Saturday, October 18, 2008


Poo. Word of the moment for a few reasons.

Cold sores. They suck. I have one. It arrived late yesterday afternoon. It hurts. It is ugly. It is large and in charge on my upper lip.

I have things I need to do in the public today. Know what this means? I do. People who don't want to look will not be able to tear their eyes away from my herpes. Yes, my herpes. It flared up. I have a pretty good idea of why but really?

Abreva is my new best friend. I'm choking down my lysine and praying it goes away soon. Send the vibes people. Please and thank you.

Said cold sore also took away my pampering today. I was scheduled for a facial. I need one. My skin is all kinds of confused. Dry. Desert dry AND breaking out. Not a nice combo. Treat one and the other flares up. What are you gonna do? I do have the need for a pedicure too so all pampering will not be lost.

I'll stop my negative whine. Jasmine keeps coming over and wants to cuddle. That sounds good right about now.
Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Get on with it lady. Don't make a fuss it makes the cold sore get bigger and bigger.

Summer said...

I was hoping I made myself clear when I typed that this morning... "two" of "my favorite" bloggers. I only have a few fav's and you know that you're one of them. Don't you???????

Cold sore be GONE!

Don't fret, like Ace says, it will only make it worse.

Hugs to you on this fine Saturday night.


Fing Stress...damn it..that sucks..I get canker sores and although it's hidden, it's always from stress--had them since a kid when I got braces..still wonder if the jag ortho I had caused it...

anyways, I've read for cold sores (u dont' have to listen to me, I am a rambling dorkass so,..anyhoo)--yeah, bui'ing right now-- 1.5 glass of wine..just ask Cheryl:

apply tea tree oil at outbreak then three or four times a day...zinc lozenges have been known to work...a raspberry leaf gargle is a suggestion from herbalists-add a heaping Teas of dried rasberry leaves (health food stores) to a cup of boiled water. let tea steep for 30minutes then strain . gargle a mouthful for one minute three times a day. by the next day you will see and feel results..the soothing gargle will also relieve angry abscessed areas. keep the tea refrigerated between treatments and make up a new cup for each days use.

Lemon balm---it's rich in antiviral properties that battle cold sores. (tea bags at health food store) drink up to three cups a day--or you may drink up to three cups a day..

for a spot treatment place a lemon balm tea bag that's soaked in warm water directly onto the sores for 15minutes.. up and hire me to be your assistant :) hee-hee..

Safe travels!

kimmyk said...

i hate stress!!!
i hope it goes away as fast as it came.
good to know abreva works though. i've seen it but never used it. it's been years since i've had a cold sore....*knocking wood* and i'm suprised too.

enjoy your snuggle!

fiwa said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain. I hope your cold sore goes away soon. I have breakouts so bad right now that even Clarke was like "whoa..." I want to drape my face with a scarf.

Hope you can destress so that it goes away quickly.

love & hugs-

CrystalChick said...

Feel better ASAP! I'd be trying to drown it in tea tree. And chocolate helps too. ;)
I'm hoping to get a facial and some other nice treatments when we go away next month.