Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update from the Road

Arrived safe and sound.

Weather fantastic at a balmy 72.

What’s bad? Well, let us see shall we?

I lived here for 27+ years and never suffered from allergies or hay fever. I leave the state and come back to visit or come in for business and boom! Allergies kick my ass. They are so bad today I had to break down and pop the Sudafed like a drug addict looking for her next fix. I finally broke down and took my contacts out on our lunch break. Secretly I still prefer my glasses. Shh, don’t tell my doctor ok? It will be our little secret.

I said don’t tell. Dang, why you gonna’ sell me out like that?

So, let’s talk about the hotel. I am in the freaking north 40. Seriously. It takes me 1 minute and 18 seconds to walk to and from the elevator. I timed it today. That may not seem like a long time but trust this, when you have a 7:00 AM start time and you stayed up late the last two nights, every freaking minute counts.

You’d think with a trek like that I would be treated to a nice view but nooooo; I am overlooking part of the parking lot. That’s hot.

Y’all know by know I have a phobia about the dirty and nastiness of hotel rooms. Well, my paranoia proved true today.

I went to pick up the phone and call one of my co-workers on our break before dinner tonight and what did I see when I moved the phone? A green m&m! A green piece of chocolate I did not have in my possession at any time.

Can we say nasty? All together now, “Ewwww!”

And I know I am staying for a few more nights but do you think it is too much ask someone to sweep the bathroom tile floor? Ok, I know that is indeed my hair shed on the floor but really, you can’t sweep it up?

Am I asking too much?

Oh, and I just about shat my pants last night when we checked in and I realized the cable channels did not include MTV or VH1. Y’all also know by know I need music to wake me up early in the morning. Especially when the night before we left I didn’t get in bed until 4:30 AM and was back up at 7:30 AM. Then, the next night, I manned up and networked in the bar until after 8:00 PM PST and was not able to fall asleep until after 10:00 PM PST. Plus, I woke up pretty much every hour on the hour since I was afraid I would oversleep. I finally gave up and woke up at 3:00 AM PST.

The only good part of that? I was able to take my time getting ready and…Pete and I had phone sex this morning. Hey now. A girl has needs a’right?

Ok, so back to the original train of thought. I was about to have a shit fit until I noticed the alarm clock had a headphone plug in for a mp3 player. Ahh, crisis averted. I’ve been rocking and rolling to my little heart’s content.

The person in the room next to me is obviously not a fellow company associate. See, we’re the freaks up early in the morning and the freaks staying up late too. We don’t sleep. We work hard. We party harder when we get together once to twice a year.

So, the dude next door to me in the north forty starts knocking on the wall about 5:45 this morning. Guess he didn’t appreciate hearing the booty shaking play list this morning.

Sorry dude. That’s how I roll. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

And, in this day and age, I have to pay “All for just $9.95!” for internet access? Seriously? And get this, it’s only good from noon to noon. Really? So that’s how you’re making a profit huh?

Yours truly received another national MVP award for her contributions last year. A true surprise and once again, I am humbled.

Oh, and this you are going to love. The phone just rang at 12:14 AM PST/2:14 AM PST from one of the So Cal guys we were kicking it with tonight.

See, I told you we stay up late. He wanted me to know first off it wasn’t a booty call but he wanted to find out if the vibes were correct; were we feeling each other? How exactly does one respond to that?

Delicately peeps. There was a little bit of interest but um, hello, you were sitting right next to me when I took Pete’s calls tonight.

This should make for an interesting day tomorrow.

And on that note, I have to wash my face and get to bed. 5:30 AM CST will be here before I know it.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Awww! Let me get someone a nice warm cup of sympathy and a slice of compassion...not. You stop it right now and let that poor man sleep or at least let him watch you get your shake on.

kimmyk said...

Ahhh the life of a rockstar....*sigh*