Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Game Night

When:  Friday, December 10, 2010

What:  Small Pack Game Night

Where:  Fun House

Why:  Why Not?

How:  PJs encouraged. Laughs mandatory. Gluttony optional. Haterade banned.
As you can see, one of us was on top of the picture taking game this particular evening. 

Thanks P for coming through!

Disclaimer:  Some of the pack don't care for their picture to be taken and posted so most of the time you'll just see P and me in small pack gatherings. 

Nom Noms consisted of hot man meat aka spicy beef in a bucket.  It was a "your choice of how to prepare" kind of night.  With beans, without beans, crunchy taco shell or soft tortilla, cheese or no cheese, with the spanish rice mixed in or served separately. Onions would have been an option had I remembered to dice them.   

We also had hint of lime and bite sized round Tostitos with Tostitios medium salsa and beans with cheese for dipping.  Fresh blackberries, strawberries, and pineapple were available if desired.  Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies with ice cream and organic moo sauce rounded out the evening's food choices. 

Drinks were water, Michelob Ultra Light, Hef, Riesling, vodka on the rocks, root beer, or Coke.  Yes, I said Coke.  Someone else brought it so get your panties out of a wad chillax. 

Spades didn't go quite as planned. The marine and housemate won.  Next time you two, next time! 
 I ruled the table in Uno. I can be ruthless.

Poor P seemed to have a lot of cards in her hand when I was on a roll and she was after me in player rotation.

Love you, mean it.   

 That's my pimp cup er I mean Uno championship prize.  Take note of the stack size.  Boo-Yah!    
I don't recall if I won two or three of the games but I won more than the rest of the table.  Not bragging (ok maybe a little).  
 Yes, the plate IS compostable; as if you even needed to ask! 
The next game night is yet to be determined, will most likely be bigger in size, and the adult monkey onsie footie pjs might be left in the closet. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 


fiwa said...

Well said!

I take the blame for the coke, I brought it strictly for myself.

It was a fun night of dress up - I think we need to start our own dress up box. ;)

love & stuff -

Mo said...

No need to take blame for the coke. We all know how you feel about Pepsi and it is all about choices baby.

Will the dress up box include the glitter sandals? Bwahahahahahah.

Ace C said...

Where the hell is Kari in the damn pictures. I had to look through a couple times and I still didn't find her. Not a happy camper. I need eveidence that she was in attendance.

Mo said...

Ace, I will have to send you the pics on the sly. She was there in full force. You know she doesn't like her picture taken let alone posted on the internet.