Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Got Sushi?

We do.
That's the usual sushi crew. Maricel, J, Drea, and me. Oh yea, Spanky too.
On average we hit up our local sushi place at least once a week. Some weeks you might find us there more than once a week. Other weeks, maybe once or not at all.
Our local place is
The best sushi I've had was in downtown Seattle and downtown Portland but this place?
This place is our place. It's local. It's fresh. It's priced just right. Service is good. Sports are on in the joint and usually the music is hopping too. Don't let the conveyor belt style fool you. I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars if asked.
Being a Texas girl, I didn't do sushi, which typically is a wise choice. Sushi in Texas? Land of the cow? Come on. The further inland you are chances are you're not going to get fresh fish, let alone quality sushi.
Once I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I thought I would give it a try. I started off with the usual, favorite stand by, I'm new to sushi choiceYa' know, California Rolls. Then I graduated to the big time. There is no stopping me now. I'll give pretty much anything a try.
My current fav? A rainbow roll.
Yes, it is true. The base is a California roll so it is not that far of a stretch but it's yummy. I also like the spicy jalepeno thing. I forget the name of it.
Usually by the end of the chow session there would be bits and pieces of rice floating in my dipping sauce (hand mixed low sodium soy sauce and wasabi) but last night? Last night I think I finally mastered the chopsticks. Or at the very least I am on my way there.
The only things floating in there are sesame seeds. Success!
Let's talk chopsticks for a minute. I'm all about being green. It made me sad to think about all of the chopsticks and paper being used each time we went. When Maricel went to Japan in May, she brought us back And yes, I need the chopstick helpers still. Don't hate. Just roll with it.
The great thing about them being in the carrying case is I get to take them with me everywhere. I keep 'em in the inside zipper pocket of my purse. Wash 'em after each use and now I am not so sad anymore.
And not being sad is always a good thing right?
Peace and Love Peeps.


wendy said...

My personal fave is Kyoto's on South Tacoma Way, in Tacoma. The spicy tuna roll is to DIE for. I skip Mondays, because the regular sushi guy is off on Mondays.

Kyoto's is pricey, but I'm telling you, the spicy tuna roll....YUM.

Ace C said...

Someone has gayface and it's not M, A, or Mo. I guess if I like sushi I would be there too, but I don't and I am 1600 miles away.

Slick said...

Can you believe I have never, EVER tried sushi??

I'm so uncultured!

kimmyk said...

i dont like sushi. i can't get past the rawness of it all to stuff it in my piehole.

but i love me some chopsticks and girl, those are so pretty ones at that!!!

Mo said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We will definitely have to check your place out.

Stop clowning.

You're such a good ole boy aren't you?

They are pretty aren't they?

Cheryl said...

Great post, Ms. Mo. Maybe I'll get adventurous one of these days. The place my mom and I have Chinese at is really a sushi place. I love to watch the creations being made. What an art. Love the chops.