Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye My Friends

I've tried.

Really I have.

I made room on the DVR, until last night that is.

Then, with a tad bit of hesitation, I selected the delete option instead of watching the two episodes I had of .

I just have not been able to embrace this season. I can always watch the shows at a later date via dvd or a download.

I'll be removing the series from the dvr tonight too.

Goodbye my friends. It has been a fun ride but the time has come for us to part ways. You're going in one direction and I'm heading in another.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Cheryl said...

I did the same thing! I'd been DVR'ing the series without watching a one. It was taking up valuable space, and I needed to do a MO and say good-bye. I was never head-over-heels, so it was OK. What I need to start catching up on is Brothers and Sisters. I love that show but haven't seen any of it. Yet.

kimmyk said...

i haven't watched this in two years i bet. i can't seem to get into anymore.

i'm down to like 3 shows. grey's, 24, and lost. that's really it.

3 hours a week during prime season.
not bad.

i dont have a dvr but i'm thinkin i might need to figure all that out. soon too cause jack (well both my jack's) will be back in jan. then it's on!

Jennifer said...

I am "hit or miss" on watching it, but will say this past week's was one of the better ones. Can you view it online somewhere!?

Live.Love.Eat said...

I can't blame you although I won't delete it. I do feel this way more for Grey's Anatomy. I have all the shows from the beginning of this season yet I keep chosing all the others over it when I have spare time. The main character Grey just started to frustrate me.

kimmyk said...
you are not alone. meredith is driving me bonkers with her house of candles then her wishy washy i do want him but i dont want him crap.

get off the pot already wouldja!?!?!

and that whole callie storyline with her being bisexual now. yeah no. i heard last week they were givin the doc she's diggin' these days the heave ho. whatever her name is-the heart doc. she's on her way out. i guess she just walks to her car and viola! that's it for her storyline.

they need to spice it up a bit...i'm gettin' tired of all the same ole same ole. and i want some good grey's anatomy tunes again!

Mo said...

Ha, I am not alone!!! Yay!

Used to be Grey's was the first thing I would watch on the DVR but not so much these days. I do get around to it but not as quickly as before.