Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Challenge #55

Anyone else catch the Oprah episode with Peter Walsh this past week? If he were to come knocking on my door I would let him in. I am sure I would glean organizational tips from him and maybe I could persuade him to trim the facial hair that seems to be taking over the bottom half of his face while we were bonding over organizational goodness.

I would definitely let him help to clean out my closet. There are clothes in there I have not worn in over a year. Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I will be taking a trip to the Goodwill for sure.

Like I said to Kyla Friday night, I don't need 11 black sweaters. It is true they are all different styles but really, 11? This, plus the other items not being worn, are taking up valuable space in my closet which leads to my dislike of doing laundry. It can be a battle some days to get everything in its rightful place.

Since you know me like you do, you know everything has a place. My closet is color coordinated and like items are hung together. Shuddup a'right. It's how I do.

So, this week I am challenging you to do something you're inspired to do in the organizational area of your life. Whether it be to declutter an area of a table or desk, to clear out old magazines, put a drawer in order, to start the trash bag tango in your closet, to embrace FlyLady's super fling boogie, to download and organize pictures from your memory card, clean your car, etc. Whatever it may be, JUST DO IT.

The closet comes later this month. Today I took about ten minutes and cleaned out the drawers in my towel three drawer bathroom unit. Have I used that lipstick in the last 6 months? No. Will I use it? No. Hello trash bag.

Less is more people. Less is more.

Recycle where you can. Start small or hey if you prefer, go BIG. Whatever you decide, just do something.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

everyday i open my closet door i cringe. i can't find jack in there. i'm sure once if i picked up the crap off the floor i'd find a car or somethin in there.

i keep sayin' i'm gonna clean it, but then something else comes along. i have a long weekend coming up-i'll shoot for it then and totally dump it at the goodwill receptacle across the street from my house.

i did clean my fridge this weekend. that has to count for somethin though right? mmhmm. thought so.

Mo said...

Yup Kimmy, cleaning the fridge counts!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I'm so with you. It seems I do a bit of this every week. We just re-vamped the spare bedroom closet by taking down the measly one shelve they provided which had 7 feet of useless space above it, & put up 5 more shelves. It feels sooooo good to be organized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ace C said...

Don't listen to these people. They don't have a clue.