Wednesday, July 16, 2008

State of the Economy

As I am eating breakfast this morning, which consisted of juice (juiced spinach, carrots, maters, and an apple today), an egg white omelette with cheese and salsa plus two pieces of turkey bacon, I decided to forgo the usual music and turn on the news.
I shouldn't have strayed from my normal routine.
One of the first things I hear is consumer prices shot up in June at the fastest pace in 26 years with two-thirds of the surge blamed on soaring energy prices. The Labor Department reported Wednesday consumer prices jumped 1.1 percent last month, much worse than had been expected.
Our prices have taken the biggest price jump since 1991 according to some reports. We all know about the gas prices (paid $4.28 last night) and have you noticed a jump in your food bill too? Heating your home may be higher this fall and winter too.
What a depressing way to start the day.
What I do for a living necessitates keeping an eye on the economy. To pay attention and watch the trends; forecast and proactively take measures to head off what possibly could happen.
It's normal for the Dow to take dives. Some stocks are continuing to rise despite inflation worries. It currently is 10983.95.
Oh and let us not forget about banks. Most all of us should be safe with FDIC protection. But still. Makes you wonder. Ponder. Feel a little bit of anxiety.
I already try to live beneath my means. Bargain shop. Save. Clip coupons. However, I believe I have some additional tightening up I can and will do.
Today I add an extra prayer of thanks to the man upstairs for ensuring my basic needs are met, for having a job, and for my health among many other blessings I have been graced with.
I should have left the TV off this morning.
Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

Yes, it was a depressing news day. That bank in California that went down was kinda scary. I'm going to tighten my belt a little and start taking the bus to work. (At least I hope, I need to do it once and make sure there will actually be room. I don't want to stand all the way to Bellevue.)

I love the picture of you and your ladies below - I think the ponytail look is great. Very sleek - I wish I could wear my hair like that.

Oh, and I'll have you know, I have now purchased my own set of chopsticks with case to carry in my purse. See what a good influence you are? :)

PS - send me an email if you would please about your prize - I like your idea, just want to run something by you.

Take heart that at least the weather is gorgeous right now and try not to let the economy get you down.


kimmyk said...

pretty much why i dont watch tv anymore. i haven't turned my tv on in...hmm....since march? abbie and i watch one tv show together on tuesday nights on abc family and then i dont watch anymore. it's depressing. if it's not death and despair its reality tv. i'll pass tyvm.

amen @ counting our blessings!!!

Mo said...

Fiwa, You are too kind to me. :)

And you are right when you say the weather is gorgeous!

Kim, You have much more restraint than I. I should take a page from your book.

Ace C said...

Fix the damn blog. That spacing is killing me.