Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Call Me Penny

Some of you know of my storage fiasco.

Yeah, that would be the one in which my storage unit was completely emptied out in error.

Lost all of my holiday decorations. Buh bye yearbooks.  So long to some irreplaceable items.  Adios framed wall pictures. 

C'est la vie.

I could have sued the apartment complex but really, what was the point?  The damage was done and it wasn't intentional.  Most all of the items could be replaced.

How does that saying go?  If you haven't used it in over a year, you probably don't need it. They were helping me out.  Yeah, yeah, that's it.  Punks   

Let's fast forward to this year.  I decided I would decorate for the holiday. 

I may live in the evergreen state but I wanted a fake tree so I didn't have to worry about getting one every year or ensuring it was watered when I was out of town. 

With a coupon from JoAnns and a huge sale going on, I purchased the tall and skinny pre lit tree for literally pennies on the dollar. 

Keeping with the frugality theme, all the ornaments were either a dollar or were in a package from the dollar spot at Target.  

The tree skirt is actually a blanket which usually is on my leather chair by the fireplace in the living room.  Why buy a tree skirt when there is a perfectly good blanket available? 

Twinkle, the sequined and glittered reindeer, was 60% off with another coupon on top of that so she too was pennies on the dollar. 

The branches are from the yard (picked up after a nasty wind storm) and were bleached for two days before being bound together and tied with a yes, ribbon on sale with a coupon on top, making it pennies on the dollar. 

Just call me Penny.  I'm on the dollar. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 


fiwa said...

And I can personally atest to the fact that it is all stunning. Makes it even prettier to know what a steal it all was.

Ace C said...

Look at you. Just and everyday penny sales man. I need to get in on the action.

Mo said...

Yeah, just look at me!

Time for us to shop. We're overdue.