Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Space - The Living Room

This is what you see when you're in the kitchen looking toward the living room. 
Behind the sliding glass door awaits a balcony which overlooks the front yard.

This is another view from the kitchen or perhaps a partial view when you're sitting at the dining room table. 
The shelves contain a few of my most precious things in addition to some odd and ends. 
The top shelf currently holds 2 containers from Pottery Barn.  A long time ago this is how I stored cotton balls and qtips in a bathroom. 

Next to the containers is a decorative paperweight from Ikea providing a burst of color. 

The next shelf holds games.  The leather storage bin is full of coloring books and bubbles. 

Following the game and inner child goodness shelf is what I refer to as recipe central.  Duh, it is full of my favorite cookbooks, 2 of which are missing currently.  I am in the process of menu planning for next week.

The final shelf, which is at eye level when you're curled up in the chair, is my heaven on earth. 

There is a picture of my Mom and me with one of her rosaries draped across a corner of the frame.  There are also a couple of the angels she used to collect behind a painted and stamped image I made that simply says faith, hope, and love via a stamped heart.  

You'll also find the ashes of my childhood dog and kittehs on this shelf.   

Charlie, the wonder dog, is in the brass box next to a framed picture of him.  His collar is draped across a corner of the frame. 

Jasmine and Princess are in matching urns; makes sense since they passed on within a year of each other and were cremated by the same facility. 

Next to their urns are their individual paw prints hardened in clay, an individual container with some of their fur and whiskers, plus their collars. 

I haven't framed pictures of them yet to put on this shelf.  Their precious mugs look over me while I toil away in my home office from the cork board. 

A few of their favorite toys are on the shelf too. 
Take note of the candles on the left hand side of the above picture. 

They no longer reside there.  Why you might be asking.  I melted the waxy cover off of one of them one night when the fireplace was blazing. 

It was funny when it happened and still is so I fully expect you to be laughing right now. 

I have since moved them to the island in the kitchen as pictured in yesterday's kitchen tour post. 

This has now replaced the candelabra with the battery operated candles. 
I double dog dare you to not make it go round and round when you see it.  
It is one of the reasons I purchased it.  
It's fun to play with, visually pleasing, and reminds me somewhat of the great State Fair of Texas.   
Every piece in or on the entertainment center and free standing book shelf has personal meaning to me.  It's not just a decorative item.  There are stories behind them. 
Can you tell I am a bit of a sentimentalist?  Yeah, I thought so.  
 If you are standing directly in front of the entertainment center and turn around, this is what you'll see. 
 Notice how the right top couch cushion is kinda scrunched on the couch? 
This is due to this being my chosen spot on the couch.  I cuddle up next to the arm and obviously sink into the pillows. 
The twin towers deserve a prominent place in my home.  Not that I would ever be able to forget that day but this serves as a reminder of what once was and to always remember.  Interestingly enough, I purchased the picture prior to the attack. 

Just for kicks, the below picture is to reflect the Brady Bunch wall.  That's what we affectionately call the white brick wall the candles hang on. 

Tomorrow we shall tour the dining room area and Bevo's den. 

Peace, Love, Laughter and Soul Y'all. 


Brandy said...

Gorgeous photos, Mo! I love your sense of style. So simple and comfortable!!! You are fab!

Mo said...

Thanks Brandy. Such a nice compliment!