Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly Challenge #51

This week's challenge is one I hope many of ya' are already doing.

It is simple to do.

It can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

And best of all, in these trying economical times, it is free!

The benefits are numerous and include an increase in flexibility, improving your joints range of motion, improved circulation, promotes better posture, reduces stress, helps prevent injury, and it feels good.

Remember back in the day when you were a kid in gym class? Coach used to have you stretch. Well, that is the challenge this week.

Be your own coach.


I believe your body will thank you.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

OMG. I love stretching. Especially in the shower. It's like I'm giving myself a hug. All weak and limp when I'm done...but still...relaxed!!

Good reminder!

simonsays said...

Really great advice, and it's something I have been trying to do recently. It really does help, doesn't it?

Hope your weekend has been most awesome. Hugs. :)

Kelly Jene said...

Slow stretching really helps my back and legs so thank you for the suggestion. I will do it! God bless you for caring so much for your fellow man!

Ace C said...

Look who found the proactive gene.

Cheryl said...

I could seriously use that poster. I do all the stretches I can think of, but forgot a lot and remembered when I saw this.