my house!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Minus the traffic, days like that can be great, a confirmation of not just life but of liveliness. It's nice to feel wanted even when it's unreciprocated (rental guy & Jehovahs') and just doing errands and buying things you will use to create some joy for others.

Ok, I just got hit with a sappy stick. But it sounds like a cool day is all i'm sayin'. :) Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Traffic is the worse, luckily I never get on the interstate much anymore. Have a great weekend.