Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let There Be Light

Last night, as I made my way around my space lighting the candles, I realized I have a lot of candles to light.

I blaze it up y'all.

Between the front door, into the dining room/office/craft space, living room, and kitchen I put flame to wick on 28 tea lights, 10 pillars, and 1 jar candle.

In the bedroom, I add 6 tea lights and a jar candle to the mix.

My space isn't that big y'all. It is no wonder I don't turn on the lights or heat that much. All that flamage generates light and heat.

In case you are wondering, I get my tea lights from . I make a trip at least twice a year and stock up. My pillars are either made by me (yup, I make candles) or I pick them up on sale at Pier 1 or Target. The scent? Something very light like vanilla or gingerbread.

I don't rely on scented candles for the scent in my home. I use tart warmers, reed diffusers, room spray, wallflower plug ins, or warm essential oils.

Hi. My name is Mo and I have a candle and scent "issue".

Do you have a similar situation going on in your home too? Anything you have an abundance of? Something bringing you peace, joy, and comfort? This is what candles and scents do for me.

This is a safe place. You can share.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

i light candles all day on the weekends and as soon as i get home i start lighting.

they do make your house warmer. my temp. in my house went up 3 degrees on sunday once i they were all ablaze. 3 degrees doesn't sound like much, but when you're talkin 70 degrees to 73 degrees it makes a difference.

i'm totally all vanilla. i worry my dogs can't handle the smells if i mix them up.

Brad said...

I have an abundance of migratory dust bunnies. I beleive they come from fiwa's house.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh, how I love my candles too. I should have added that into my cornucopia. I buy those Glade candles at the supermarket, take their sticker off, then use rub ons from the crafts store to put them on the candles. I have one on each side of my stove. One says adventure and the other together. And right now, I am just obsessed with the doors being open. As soon as I come home, they get opened even if I have to pee really bad or have lots of stuff in my hand.

Maricel said...

Yes, your place was nice and toasty the last time I came over:)

Ace C said...

Damn Shame! And Brad those dust bunnies come from the constitution.

simonsays said...

Oh Mo, I can so relate. I don't do candles so much---with kitties, that can be a problem, but I use an abundance of the plug in thingy's and other means of fixing the SMELL. I think I am obsessed. With other smells too, as I am an altoid addict...and cannot handle anyones BAD breath. ugh...

Happy Wednesday. :)