Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Heck

Can someone tell me when Easter just decided to up and get here?

Do you remember when you were a kid and time seemed to move soooo slow? As an adult, it flies right on by and I seem to lose not only hours but days. Does that happen to you too?

See, about a month ago I got a jump on Easter. Or so I thought. I bought all the Easter basket stuff well in advance. I got the new stamp for the cards.

Then, the other night I realized I hadn't put the baskets together nor had I made and mailed the cards.

So much for pre-planning.

I got the cards in the mail this week but they will probably get to their destinations late, especially considering the holiday yesterday. Sorry peeps.

Easter baskets were sent to kiddos in my family this week too but later than I wanted. I seem to be spending a lot of money on shipping lately due to my unusual procrastinating self.

The girls', Pete's that is, baskets have yet to be put together. I need to do those this afternoon because I'm heading back over there tonight and they can't wake up Easter morning without their basket now can they? Yes, they will have one from the Easter bunny and something from daddy too but, due to my big mouth, they are expecting one from me too.

Anywho, if I can ever get over being run down, I am sure I'll get back on my game.

Do you hear my prayer big guy? I'm pretty sure you do and have as I am feeling tons better but can you get me back to 100%? Soon would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

On another note, but related, thanks for the well wishes peeps. I've felt your healing vibes and they have helped. My cough is almost gone and I really do feel much better. Let's hope it keeps on heading this direction and I stay healthy. I have one day trip this coming up week and am gone for four days the following week.

I feel awful about getting one of the girls sick. It's one thing when an adult is hacking but a 7 year old in a coughing fit breaks my heart.

I'm off like a dirty shirt to get my brows done and to take care of the things I need to take care of. Does it ever end folks?

I hope you and yours have a glorious rest of the weekend and a fantastic Easter celebration.

Oh, and before I forget, to the two of you, and you know who ya' are, he wasn't being frugal with the daisies. He knows how much I love daisies and knew they would last longer than tulips, roses or lilies. He picked the white to "accent the living room decor". More and more he's showing himself to be a keeper.

Kimmy and T, remember my psycho self when I was sick and demanded my key back? Well, the phone bill finally shows I did indeed misdial that night. Oopsie.

And to all of ya', are you sitting down? You probably are since you're at a computer reading this. We have, ahem, ack, running for the hills, officially come out of denial and admitted and have vocalized we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

I'll leave you with that parting thought...Peace and Love.

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kimmyk said...

LOL, @ finally admitting what everyone probably already knew!!!

Congrats on having an official "boyfriend". You nut!

I miss having small children around to do all the fun holiday stuff with/for. My children are big now and Easter baskets are not what they use to be. Now it's just "can I have money?"

LOL @ you misdialing. just keep crackin' me up. Bless your heart. Gah.

Happy Easter to you and 'yours'. [which you can officially say you have]