Friday, December 24, 2010

Remaining Holiday Decorations of 2010

 On the dining room table you'll see more of the outside being brought in and displayed in a sparkly vase. 
These stay on the front door year round.  They were originally a holiday purchase many years ago and have survived their share of moves.
 This is what you'll see from the top of the stairs looking down toward the front door. 
 This is the bow at bottom of the stairs. 
This is the view from the bottom of the stairs looking up once you enter the front door.   
 Here are the remaining glass balls with paint I made attached with ribbon in the guest bathroom. 
They hang from the glass shelf, which is currently holding three twigs with brown ribbon and tea lights. 
Now for the daylight, unlit views. 
I used different ribbon and made a different kind of bow than the one at the bottom of the stairs since the viewpoint is different. 
I love the simplicity of this wreath. 
Here's the bottom of the stairs bow. 
Outside there is a plain fake evergreen wreath with pine cones and battery operated LED lights on one of the doors. 

The matching planters by the front door contain pine branches and pine cones, which yes, I picked up after our first major windstorm and stored in the garage until I was ready to use them like so.
 Their names are Rudolph and Burl. They will stay in place through the winter until it's time to plant spring flowers.

My leaf blower vacuum has since cleaned up the mess you see above.

That reminds me. I need to do a blog about that purchase.             

All the inside decorations will be taken down the day after Christmas and stored until
 the day after Thanksgiving 2011. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

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Ace C said...

You're just a decorating queen. Someone stop this lady.