Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Thanks for the vibes yesterday y'all.

It was a long yet productive day; pictures and commentary will follow later.

I definitely was missing my bubbles yesterday morning as I sat in downtown Seattle traffic on my way to *drum roll* Mount Vernon.

I forgot to take those out of my console and with me in the rental as I didn't think by leaving after 8:00 AM versus before 6:30 AM would put me smack in the middle of downtown Seattle morning rush hour.

It was all good though. I took it in stride (what other choice do I have?), jammed, and played with my camera. Well, played the the best I could with the little bit of movement we were making. Plus, the gray of the day didn't lend to a lot of separation for the images captured either.

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Where did the last two days go? Technically I know where they went but really? It is hump day already?

Today will go by in a flash too. My day is full of meetings and conference calls followed by a working dinner tonight.

How about you? Whatcha' got going on this fine hump day? Come on. Tell me. I am interested and part of me wants to live vicariously through you.

Peace and Love Peeps.
PS - I was gonna' use a camel for the hump day (camel, hump...get it? Oh never mind.) but when I saw the above image it was perfect for the day today. It's an inside joke I'm not at liberty to share in this forum.
Work husband and dotted line boss man, this squirrel is for you!


Jennifer said...

This WEDNESDAY is great, because it's the "last workday" for me (I only work Tues and Wed) AND it starts a FIVE DAY VACATION for my hubby!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

OK, mine is clearly not as good as Jen's but hey....

Welcome back, glad trip went well & safe!!!! I am so ready to go out at lunchtime to buy some holiday stuff for my table settings!!!! Already obsessing.....

Brad said...

My, My, My, you do get to go to all the fashionable places. Mt Vernon? Woot! Did you stop by the outlet mall?

Poppi needs new sandels!

Ace C said...

No more jokes lady.

Cheryl said...

My Wednesday was mundane. Work. Home. Couch potato. And cookies. What am I thinking? Tomorrow will be more interesting. Swimming and big conference with bad teacher, daughter, ex and administrator.