Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let the Games Begin

I'm a little early but I know tomorrow is going to be a busy one. There's work to be done. There's celebrating to do.

Please take a moment to celebrate with me. 06/29/06 = It's been a year since my divorce has been final. Yes, that year flew right on by didn't it?

It's been a year. It's been a year. Oh yeah, it's been a year. Yessss!

Seriously. Celebrate. This is a happy day.

Bring it on!

Reading and Loving This Right Now

After I devoured Janet's new book and sent it on the way to T, I picked up this.

I was skeptical. Oprah gave it a good plug so I was willing to take a chance. I'm on page 65 currently and I have to say I am glad I picked it up at the store on a whim. I'm really liking the book. Anyone else reading it or read it yet?

Know what else I am loving right now? Being home! Curling up in this and catching up with me, friends, and reading. Ahhhhh...simple pleasures are the best!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On the Menu Today

Some of the things on the menu in Mo's world today

What's in your world?

Monday, June 26, 2006

How Do You Beat the Heat?

Hit the water! Thank goodness I live in the sound, a beach is less than 2 miles away, and I have countless lakes and waterways within minutes.

I'm home now but it is still warm. Sticky. Hot.

I'm off to bed. To fight Queen Sheba for the fan air. To toss and turn because it's sticky hot.

On a happy note, I scored a seedless watermelon at the store tonight. Jumped all over the organic strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. Also picked up a carton of raspberries and some more gala apples. Know what that means folks? Yep, fresh fruit salad for the week.


Freaking Hot

I jinxed myself. I said just last week I was looking forward to warmer temps. What I didn't desire was 90+, record breaking heat with no ac in my car or in my home. Aaargh.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

From the River on the 1st Day of Summer

This captures our night. Wish you had been with us.

We had dinner on the river at this brand new, tucked away in a national forest restaurant called Riverview. This place is going to do tremendous business I tell you. The treat for the night? Other than the weather, the scenery, the company? Mr. Yoshida of Yoshida soy sauces and such was dining next to us. He was a hoot.

On the spur of the moment boss man tells us there is a point he goes to right up the road we should go check out to watch the sun set. We were very glad we did. Simply can't beat the views! Here's Chanticleer Point.

Love that this lady was taking advantage of the scenery, the lighting, and showcasing her talent.

A perfect way to top off the day. Sunset from Vista House at Crown Point.

We were all impressed with the night so far. Taking it in. Breathing. Relaxing. Then boss man tells us the world famous Multnomah Falls are 15 minutes away. Naturally, we had to go.

It was 9:30 PM and we were all in business attire so there was no hiking up to the bridge to get the full effect of the falls. Not this trip anyway. Now that I know how close they are to the office I'll plan on squeezing them in on another trip down south.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

She Treated Us Well

She purred like a kitten. She rode like a dream. I want one.

More to come later. For now, let's all take a moment and send well wishes to the happy couple who are tying the knot today. Seriously. Happy thoughts.

Peace and love.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Heavenly Birthday

It's been two years Mom and there is not a day that doesn't go by without me missing you...Happy Heavenly Birthday.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day Of Summer

Oh yeah baby! Longer days. Warmer temps. Fun in the sun. Makes me happy.

My co-worker and I, as a perk of being frequent business travelers, got the free upgrade to a su-wheet cherry red Mustang convertible. You can bet your bottom dollar we put the top down for the drive down south. (NOTE: Pics will be posted when I return.)

Hair pulled back, hats and sunglasses on, rocking out to tunes, drinking some Starbucks driving with the top down on a warm day in the Pacific Northwest. Tonight? Dinner on the river. I ask, "What beats that?"

Not much.

How about you? How are you spending the first day of summer?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Picking This Up Fo' Sho'

Oh you see what I see? I'll stop by B&N before the coupon and membership deal expires. Once I devour the book, it'll be on the way to you...or have you already read it? I had no idea the book was being published this month! :)

Ha! Now you know what I'll be doing on the big day. Unless I go to the zoo this weekend. The weather is supposed to be awesome here this weekend and I've got a wild hair pulling me toward the zoo.

Ok, I digress. The book is out. The book is out. THE BOOK IS OUT!

Gold Star and Mmmm

Dentist A would have given me one of these today if he had any on hand. Of this I am sure. He giggled like a school boy. He beamed like a proud father. I almost cried.

See, it was time for the 6 month cleaning today and I got a perfect review from the man himself and the hygienist. Apparently my OCD brushing has paid off as it's perfect people. They are so proud. I am too but most of all I feel relief. I'm not talking about a TUMS commercial here. I'm thanking the dear lord that finally my mouth is on the mend. I even said out loud, "Thank you dear lord. Finally!" Then we all giggled.

I've decided to postpone the surgery with dentist B until they hear back from the insurance company. As of today they hadn't heard so until I know exactly what the cost out of pocket will be, it's on hold. I'll get it done eventually, just not next week.

So, I've opted instead to finally go see a doctor who specializes in Lasik versus getting an opinion from the regular old eye doc. I was told a few years ago I was not a good candidate.

Things change. Technology advances. My sister was able to have her eyes done and our vision is pretty close so we shall see. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me ok? I'll weigh in after the appointment July 5th.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... was about all I heard today from the men in the office and at the gym this evening. There's something in this that gets their motor running obviously. I'm talking can I lick your neck motor running. I'm shouting lean in a little too close and inhale for comfort motor running.

I normally wear this

or this

but on a whim I picked up the HOT over the weekend. Boy howdy! From the reactions it invoked, I'd say it's smoking hot. Wear at your own risk. You've been warned.

Peace out peeps. I've got to go pack a suitcase for a quick trip down south to the Rose City and get in bed earlier tonight than last night. Not that I'm complaining. It was great to catch up with my gal pal but my arse is dragging today.

Oh, and before I forget or catch heat, I readily admit I am partial to Ralph Lauren's scents. I have been since the first year of college. His line works for me. I rock it. I venture out from time to time but he's my steady eddy. I've never been done wrong by him and I seem to always find my way back to his perfumes.

Monday, June 19, 2006

So Proud of Us

I apologize in advance to anyone who lives in Minnesota and may be offended by the following true story. I also apologize to all of my geography teachers.

I'm having a conversation with my bestest of friends tonight. We're trying to figure out where Minnesota is. Here's how it went down by the best of my recollection.

Me: So Minnesota huh?

Her: Yep, Minnesota.

Me: Where is that?

Her: Not sure.

Me: Let me get a US map out.

Her: Giggles

Me: Wait, is that by Illinois?

Her: Is that by Ohio?

Me: It's by the lakes.

Her: Is that where St. Paul is? That's the airport we fly into to get to my sister's.

Me: Yea! St. Paul is in Minnesota. St. Paul, Minnesota.

Both of us: Non stop laughter

So, if you were on the phone with a friend trying to figure out where Minnesota is would your conversation go something like ours?

Let's also take a moment and notice we found the state by the city of the airport. I'm the one who flies all the time but she's the one who called it. :)

Daily Reminder

This is one of the first things I see each morning. Love rub ons don't you? I would have used a Believe one but that's already rocking out in my office. It's the very first thing I look at when I get to work.

Anywhoo, wish, giggle, dare to dream. Daily reminders for me to take the time to not be so serious. To have fun. To allow pieces of me to freely explore without hesitation.

In case you're wondering the hue is exactly as you see it. I get enough harsh lighting in hotels as I travel around this beautiful country I figured a little bit of lavender lighting in my home bathroom was well deserving. Beside, who wants to be woken up each morning by the glare of ultrabright lights? Not this girl.

For those who used to know about my silver, white, and red bathroom before I've switched to silver, white, and this blue. It matches the towel/3 drawer unit from Ikea and y'all know I am systematically working my way through just about everything with memories attached to B I want to change.

Yep, I know the spacing between the placement of the pictures is off. It was not intentional by any means but now I have come to appreciate it. Another reminder. Not everything has to be perfect. It's ok. Seriously.

Why don't I have a fourth framed item to balance the unit? Simple. Litter box.

So, do you have a daily reminder? Share. I want to know.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Anna, I posted a comment on your blog too. Here's my reply in case there are others out there trying to follow us on this journey. :)

I am touched. You have nothing to worry about, especially after all these years.

Yes, it is true when all that went down I was upset. I was like WTF? To be honest, I wasn't that upset by what they said you said. I was mostly upset by the way everyone else reacted.

At the time, they knew me in real life and I thought they knew enough about me to know I wasn't going around printing off posts, talking about you, etc.

I was really pissed that I was deleted without even having a chance to tell my side of the story and to be honest, I was even more pissed they took your side when they had never met you and I had spent hours with them.

Plus it struck a nerve when the whole intent of what happened with S via B was because I was trying to get my sorry sack of a man to talk to your sorry sack of a man to treat you better.

All in all I was glad it happened because I got to see who was a true friend. Just so you know, T doesn't hate you. She was fiercely loyal to me and put herself out there for me. She was being this girl's best friend. She did what I would do for her and what I'd do for you now.

I am sorry if this situation has been weighing on your mind for any length of time. We should have talked it through before but I always felt you knew we were cool.

If we weren't cool, I would have never shown up at your door with T to help you when you needed friends to lean on, take you to the doctor, or have the friendship we have now.

Thank you for putting it out there. You exposed yourself and allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Trust me when I say we're good and that we've been good. We were good like a few days after it all went down. I love you. Huge Hugs...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Awkward Moment

Ever had one of those moments in your life that is really awkward? Makes you and everyone else around you feel awkward? I recently had one of those. Come along with me for the ride...

I'm having quite a bit of dental work done. Long overdue dental work. Intense dental work. Saving my teeth. Making my mouth feel good. God love my dentist for recognizing I would be better off going to see a periodontist to have some work done before he crowns me.

Sidebar: I dislike dentists. I like them as people. I just don't like what they do. I respect it but I’ve got some deep rooted issues with dental work. The one I am seeing now has restored my faith in dentistry, which is a beautiful thing. And as long as I am in the area and he is too, he’s my man. Best part? He’s young enough for me to grow old with.

So off I go to the periodontist he referred me to. My visit is going good. I'm feeling ok with being there. Comfortable. Like I can do this. He's really jazzed about my gums. He loves my gums. He tells me I have perfect gums. If he could draw a set of perfect gums, he'd draw mine. Nice to know at least one thing is going right in my mouth because my poor damn teeth have been suffering.

Anyway, he tells me the surgery should go well and the healing will be no problem. Um ok. 1 week of real discomfort with pain pills to deal with the pain, ibuprofen a day before I come in for the procedure, stitches, putty, and a 4 week healing time... you bet your ass I'm apprehensive. I have to go through this twice people. Twice. I've got issues on both sides of my mouth. At least I am symmetrical he says. That's me. Balanced Mo.

Sidebar #2: Brush, floss, see the dentist regularly. I mean really brush. Don't just go through the motions. Floss daily. See the dentist every 6 months. It's bad enough I started off with weak enamel but then I go and neglect the cavities, don’t see a dentist for about three years, and bam. Here I sit talking about crown lengthening surgery before I even get crowned. Let’s not even start on the root canals or the fillings I’ve had in the last 10 months.

I’m a dentist’s dream these days. I’m probably paying for some expensive car, an upgrade to his house, a boat, trips, etc. Not only that but dude, I am brushing and flossing after every single meal. Drink a sugary drink? Swish with water and brush about 20 minutes later. It’s my version of OCD right now. But guess what? My mouth is happy and I have had no further issues.

Ok, I digress. Here’s where the awkward moment comes in. I’m making way to the receptionist desk to see how much these surgeries are going to cost and schedule the first tortuous appointment. In case you are wondering, it’s somewhere in the ballpark of $3000.00. I’m still waiting to hear my portion after the insurance kicks in.

I happen to be wearing a shirt with my company logo on it. Never fails. Every time I am wearing one of these shirts and the logo is visible, someone tells me their favorite product, a story, asks if I know so and so, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love the company I work for. I know we wear these shirts for a reason and having these conversations with the public at large is one of those reasons we have these shirts. I wear mine proudly because I have mad pride in the company I work for. Those who know me in real life know this to be true.

What I wasn’t expecting to have happen is one of dentist B’s staff ask me if I knew R** H*****. My memory bank gets to rolling. Yep, I know him. I had to let him go a few years back for violation to company policy. She proceeds to tell me some mean lady fired him because of X, Y, Z.

Enter awkward moment. Mean lady huh? She’s right here. In front of you. It’s me. I’m the one who did him so wrong.

I felt I had no choice but to let her know mean lady was me. Come on. We all now how this works. She’s seen me. She has access to my file, which not only has my name but the company I work for, including my contact information and work address. She’s going to tell this person at some point about me. I’d rather claim it and own it now than have her look at me sideways next time I am in for not fessing up that I was the mean lady.

I’m glad I did it. Not firing the guy. Contrary to what some believe, I don’t get off on letting people go. I’m glad I fessed up. I wasn’t looking for an apology but she was spewing ‘em out faster than I could keep up with. I told her she had nothing to apologize for. She really didn’t. She’s entitled to her opinion. Seriously. She is.

Why am I glad I fessed up? Beside obvious reasons? The situation reiterated for me to be aware of what and how you say things, talk about others, what you put out there. You just never know.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I readily admit it.

I spoil my furbabies.

They deserve all the love they get.

I make no apologies.

Here’s a glimpse into our world. Are you guilty too?

Jasmine indulging in my morning smoothie.

Remember Jasmine has to get a Lysine pill shoved down her throat every day to help keep the herpes away. They are too good to have just one flavor to choose from. Wouldn't you get bored if you had the same flavor treat each day? I would. Thus, the flavor choices. By far their favorite is salmon; that's why the salmon flavor is the big bag.

This is Princess right after getting her fix of the kitty cat crack aka moist Whisker Lickins. She doesn't have to get a pill shoved down her throat but it wouldn't be fair to give her sister some crack and not her now would it?

This is Jasmine right after getting her pill and fix.

I spoil them in many other ways too. The above pictures represent a daily one up on Mommy. Your turn. How do you spoil your babies, human and/or fur?

Monday, June 12, 2006

By Request

Taking a moment to capture the purchases from the day yesterday.

I was disappointed with the lack of Father's Day ideas. I was hoping to be inspired but no such luck. I was however inspired by the notch and die cutting tool by Basic Grey. How could you not be when the storage box looks like this?

I know it is just a tin box but I think the design is fab. I can't wait to play around with the tool. I asked for a demonstration at the store and what they showed me equates to endless possibilities with so many projects. Can the weekend hurry up and get here so I can play?

The best find of the day? This.

Now you might be asking yourself why would this be the best find of the day? She went out for stamping stuff and says a St. Francis statue is the best find of the day.

This is why. My mom had a gorgeous St. Francis bird bath outside of her dining room window. We spent countless hours at the table chatting, creating, eating, laughing, crying, know, living life.

I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable it was to look out the window and see the bird bath. It didn't matter if there were birds in it or not. Simply by being it was appealing for our family.

After I wandered through the usual spaces in JoAnn's, I found myself drawn to the garden section and came across the statue. I simply had to have it, especially with the sale going on.

Now I can look out my window and see my very own St. Francis statue. It by no means compares to hers (which is now in the company of my brother) but it is a piece of our history. It makes my heart sing.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend from Bailey. She's one of my friend's furbaby and I couldn't resist letting her send out the happy weekend shout out.

Nothing too much going on in my world this weekend. Dinner and drinks with friends this evening and afterward, wherever the night takes us. I am meeting one of my admin's boyfriends tonight and she wants an honest assessment so this should make for interesting dinner conversation.

Tomorrow, sleeping in! Then I'm off to support one of my boy's in his 24 hour cancer walk. I am so proud of him and inspired by him for doing this.

Sunday I'm planning on hitting up a few stamping stores to see what's new and funky fresh. Hopefully I will get some ideas for a father's day card too.

How about you? What do you have going on this weekend?

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Do you believe in kismet? I do. Tonight was a classic reason why I do. defines kismet as kis·met ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kzmt, -mt)
n. Fate; fortune.

I took two of my newest managers out to dinner tonight. They leave and another joins me for drinks. This guy, the late arriver is my steady eddy, my go to guy if I am in town and just want to unwind over a drink. It doesn't necessarily have to be an alcoholic drink. He's just there for me and I am there for him. We love that about our friendship. It's nice to have someone, you don't have direct responsibility with, that is there for you the way we are there for one another.

That's not the kismet part. We're on the way to the bathroom before we head out for the night. Out of the corner of my eye I see one of the hair stylists at the salon I used to go to, or at least I think I see her. I remember she said she moonlighted by tending bar at Outback 3 nights week awhile ago. It was one of those things I'd filed away in the back of my memory but really don't give a second thought to.

She sees me. She comes into the bathroom. She says come to the bar. K is at the bar. K is my current hairstylist; the girl who makes me bootiful every 7 weeks.

I love the energy of these girls. I've always thought about going out for a drink or expanding our friendship past the hair salon/stylist type relationship. I've never pursued it because let's be honest shall we? I'm never freaking home long enough to start a friendship with someone local.

Well, tonight I decided to abandon all of that, to throw caution to the wind, to just let the moment take me where it was destined to take me. It was kismet I tell you. I said goodbye to my co-worker and joined K at the bar for a drink. She just broke up with her boyfriend two nights ago and was ready to share. She was ready for whatever might come.

What came? Three more drinks over 5 hours, some karoke action, and a lot of fun I believe I am deserving of. They gave me lots of crap about not making this happen before. They get my job and thought it was silly that I didn't think they would understand the madness of my life. They accept me for who and what I am as I am at this stage of my life.

I can't give enough love and thanks to K and S for getting it. For accepting me. How rare is it for women to do this for each other? It's been my experience very rare. In case you are wondering, we had the conversation before the additional three drinks so I have faith in the conversation.

I call this kismet because I've been asking for changes in my life; for God and the universe to let me experience this type of joy and friendship again. It was, in my opinion, fate we chose Outback for dinner, that S would be working tonight, that K would be at the bar, and that I would throw caution to the wind and go with the flow tonight.

I, of course, will be cursing the hell out of the alarm clock when it goes off in less than 3.50 hours but for this moment in time, I thank God for the blessing tonight, for letting me let some locals in, for the laughter, for the day. The question is not will I survive later today but will I have the energy to hook up with them tonight for some old school jams and dancing at the casino down the road tonight?

Hope things are good in your world too. Peace.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shhh, Don't Tell Ok?

Want to know a secret?

I still sleep with a teddy bear. "His" name is Spookie. I've had him since I was a child. My brother, the new Dr. P., gave him to me for (I think) my 7th birthday. There have been times in my life when he wasn't my snuggle buddy. He doesn't hold grudges. I can leave him and come back and he's there, waiting for me to tuck him under my arm.

He just looked too darn cute this morning to not snap a picture. Usually he ends up on the floor but this morning, before I made the bed, he landed in this position.

There you go. You know one of my hidden truths. It's your turn. What's one of your secrets?

Monday, June 05, 2006


Dude, I am not worried. Are you?

If it's time, I'm ready to meet my maker. I'm right with myself and with him.

Worth the $ and Monday Madness

Snuck in an afternoon flick of the movie yesterday and am so very glad I did. This movie, of which I had low expectations, delivered. It was hilarious! Show me a woman who hasn't been in the places this movie takes you. It was dead on, right on, and on point. Get what I'm trying to say here?

I recommend you go see it if you get the chance.

Onward to Monday madness....
Mad love to the powers that brought the long awaited energy machine to the break room. I've quietly asked for such a machine once or twice. It's a gold mine just waiting to happen. Untapped financial potential. A way to increase productivity. And let's keep it real here shall we? A way to make this girl happy when my arse is dragging.

I never thought it would happen. Wonders never cease. It happened. I walked into the break room to get some water, turned around, and literally jumped for joy and let out a squeal. Thankfully I was alone; that could have been a little awkward if I hadn't been alone. It was just me and the machine. I about hugged the piece of machinery when I saw the price. Cheaper than the 7-11 down the street. $1.50 for one of these. A cold one at that.

I must restrain myself from getting one a day. Only when I'm dragging will I allow myself to indulge. They are not the healthiest things to be putting in your body. But I do have to take this moment in time to say I love, love, love the men in my life who made this happen. Thanks JLo and the Pepsi guy.

That was the good madness of my Monday. The true madness of my Monday came in the form of a person screaming out for a sign. Remember back in the day when someone would do or say something that was just plain ridiculous, stupid...deserving of the phrase, "Here's Your Sign"? It was one of those conversations that almost pushed me over the edge, to cause me to hide under my desk so no one would see or hear me in a very unprofessional state of mind.

Background on the situation is I needed something updated in the database our corporate accounting department manages when working on resolution issues with people like me. I called with a request for what we call a service to be updated with some information. Keep in mind as you read this it was a request for an update to an existing, open service.

Corporate M: Hi M. How can I help you today?

Me: Hi. I am calling in on service 201201. Is Sharon available?

Corporate M: No, she is on another call. Can I assist you?

Me: Yes, can you update service 201201 for me? Sharon is in the process of researching the misapplication of funds for the document referenced in the service. I'd like to request an image of the check in the amount of $212.32 be emailed to me once she restores the image. We have a lot of outstanding cash right now and it would be very helpful to see what and where the $212.32 should be applied toward.

Corporate M: Can you hold on for me?

Me: Sure.

So I hold for about 4 minutes and get the pleasure of hearing Mariachi music. WTF? Mariachi music. At a Cinco De Maya party or over a margarita I can dig the tunes. Heck, I'll even rock them. But on a Monday afternoon? Umm, Ok, Whatever.

Corporate M: Umm, I've reviewed the service and nowhere in the database does she have referenced sending an image to you. As such, I can't help with this request.

Me: Umm, I understand. This is why I am calling. I'd like to request a copy of the image be sent to me. I'm asking for the service be updated with the request.

Corporate M: I'm sorry M. I can't update the service because she doesn't have that in the service.

Me: Can you ask Sharon to call me tomorrow?

Corporate M: You can call back tomorrow.

Me: *Trying to maintain composure * Will you confirm Sharon's last name is *******? I'll email her.

Corporate M: I suppose I can do that. It is *******.

Me: Thanks.

Corporate M: You are welcome.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Hey corporate M, here's your sign.

I know reading this it doesn't seem like much or enough to put me over the edge. Unfortunately most all of my calls to our corporate HQ go something like that. I'm giving corporate M the benefit of doubt. It was late. She might be new to the process. I'm asking God for forgiveness. I shouldn't want to give her a sign. She deserves the benefit of the doubt. I'm trying here. Really I am.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy Saturday

I'm off to a housewarming, promotion, graduation bbq this afternoon. Let's hope the rain stays away and a $50.00 gift card is enough to honor these accomplishments and milestones in one of my former manager's and his wife's life.

They aren't registered anywhere and you know when you ask a guy is there anything you need or want for the house you're not going to get that much of an answer right? I was surprised when he said a gift card from Target. Now that is something this girl can do and relate to!

I realized I've worked with him and he's had a dotted line back to me for three years and other than basketball, hip hop music, being a Husky, and his religious orientation I don't know him all that well. I've met his wife at the occasional holiday party and don't know much of anything about her. I feel like a butthead because there are people I've worked less with and know more about.

So, off I go...hope everyone has a great Saturday afternoon. Peace.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sobering Reality

I hear you God. I really do. It's not a whisper anymore. Your message is being heard loud and clear. How could it not be when it is the very first thought I had upon waking? Not only do I hear you, I understand.

The only one standing in my way is me.

I get it.

Thank you for the aha moment. Thank you for helping me to see what I needed to see. Thank you for helping me to understand. Thank you for letting it all come full circle.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm It

Thanks for the tag Anna!

5 items in my fridge When I am home, these items are a sure find.
1. Gallon of Light Soy Milk (Regular and Chocolate)
2. Yogurt (Vanilla, Assorted Flavors)
3. Fruit (Red Grapes, Green Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries)
4. Cheese (sticks, slices, crumbles, shredded; I love me some cheese)
5. Gallon of Tea

5 items in my (hall) closet
1. Cat Food
2. Jackets, Hats, Gloves, Mittens, Snow Suit
3. Wrapping Paper, Tissue, Ribbon
4. Vacuum Cleaner
5. Old Keyboard and Mouse

5 items in my car
1. A Sirius radio
2. Cd's
3. Maps
4. Mileage Forms
5. Cell Phone Charger and Headset

5 items in my purse
1. Wallet
2. Make up bag
3. Palm LifeDrive
4. Spiral
5. Sharpie

5 people I choose to tag are: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)
Anyone who wants to play. Come know you want to. Just do it.