Thursday, October 02, 2008


If ya' followed me on twitter earlier you know most of the day was a challenging one for me as I had a colossal headache for majority of the day.

To make matters worse, I did not have a single aspirin, ibuprofen, or Excedrin to be found. Anywhere. I finally got my hands on some (from the bartender's personal stash nonetheless), ingested some caffeine, and can happily say the incessant pounding has dissipated.

I arrived late and left early for Thirsty Thursday.

The group was not the usual crew but it was a happy bunch and good to see the faces I did. A part of me wished I could have stayed longer but I had previously arranged dinner with Mars and Mel.

We went for sushi. Yup, getting that weekly fix in. In addition to being a known regular at the Thirsty Thursday spot, I'm known at Ocean too. The waitress recognized me and when the bill came, I was treated to a favorite customer discount. Nice surprise indeed!

From there we headed over to Trader Joe's. I needed some kitty food. Judging from my basket, I needed a few other items too. Ok, ok. More than a few. I went in for kitty food and walked out with $55.03 worth of goodness.

So what'd I buy? In order of purchase: 2 bottles of pomegranate green tea, a box of garlic Wisecracker crackers, a bottle of Garden Patch low sodium juice, 4 spiced chai tea cans, a can of turkey chili with beans, 15 cans of cat food, mac 'n cheese (frozen and microwave), a jar of pumpkin butter, a loaf of four cheese sourdough bread, and 4 chocolate cupcakes.

Can we talk about Joe's Diner frozen mac 'n cheese for a second? I have not tried it before but when two of the associates tell you it is better than their grandma's, better than their mom's, and is the bomb, how can you not pick up some? That is some seriously endorsed and super hyped mac 'n cheese. My review will soon follow.

Post TJ's Coldstone called. Loudly. After Mel spied the pumpkin ice cream, I just had to do a taste test.

Boy howdy am I glad I did. It was almost exactly like a slice of pumpkin pie. I tried it AND I loved it. So did Mars and Mel. We all three had the same combo. Well, I opted for no whip cream. Can you say yummy?

Good times y'all. Good times.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh, don't forget, if you have any questions left you would like to ask, leave a comment. I am posting the q&a Saturday.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Get a room for you and those groceries, lady. And damn you for eating Coldstone. I just finished ramshacking the house looking for sweets. Guess what? None. Help me! Help me, please.

Brad said...

Not fair to do to a boy that hasn't had lunch yet!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah. Get a room. Too funny. That's how I feel when I go grocery shopping, I snuggle with the bags on the way home. Do I spy a vodka & tonic up there. Hmmmm. On my menu tonight.

And I'm jonesing for some sushi too with the hubs. Have a great weekend, you & your peeps :)

fiwa said...

I can't go to Trader Joes without buying 10 things I don't need. That is a dangerous store. Is the mac and cheese their brand? I tried Amy's organic this week - it was ok. Pumpkin butter... that sounds good! My mom used to make homemade apple butter and there is nothing better on toast. I see a visit to TJs in my immediate future. ;)

love and hugs --

Maricel said...

That pumpkin ice cream was delicious. I had the pumpkin butter this morning on my toast. It was yummylicious. Thank you for tempting me to buy it at Trader Joe's. I have a question for yah. Why are you so cool? Oh and another question When are we going to Vegas? We need to give Ace some sweets:) He's asking for help:)