Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekly Challenge #57

This week I challenge you to check the dates of your spices as well as in the medicine cabinet.

We've done both of these actions before but it has been awhile so I feel the time has come again for us to do so.

Earlier this week I ended up clearing my spices out down to practically nothing. Those handy dandy pieces of masking tape with the use by date I write on them before they are put away revealed it was time for most all to go.

Don't forget to clean out your fridge too. You don't want anyone getting sick from bad holiday leftovers right? Right.

Speaking of getting sick, I'm challenging you to check the medicine cabinet too as this is the time of the year lots of us come down with the sniffles and hit up whatever we have on hand.

It really is better to let an out of date item go than to hang on to it thinking to toss it would be a waste of money.

If the item's time has come, say good-bye and rid your space of it. Recycle where and when you can. Your health and fresh flavor in the food is more important than out of date items.

Peace and Love Peeps.

NOTE: photo courtesy of superchou's flickr account


Cheryl said...

So it's Thanksgiving Day and I'm making my Pineapple Bread Pudding. I get out the ground nutmeg, and decide to check the date. October 26, 1992. You read that right. I smelled it, and it didn't smell like nutmeg. I cleaned out my spices about 2 years ago and must have had a sentimental tie to this one. I promptly threw the contents down the drain and went begging for a teaspoon of the stuff from a neighbor. I'm pretty sure the rest of the spices are up to date :)

Glad you found your glasses!

simonsays said...

Great advice - and I have to laugh at Cheryl, above. I just went through this when we moved, and I couldn't believe the dates on my spices!

Hope your holiday was great.


Jennifer said...

MO, so hubby gets pisssed at me all the time because I give him expired salad dressing or mayo..i never check the dates, ha.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I did this all within the past 6 months with medicine and spices. BUT I have to admit, before then, I didn't even realize medicine like aspirin expires. Just never thought of that. How awful, huh. And just the other day when I went to start taking vitamins again I realized they were expired. This is why I like to buy the small spices, as much as I cook, they stay freshest when used within 6 months.

Ace C said...

This is a very crackish task, Whitney. Is Bobby back?