Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pieces of Happiness

Jack Johnson and Sarah McLachlan melodies playing in the background
The soft glow from the flickering of candles
The warmth from a mug of tea with honey
Kitties laying near, content in their slumber
Creating and playing with stamps and inks
Getting lost in the simple task of coloring and cutting
Sending out pieces of love to those who bring me joy and happiness
An unexpected delivery of fresh flowers from a special someone simply because

Ahh…the simple pleasures of life....


Hillary said...

Sounds so nice. :)

kimmyk said...

You are loved.

I love daisies. I'm not big on roses but the simple flowers make me smile. You painted a peaceful picture...I hope you're feeling much better.

suburban mom said...

Mo!!! that is so perfect! It just makes me want to curl up in a cozy little ball :)

Mo said...

Wish y'all were here with me.