Tuesday, February 28, 2006


First let me start off by saying I love my cats. I really do. But I don't love them when before the butt crack of dawn I'm woken up because "someone" wants their kitty cat crack.

I swear my Siamese is a person trapped inside of a fur body. She talks to you like a person and manipulates like some people. This cat has some serious personality and I adore her. However, I make lots of concessions for her too. Yes, I admit it. I am a sucker for those blue eyes.

So, what's prompting me to write about this? Well, let's see. About 4 months or so ago I had to move the alarm clock off of the nightstand and onto the dresser because she figured out how to step on the sleep button. I don't wake up to the sound of music on the alarm so I have it set to a static area. Do you know how annoying it is to be woken up from a nice sleep by the sound of static all because your cat wants her crack or wants the bed all to herself? Beaotch.

I'm here to tell you it's ANNOYING. I promise you she knows what she is doing. It was no mistake on her part. Maybe once or twice I could say, "Oh poor thing is pacing and stumbled across the button." But when she did it for 4 straight days before the alarm went off...there's no mistake about. Beaotch. Double Beaotch because now I have to get out of bed to hit the snooze button. Heck, I might as well just get up. Doesn't she know 5:30 is early enough? Yep, I get up at 5:30 AM during the week days unless I have an early morning flight somewhere. I swear to you this cat knows how to read an alarm clock.

Ok, so now that she doesn't jump on the dresser and hit the sleep button she's discovered the art of knocking stuff off of the nightstands. We've moved beyond knocking stuff off because I don't keep anything on there now. No more water glass for me. No more book on top of the nightstand for me. No more cell phone charging right next to me. That's love people. Pure, unconditional love.

Her most recent trick is with the cordless phone. It's an older model that has the voice memo and answering machine function. I don't use either...luckily. I'm a voice mail queen. I say luckily because if I did you'd hear something like this when you called. Meow, MEOW, MEOW , MEEEEOOOOWWWW and then me telling her to quit and that I am not ready to get up or some other version of her meowing and me telling her to shut up.

This cat, who I love dearly, has figured out how to record herself. That's been the trick over the last few weeks. The stupid digital voice that says "Record Message" is what wakes me up. Then the meowing begins. If you have a Siamese or know someone who does, you know what I am talking about. It's not a gentle meow. It's not one meow. It's full on, in your face, pay attention to me meowing.

Again, I'd like to say it was a fluke but she's doing it every morning. Do you think this cat does it when I am out of town? Heck no. I check the machine when I get home. She only does it when I am home. Beaotch.

Ok, so wanna' know what this week's trick is? Even if you don't want to know I am going to tell you. You've made it this far so hang in there for the craftiness of kitty cat crack whore. She's figured out how to play the damn voice recording back! Again with the stupid digital voice. Now it says "You have x amount of messages". Then, not only do I get to hear her meows, but she meows right along with the dang meows she's recorded. Again, no fluke. She's done it 2 days in a row. Beaotch.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what I'm talking about when I refer to kitty cat crack I am talking about moist Whisker Lickin's. She and her quiet sister (god love the Manx and the quietness of her breed) get some every morning. Kitty cat crack whore has to take a pill every morning so the bribe for shoving the pill down her throat is 3-5 Whisker Lickins'. I have officially created a monster.

I swear I have to go out of town just to get some sleep. Ha! Take that love kitty. No crack for you. I leave in the morning for a 3 day tour.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Me and My Boys

I took some of my boys out to celebrate a great month and to recognize one of them taking the big plunge into home ownership. I haven't laughed with these guys like this in a long time. It was great to cut loose and simply appreciate one another while chowing on some Mexican food at our place.

This restaurant knows us by name and sees one, a combination, or all of us at least once a week. We don't even have to ask for the extra salsa or the bean dip. They just know. I love that.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Beauty of It All

Spent the day on the mountain skiing my ass off. It never ceases to amaze the natural beauty this part of the country has to offer. Pictures don't even do it justice. 5.5 years later and I still stop, catch a breath, and take it all in. Of course, some times, I am taking it all in flat on my back from a tumble but nonetheless, I feel I live in God's country and the views are amazing.

We had some smokin' new powder and it made for one hell of a day! Nothing like smokin' powder, great company, rockin' music on the mp3 player (nope, not cool enough for an ipod but cool enough to have 2 devices that I can download to and play songs on), and time to spend the day playing in the snow. My knee is hurting like the dickens and I've got to work like crazy to get my laundry done and stuff taken care of around here before I leave again Wednesday morning but I wouldn't have traded the day or spent it any other way.

My LifeDrive rocks. I can't wait to test this baby out on the plane this week. I've got a few podcasts downloaded, a book downloaded, and of course, tunes too. It's got so much freaking memory. I'll be able to carry work files and personal stuff to boot. Finally, work life balance without having to lug around books, DVD's, etc. This baby carries it all! So glad I treated myself last week.

Tag - I'm It

Anna, of being Anna Kennedy, tagged me. Like any good girl, I'll play along :)

4 jobs I've had:
1. Financial Analyst 2. Cashier in a drug store 3. Waitress 4. Vet's Technician

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Down to You 2. Blue Crush 3. Coyote Ugly 4. Old School

4 places I've lived:
1. Dallas, Texas 2. Frisco, Texas 3. Silverdale, Washington 4. Federal Way, Washington

4 tv shows I love:
1. CSI 2. Oprah 3. Greys Anatomy 4. Real World

4 places I've vacationed:
1. Vancouver BC, Canada 2. New York, New York 3. Orlando, Florida 4. Oahu, Hawaii

4 of my favorite dishes: 1. Chicken Enchiladas 2. Steak and Taters 3. Grilled Halibut 4. Qdoba's Naked Chicken Queso Burrito

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. Sailing 2. Getting a Massage 3. On a beach with my toes in the sand surrounded by loved ones sipping on a cold one 4. Camping in the middle of nowhere but near a lake

Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Isn't Just a PDA


Man, who knew upgrading from my trusty palm to the latest palm, the LifeDrive, would be such an event? This sucker isn't classified as a pda...it's called a mobile manager. I gotta tell you it certainly lives up to the name. It's well worth the investment. Now I just have to figure out how to download all the fun things I want to.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ok, This is the Last Nasty for the Day

I can't wait to share this with the mean boys I work with that give me s**t for being so guarded in the many hotel rooms I have the lovely pleasure of living out of. (NOTE: click on the title for link to the article from ABC News)

I feel validated. This shows me I'm not paranoid, simply smart. There is a reason why I strip the bed of the bedspread. There is a reason why, no matter what the temperature is, I am covered up as much as possible in long sleeved, long pants PJ's and socks (AC is such a fabulous invention!, why I am always wiping stuff down with my travel antibacterial wipes, and that it is ok to lay towels down all over the floor and again, with the hand washing.

Now, I have to psyche myself up for tomorrow night's stay and not obsess over the unseen urine, semen, and bedbugs hanging out in my space. Breathe, just breathe...

Can We Say Disgusting?

Jasmine found that in four of the five restaurants, the ice that came from the self-serve machines had more bacteria than the toilet water. Three of the five cups of ice from the drive-through windows had more bacteria than the toilet water.

Of the bacteria found in the ice, three out of the five restaurants tested positive for fecal coliform or E. coli, organisms that come from the feces of warm-blooded animals.

Now, I'm done verifying what I heard.

Eww! Stats

Here's what I found to back up what I heard.

Jasmine Roberts never expected her award-winning middle school science project to get so much attention. But the project produced some disturbing results: 70 percent of the time, ice from fast food restaurants was dirtier than toilet water.


Anyone else hear or read the story about the girl's science project that proved just how nasty our fellow Americans are, can be, and I am sure will continue to be? I'm talking about the bacteria levels she found after ice cubes from fast food restaurants were tested. The levels were higher than what most folks will find in their toilets. Fecal matter was found in the ice.

Wash your hands people! I'm saying wash. Don't simply do one pump from the soap dispenser, run a little bit of water over your hands, and then call it a day. I'm talking lather those puppies up. Wash the tops, wash the palms, wash the fingernails...WASH!

Here's what I think when I see women in the bathroom that do the one pump, splash a little water on, and then go through the motion -- "Who do you think you are kidding you fake handwasher you. If I wasn't standing next to you in the restroom we both know the chances of you stopping to wash your hands is less than 30%. Quit being a poser. Stop faking it. Please, for the love of God, just wash."

I try not to be judgmental but I notice. Other people notice this too I am sure. This is why I am one of the anal freaks who uses a papertowel or opens the door with my arm, hip, butt, etc. to get out of the bathroom after I've washed my hands. Dirty girls.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Tonight I thank god for friendships and pratical jokers in the office to make a day cruise on by with many smiles and laughs.

I fully admit somewhere along the way I got stuck in the oral stage. Those who know me in real life know there is usually always something for me to drink nearby. More often than not, it's a water bottle.

I have this one bottle I constantly drink out of at work. I have one for when I am in the office, one I take on the road with me and yet another one to drink from while at home. I know there are probably all sorts of yucky and dangerous bacteria growing in there but I don't care...these are my babas for goodness sake.

Baba=sucking (aka drinking) constantly and attached at the hip

One of my nearest and dearest co-workers coined the phrase about 2 years ago and it has made it's way around and stuck. It's cool. I have a baba. Whatcha' gonna' do about it?

Well, here's what they did about it. I leave my office for about 20 minutes only to return with a picture of the office based baba covered in what looked like a t-shirt accompanied by a ransom note. A RANSOM note. They were demanding chocolate in return for my baba. I have no chocolate in the office. I am on a deadline. They kidnapped the baba. Ah, the horror of it all!

What's a girl to do? Make a mad dash to the grocery store down the street to get chocolate that's what a girl is to do.

Baba returned safe and sound...deadline finally met after 8:00 PM...kidnappers bellies full of chocolate. If I were cool enough to post pictures on this blog, I'd post the picture they left and a montage of the babas but I suck at this techno stuff right now.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Survey Says . . .

~*~* Top 10 *~*~
---10 Firsts---
First Best Friend::: Amy
First Screenname::: I don't remember!
First Pet Name::: Brownie
First Piercing::: Ears
First Crush::: Alan
First CD::: I don't remember!
First School::: F. P. Calliet
First House Location::: Dallas
First Kiss::: Alan
First Car::: Mercury Capri
---9 Lasts---
Last Time You Smoked::: Junior Year of High School
Last Food You Ate::: Trader Joe's Cheese Enchilada
Last Car Ride::: Home from Work and Running Errands
Last Movie You Watched::: Something on Lifetime Movie Network. In a theater, Brokeback Mountain
Last Phone Call::: My Boss
Last CD You Listened To::: Maddonna's Newest
Last Bubble Bath You Took::: Couple of Months Ago
Last Song You Listened To::: Is This Love
Last Words You Said::: Baby
---8 Have-You-Evers---
Dated A Best Friend::: Yes
Been Arrested::: No
Been On TV::: Yes
Eaten Sushi::: Yes
Cheated On Your B/F or G/F::: Yes
Been On A Blind Date::: No
Been Out Of The Country::: Yes
Been In Love::: Yes
---7 Things You Are Wearing---
1::: Bra
2::: Matching Thong
3::: Sweater
4::: Slacks
5::: Socks
6::: Perfume
7::: Makeup
---6 Things You've Done Today---
1::: E-mail
2::: Laughed
3::: Returned Many Phone Calls
4::: Made Travel Arrangements
5::: Loved on the Kitties
6::: Prayed
---5 Favorite Things (not in any order)---
1::: Music
2::: Reading
3::: Queso
4::: Creating
5::: Massages
---4 People You Most Trust---
1::: Roger
2::: Traci
3::: Monique
4::: John
---3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die---
1::: Have Children with that Special Someone
2::: Visit France
3::: Finish my degree
---2 Choices---
Vanilla or Chocolate::: Vanilla
Hugs or Kisses::: Cuddling with Kisses
--1 Person You Want To See Right Now---
1::: My Mom

Random Musings

Mondays...aargh! What is it about a Monday morning that brings out the grouchy in me? Could it be because my dang cell phone starting ringing before the sun came up, before I had my morning chai tea, before I had even hit the shower? Let's be real here. The first call came in at 5:52 AM. Ok, so I was running a little bit late today but 5:52 AM!?! Um, leave a message on the office phone ok? I promise I'll check my voicemail and get back to you just as soon as I can.

It's nice to be loved but can a girl get some time for herself on a Monday morning? Let this female ease into the work week ok? Dang men. I say dang men because every single freaking phone call before 10:00 AM on a Monday comes from a man. Sending a shout out and much love to my sisters for knowing.

All in all the day was good. I spent more than half of it taking care of other people's stuff (par for the course and in the long run, helps me out as it's being proactive versus reactive). The rest of the day was spent making travel arrangements for two of my upcoming trips. You'd think by now it would run like clockwork but a bean counter is always on the hunt for the best deal, especially with a limited budget. I can't complain or whine. The expense account is reasonable but sometimes it'd be nice to just be able to log on to the sites and select without a second thought to the prices. I wouldn't be a good bean hawk if I didn't check right? Plus, there is coordination between so many people's schedules to take into account.

I'm still behind, about 3 days behind, on everything from being gone the last few weeks. Another "you'd think by now" that I would be able to juggle everything on the road but I still struggle. I draw the line at working 13 hours a day. This means a lot of the times I end up being behind. So be it. It took me a good while to be able to adopt this attitude but there has to be a balance in there somewhere. I'm just now getting to the point where I don't work on the weekends unless I have to . I figure I'll eventually catch up and am blessed to have a boss who understands and isn't giving me grief about missing a few of the deadlines. He's on the road too and gets it. Thank you, you beautiful man you.

Treated myself to Qdoba for lunch. I splurged and got the naked chicken queso burrito instead of the naked chicken salad. Relished every moment of that bad boy. Of course, by the time I got around to eating it, it was cold but a cold naked chicken queso burrito is better than none at all.

I love me some Qdoba. It's healthy, fresh, well priced, and they reward those who are recognized on sight. Nothing like a free meal on them from time to time. Is it bad when the people behind the counter know you on sight and all they have to know before they start making your meal is naked burrito or salad today? They already know I want black beans, pico, corn salsa, habenero, no sour cream, and cheese.

Best of all? Qdoba in the airport! I adore the genius who decided the airport needed a Qdoba. I'll never forget the morning I stumbled across it before one of my freaking 6:50 AM flights after the final renovations were complete in the SeaTac airport. I love that I can get a naked breakfast burrito or quesadilla before those early morning flights instead of eating crap or nothing at all. Bless you whoever you are. You Rock and I bow down to you! Well, maybe I don't bow down but thank you.

Next time I decide to hit Trader Joe's on the way home from work after the fearless flyer is distributed, someone remind me what a zoo that place can be around dinner time and after the mass flyer mailing. All I wanted was some organic lemonade, cranberry lemonade, some Luna bars, soy milk, spinach loaf, and something quick to throw in the oven for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Thankfully they had everything I wanted but I about had to fight for my life to make it down the aisles and get out of there in one piece.

Am I the only one who follows the rule we were taught all those years ago in grade school and followed in the military world? Walk on the right side of the aisle people! I promise you the traffic will flow that much smoother. Sheesh. I try to be patient but I'll be honest and own up to this being one of my pet peeves. Must be the old captain of the safety patrol training kicking in and being a part of who I am to this day.

Yes, you read it here first. I am a former safety patrol geek. I sported my vinyl orange shoulder belt and wore my special shiny silver badge with pride. Come on, you know that's hot. You put me back in one of those and I swear I'll get all of you rebels to walk on the right side of the aisle. Think ebay has one? Better watch out...I can just see it now.

I'm off to eat some dinner, love on the kitties, and be a good friend and call those special women in my life who I owe calls to.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days when you wake up all you can think about is where you should be in life versus appreciating where you are? Who decides what you should have accomplished by x age anyway?

I know I should focus on how much I have accomplished versus focusing on what I think I should have accomplished at this point. However, when you wake up thinking this as some of your first thoughts of the day, how can you not ponder?

I woke up this morning thinking I should have my degree finished, I should have children, I should be living in a house and paying a mortgage and taxes versus throwing rent money away each month. Then, as the thoughts tend to do when I am thinking about these shoulds, my mind goes toward why I have not accomplished these things yet and I start thinking about the ex; the role the relationship played on these shoulds.

He didn't make me stop going to school nor did he cause me to not be living in a house nor was he the sole cause of not having children. I own the fact I made the choice to take a year off from school that lead to many years away from a higher education. I own the fact I participated in poor financial choices that led to not owning a home while we were together, and I especially own the fact we didn't get pregnant in the 10 years we were together.

I'm making a firm commitment to myself to get back into school this year and to see it all the way through. I am in a good place career wise but it's true, you can only go so far without the little piece of paper and the debt to go along with the accomplishment. It's a personal goal to have my degree and at this point the only person standing in the way of me accomplishing this goal is me.

As for owning a house you have to know where you are going to settle down right? At least that is what my gut tells me. Even though things are good here and it feels like home, I am not convinced I will stay in the area. Some would say I've lived here for 5.5 years and should know by know that this is where I am going to stay but I have to keep it all in perspective.

1.5 of the 5.5 have been out of the military environment and I'm almost at year 1 of the divorce. People relocate all the time and buy homes without knowing if that is where they are going to stay long term. My line of thought needs to change a bit in this arena but honestly, I am extremely hesitant to do so. I need to soul search more on this to determine why so much hesitancy. Then, just do what I need to do to get that part of my life in order. For now, it works but if I am thinking about home ownership on a semi frequent basis, there is a reason.

Children...deep down I think I knew all along we weren't going to grow old together. Believe me I tried, I hoped, I prayed. The voice inside and the good lord above made sure we didn't bring a child or children into the world together. I just wonder if I ever will experience the joys of children at this rate.

I do want to have a family and all that it entails. First, I have to let someone into my life for it to work out the way I desire. I can't honestly say my clock is ticking but I have to be honest and say the thought of the years going by without taking this step are a small nagging thought when it comes to me thinking about having children.

Medical advances are making it safer and safer to have children later in life. I think of Mom and how she was 38 when she had me back in the 70's plus all of the other women who are having children in their late 30's and even through their 60's nowadays. I know there is still time left. Yet, I think, what if it doesn't happen for me?

What a heavy way to start a Sunday!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two Wolves

A friend sent this to me and since it resonates with me, I wanted to post for posterity.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two"wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, falsepride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

"The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Entering the Realm

Well, it is day one of entering the realm of blogging. I have been hesitant to do so for a lot of reasons but for some reason, I decided today was the day to the take the plunge. What's life if not about taking chances right? So, today is the day I take the chance.

I'll do my best to stay away from topics that could put me in compromising situations (i.e., I will not post about work related activities) Last thing I need is to get fired for something I write about here. There's been so many articles in the news about people falling victim of this so I'll keep away from that. I need my job more than what a blog vent can do for me. Not that I won't be tempted to do so...of that I am sure...but these vents will be in private.

So, why the header of Living the Life - Mo on the Go? To be honest, I feel like I am living a good life and it is a life on the go so it made sense to make this the header. Plus, the other ones I tried before entering in this one wouldn't take so I feel I am destined to be Living the Life - Mo on the Go. Mo's a nickname those closest to me use from time to time.

I say I feel like I am living a good life for the most part. Why do I feel this way? Well, I feel I have so many blessings to be thankful for. Some of them are: I have my health, I have a roof over my head, food in the pantry, fridge, and freezer, I have money in the bank, I have a car (that's paid off!), I have a great job and am fortunate to love what I do, I have a wonderful family (even though we're spread across the country), I have fantastic friends (spread across the country too for the most part), I have two wonderful love kitties I adore, I have an education (even though it's not as complete as I'd like it to be), I can see, I can speak, I can think, I can walk, I can talk, I can smell, I can hear...get what I am talking about? It's living the good life.

Why on the go? It seems like I am always going somewhere, at least during the week that is. Yep, I am a business traveler. No people, it is not as glamorous as you may think. It does have perks but for the most part, I'd rather be home than be on the road.

Being on the go isn't a bad place to be or a bad way to live life. I get to experience places, people, things - so much more by living this way of life that many others don't get the chance to do. I get to see different parts of the country I would not be exposed to if it weren't for these trips. I get the opportunity to interact with many versus a few.

I've learned the art of travel. I've been taught, shown, and learned to appreciate a home cooked meal, how fabulous it is to be sleeping in your own bed, how fantastic it is to take a shower in your shower, what a treat it is to hang out on your couch. Heck, going to the grocery store is a treat because it means you'll be home for more than a few days! It's the little things in life you begin to appreciate you didn't think twice about before.

So, there you go...Living the Life - Mo on the Go.

I hope to be able to post on a regular basis and in time, share this space with those near and dear. Isn't it ironic how much easier it is to share innermost thoughts with strangers than with those closest to you?