Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazy or Being Smart?

Let’s recap from yesterday shall we?

Drop off dry cleaning. I put on my most pathetic face and was denied. So what is a girl to do? Go shopping. More on that later.

Get taxes done. Yippie! I get money back this year.

Pick up kitty litter and food. Check.

Shop for random personal supplies at Target, Bath & Body Works, and pick up some food at the grocery store. Not done and decided it could wait until I get back. I seriously did not want to fight the crowds at Target and I had some food in the house for dinner and lunch today.

Return some paper to JoAnn's and see if there is anything I can use my 40% coupon on. Check. I returned the extra paper from Friday night’s creations, picked up some paper in exchange, and did use my 40% coupon on some chipboard letters. I have a project in mind so it was not a random, impulse buy. Now I just need to find the time to execute the design and plan I have in mind.

Get a pedicure as I am sporting crack whore fabulous toes. Check. I am now sporting ghetto fabulous toes with my “I’m Not Really a Waitress” polish.

Visit library to return books and pick one of them up from reserve before it is re-shelved. Oops. I arrived one hour past closing time. Do laundry. Doing today. Pay bills. Doing today. Pack. Doing today.

What did I do that wasn’t on the agenda yesterday? I had all of my glasses and sunglasses adjusted, had lunch with K & D, tanned, and shopped at Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s.

I had a coupon for VS so I picked up some new bras and thongs.

I decided to check out Macy’s spring and summer stuff and in doing so, solved my dry cleaning and laundry dilemma.

I found the most adorable sleeveless black linen with white piping wrap dress and a super cute red collared button down with short puff sleeves and grosgrain bow belt shirt to go with a fantastic black with white eyelet cut out embroidered full/puff skirt.

And y’all by now know I have a shoe thing going on so naturally I snapped up a pair of black patent mock alligator peep heels with a stacked heel. Hush it Ace.

Oh and I got yet another black shirt. This one is a short puff sleeved button down with a bow you can wear in the front or back. One can never have too many black or button down shirts.

Everything was on sale too peeps.

So call me lazy, call me smart…either way it works for me.

I’ll try to post from the road but after taking a look at the agenda, free time is a commodity. I just love having my days scheduled by someone else from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM+. Really. Who starts a meeting at 7:00 AM? That means if I want breakfast, it’s gonna be some really early mornings on a two hour time difference. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying.

Anywho, here’s to hoping things are good in your world and that you and yours have a great week.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

I shopped all weekend. I didn't buy alligator shoes though. Or heels. But I did get a snazzy pair of black chuck taylors! LOL!

I hate shopping when I'm looking for something...I always find it when I don't have the money. Y'know?! Hate that.

But I'm glad you had a good productive weekend. Have a good week on the road!