Saturday, October 04, 2008

Q and A: The Reveal

I thought I would have received more questions when I opened myself up in the spirit of the weekly challenge.

I'm not questioning why there weren't more. My thought process is there is obviously a reason more were not asked. I don't know what that reason is so I'm gonna just go with flow and answer the ones that were placed before me.

With that being said, in order of receipt,

From Kelly Jene: I've always wondered how you made your header. I love it!
My header is something I made. Literally. It is a couple of scraps I had laying around in my crafty stash I threw together one day. It hangs on my cork board, which is in my kitchen, and serves not only as a pretty visual, but as a daily reminder to believe, to continue to have faith in the midst of everything.

The header is a cropped portion of a picture I took awhile ago representing one of my OCD organizational habits.

From Ace: Where is that lovely black guy? And why were you telling him about sweaters?
Always making it about you aren't you? Said lovely black guy up and moved his butt to the desert heat of Nevada. I was telling YOU about sweaters because I was all kinds of excited we are entering that time of the year when we get to dress in layers and wear sweaters.

A time of the year I believe is in your memory banks only as long as you live in Las Vegas. Should you decide to venture into the vast empty lands of Nevada, as I have, once the sun goes down, maybe you too will get to wear a sweater again. Or you could come see us...just sayin'. We have rain, people who read, and everything else you miss, including me. Ha!

From Steph: Can I get on your Halloween greeting card list?
Absolutely! All you have to do is send me your physical address. Email me at

From Steph: My probing question is about your man. I don't know much about him or your history but it seems there is A LOT there. Can you provide a synopsis?
I love how asked for a synopsis. Sounds like something I might say.

The man. Ahh the man. Yes, there is history there but not as much as one might think. The low down is we have known one another for some years now.

We've been friends all this time and continue to be. Past circumstances prevented us from pursuing a mutual interest. We did go on a few dates in the past but I kept him at arms length because some of the stuff I was going through {insert I didn't want to ruin the chance of there being something great and lose the foundation of our relationship, which is the friendship, because I was in the "It's all about me" stage}.

Fast forward to this year. We both went out on a limb and decided to give it a go. We're both busy people, him more so than me currently if you can believe it. He is at a stage in his career I respect. However, it definitely makes it difficult for what we started to develop further.

In order for us not to damage what we have, the brakes were applied. We remain friends with the door being left open for the possibility of there being more in the future should this be what is meant to be.

We continue to talk, to text, and if time allows and we choose, to see one another. The feelings and attraction remain but we're trying to be responsible like minded adults doing the right thing.
From Slick: Is that header new?
The header is new to the blog redesign in July.

From KimmyK: The guy from a year or so ago, the one who magically appears on your doorstep...have you seen him lately? I imagine he still tries to put himself in your life. Not sure why I think that, but...
I have to laugh at this one. Yes, he does magically appear and just this morning sent a text that said something to the effect of "Call when you get a chance".

Your imagination is correct my friend.

From Maricel aka Mars: I have a question for yah. Why are you so cool? Oh and another question. When are we going to Vegas? We need to give Ace some sweets :) He's asking for help :)
I am "so cool" because y'all allow me to be ME.
As for going to Vegas, we do need to plan this trip, especially since he is asking for help. We don't turn our back on the ones we love asking for help do we?

So, um, if y'all want to ask me anymore questions, feel free.

Peace and Love Peeps.


kimmyk said...

I'm freakin' clairvoyant!

I *heart* you!

Ace C said...

What sauce did everyone sniff. I think I might have gotten a hold of some of it too.

fiwa said...

This was fun to read. I didn't ask one because I think I made you answer all mine at the first sushi outing. :)

love ya -