Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekly Challenge #38

Obviously I've made some changes around here.

You did notice didn't you?

Changing the content and look, the feel if you will, has been on my list of things to do for quite some time now.

The old look was in a word, plain. Boring. Not an accurate representation or portrayal of me.

Being under the weather over the holiday allowed me downtime I normally wouldn't have to play around.

I've also spent quiet time being introspective, which has led me on a path with the desire to make additional changes in my life.

I'm challenging you this week to do the same.

Whether it be the slightest of changes, or a rather large one, make moves toward change(s) in your life.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

i didnt see the peep show yesterday-very cool. i like that better than the flickr thing i use to have. what is it??

secondly, while jamie is off being all he can be for the next few weeks-i am cleaning out the clutter. less clutter to fill my life and my head.

change is good.

wendy said...

I like the peeps box too. Sooo, were you going to share about your introspective time and what "additional changes" involves?? =)

Mo said...

The "peep" show is via adding a page element from the layout option and using the picasa album option versus flickr.

I may share the other changes at some point but today, I'm feeling guarded.

Brad said...

Hey sweet Mo - I'm liking the new look, stylin' babe.

Still suffering the tooth pain today but wanted to say hello- I've never look forward more to a root canal - Monday morning at 8:20 WOOT !

Paolo said...

Nice redesign!

I made your peep show! I looove peep shows :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, like the new look!

I do need to change....and I will. Soon as my kids do first!!!

Charlene said...

Very good post...I need to change some things also

Charlene said...

Very good post...I need to change some things also