Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Fog

Monday morning.
It always comes too soon for me.
Being the night owl that I am, any morning comes too soon but Monday mornings? Definitely way too soon.
As I sat down to do my morning routine today and took notice, I realized I like brown leather. Then I looked around my space and noticed I like dark brown. When did that happen? Weird the things you notice huh?
In case you're wondering, breakfast today was a red apple, a cranberry apple fiber muffin from Trader Joe's (it's been too hot without ac to bake), and chai tea with a bit of light soy milk and water.
The book in the background is my bible. I start my day in quiet time, with exception to Jasmine meowing, with the man upstairs.
How about you? Do you have a morning routine? Notice anything in your space you dig?
I am interested . Really I am. So don't hold back.
Peace and Love Peeps.
NOTE: Dang if I haven't figured out the spacing thing yet. I've got my grrr face on. Can you see it?


kimmyk said...

the only routine i have is when i'm blow drying my hair i read my photography magazine.
other than that, i'm usually rushing because i sleep too late.

abbie's currently hooked on iced chai teas. it's her *thing* right now.

wendy said...

no real routine, other than I talk to my BFF the entire time I'm getting ready on speaker phone. We talk maybe 5-6 times a day, seriously. she's in chicago, so I only see her twice a year, so of course we have to talk ALL DAY!

And, for sure, no matter how late I'm running, I always make the bed. I can count the # of times I haven't made the bed in the last 6 years on one hand...maybe twice?

Mo said...

Kim and Wendy, That takes talent!

When I am blow drying my hair, it is me and the dryer. That's it. Oh, and the fan is on too to cool me down.

Wendy, I too don't leave without making the bed. Some days it is made better but at least the covers are pulled up, the pillows arranged, and Spooky is in his hiding place.