Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ranting and Raving

So I feel like bitching for a moment.

See, my bank decided to do a mass upgrade this weekend. In the process of doing so, they have completely changed the way you on line bank.

There was a time I could care less about on line banking. That my friends is a thing of the past.

I still balance my checkbook daily. You know what I am talking about right? I am the one who balances to the penny and notes every transaction I make at the end of the day. What kind of bean counter would I be if I didn't do this?

Anyway, I just about shat my pants last night when I couldn't figure out how to use the new system last night let alone not being able to see my recent direct payroll deposit.

It's not like I would be bouncing any checks. I just lost my comfort zone, my safe financial place and gosh darnit, I need that place in my life.

After spending 21 minutes on hold this morning, Sam (my friendly, under 21 customer service rep) lets me know the system is not updating correctly.

Um, WTF? He assured me the deposit was there and money was accessible but I couldn't see it.

Ok, taking a deep breath, I'll roll with it. I'm none too happy about it but what can a girl do? Nothing but turn it over to the universe so that is what I am trying to do.

At least I'm not Sam, having to take hundreds of calls from upset customers, and not being able to decompress at the end of my day (he has to go to class tonight and can't go bowling; sheesh if I had been on the phone much longer I probably would have gotten to know all of his personal business huh?).

He said they had over a thousand calls yesterday and they had taken about 700 today and had six more hours to go before the call center closed. Poor guy.

All I am asking is for a little help here. If you're going to upgrade, beta testing would have been a good idea. I'm just saying.

Thanks for listening. I feel sooooo much better now.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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kimmyk said...

Glad I could help.

If it makes you feel better-I haven't balanced my check book in about 5 years.