Friday, December 31, 2010

My Space - The Guest Bathroom

By now you've seen I have a thing with clean lines, stainless steel/silver, craft a lot of my home decor, and prefer to decorate with simplicity. 
 The guest bathroom is no different. 

A plain white waffle weave shower curtain. 
 A white and ice blue abstract bathroom rug, that needs to be washed right about now. 
The shelf above the toilet.   
 What is it about that word toilet that sounds blech?  Did you know in all the airports I travel through DFW is the only one labeling the restrooms with a sign that says toilet?  Yeah, toilet.
 The framed Giggle picture is a matted frame from JoAnns, a piece of card stock, and a rub on. 
Oooh, look who brought more of the outside in?  A few twigs from the yard, some brown ribbon, and viola. 
 Behold!  Another stainless steel trashcan. 
When you walk into the bathroom, this is the wall to your left, which is directly across from mirrored medicine cabinets. 
Yup, made all these too. 

The wish and dare to dream picture are the same as the giggle; card stock, a rub on, and a matted frame from JoAnns, on sale naturally. 
 The canvas is a couple different coats of acrylic paint with various techniques applied and a wall transfer rub on. 
Another obligatory sink picture.   
The plug in Scentsy warmer is currently warming the Silver Bells scent. 
Lotion, hand soap, qtips, and cotton balls.  

So, there you have it.  The guest bathroom in all of it's ice blue, white, and silver glory. 

Peace, Love, Laughter and Soul Y'all. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Space - the Other Hub of the Home

Today finds us in the dining room area and Bevo's Den. 

These two locations are probably more the true hub of the home as this is where most of the entertaining occurs. 

Both are directly off of the kitchen.
 The above view is when you are standing in the kitchen looking toward the dining room table.

The living room is to the left.  Bevo's Den is to the right.

I believe Nate Berkus would be proud of the two different ways I brought the outside in.  The branches in the floor vase and on the table were picked up in the front yard after a windstorm. 

In my old place this used to hang above my bed, flipped the other way. 
 I decided it would fit nicely on this wall in this home. 

I chose to hang it horizontally versus vertically as it's congruent with the lines carried over from the entertainment center and free standing bookshelf. 

I even said congruent to Fiwa the day she helped me hang it. Big words are part of my vocabulary y'all. *sheesh*   

Speaking of carrying over, this is one of the best parts of the house in my opinion. 

The kitchen, living room, dining area, and Bevo's Den all open up to one another in the, um well, open floor plan.   
This is where you'll find me more often than not when I have people over. The ever so comfortable chaise lounge.
Yup, another blanket draped over a piece of furniture.  I'd rather snuggle under a blanket than run the heat all the time.  Therefore, you'll find blankets here, there, and every where . . . obviously.  If you're counting, that's blanket #3.   
More are laid out in the fall and winter but trust me when I say spring and summer nights require blankets and Snuggies too. 
Back to the tour. 
A nice little love seat, which is ever so comfortable too. A couch would have been too big for the room.
 I picked this picture up from JoAnns.  It cost me all of $11.00 dollars with coupons and a sale.  Normal price?  $65.00!  Um, no. 
These are framed pictures from Ikea as are the candlesticks and bud vase.  The floating shelf is from Fred Meyer. 

I was very proud for hanging the shelf all by myself.  With the mounting mechanism it took me a couple of tries but I did it. 

Wait, I should clarify. The roses were prints from Ikea. The frames were picked up from Bed Bath and Beyond + Michael's. Coupons and sales people, coupons and sales! 

See the reclining chair in the corner?  Yeah, first come first serve baby. It is a coveted location.   

And ta da - the reason this space is called Bevo's Den.  The cowhide is affectionately named Bevo.  With all of the leather furniture, from Big Lots by the way, and the cowhide, the name Bevo's Den came to be.   

The ottoman between the chaise and the recliner can be used as a seat or a table and opens up for storage too. 

I found that bad boy in the clearance section of Burlington's and it matches so perfectly you wouldn't know it wasn't purchased with the chaise lounge, recliner, and love seat.  Go Mo.    

Are you seeing a theme here?  I do sales.  I do coupons.  I do discount stores.  I hardly ever pay full price for anything.  Frugalista checking in *raises hands in the air*.   

I don't buy many hard copy books these days. Kenny, my Kindle2, receives that kind of love.   

The curtains are black out ultra suede in chocolate brown.  They cover the sliding glass door, which opens to the deck and backyard.   
Look who took care of putting the table upright and removing the umbrella you saw earlier in the week laying on its side?  *pats self on back*

The white things you see are from yesterday's quick hail storm.  They froze overnight and since we have not gotten out of the 30s yet today, frozen they remain. 

Bevo's Den gets amazing light from the skylights and windows covered with bamboo shades/curtains. 
The skylights also provide a relaxing soothing sound when we experience a little bit more than a drizzle. 
Um, yes, the trashcans.  Hey, they are part of the home too. 

You'll find them kinda in the kitchen, kinda in the dining room area. 

Regardless, laminated images have been included so you know which is which since I have a thing with stainless steel trashcans and really force want you to recycle when in my hizzle. 

The little one is for composting. 

There is a story to be told about these cans, which will be saved for some other day, as today's tour has been long enough. 

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Tomorrow we'll be in the guest bathroom and possibly guest room. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Space - The Living Room

This is what you see when you're in the kitchen looking toward the living room. 
Behind the sliding glass door awaits a balcony which overlooks the front yard.

This is another view from the kitchen or perhaps a partial view when you're sitting at the dining room table. 
The shelves contain a few of my most precious things in addition to some odd and ends. 
The top shelf currently holds 2 containers from Pottery Barn.  A long time ago this is how I stored cotton balls and qtips in a bathroom. 

Next to the containers is a decorative paperweight from Ikea providing a burst of color. 

The next shelf holds games.  The leather storage bin is full of coloring books and bubbles. 

Following the game and inner child goodness shelf is what I refer to as recipe central.  Duh, it is full of my favorite cookbooks, 2 of which are missing currently.  I am in the process of menu planning for next week.

The final shelf, which is at eye level when you're curled up in the chair, is my heaven on earth. 

There is a picture of my Mom and me with one of her rosaries draped across a corner of the frame.  There are also a couple of the angels she used to collect behind a painted and stamped image I made that simply says faith, hope, and love via a stamped heart.  

You'll also find the ashes of my childhood dog and kittehs on this shelf.   

Charlie, the wonder dog, is in the brass box next to a framed picture of him.  His collar is draped across a corner of the frame. 

Jasmine and Princess are in matching urns; makes sense since they passed on within a year of each other and were cremated by the same facility. 

Next to their urns are their individual paw prints hardened in clay, an individual container with some of their fur and whiskers, plus their collars. 

I haven't framed pictures of them yet to put on this shelf.  Their precious mugs look over me while I toil away in my home office from the cork board. 

A few of their favorite toys are on the shelf too. 
Take note of the candles on the left hand side of the above picture. 

They no longer reside there.  Why you might be asking.  I melted the waxy cover off of one of them one night when the fireplace was blazing. 

It was funny when it happened and still is so I fully expect you to be laughing right now. 

I have since moved them to the island in the kitchen as pictured in yesterday's kitchen tour post. 

This has now replaced the candelabra with the battery operated candles. 
I double dog dare you to not make it go round and round when you see it.  
It is one of the reasons I purchased it.  
It's fun to play with, visually pleasing, and reminds me somewhat of the great State Fair of Texas.   
Every piece in or on the entertainment center and free standing book shelf has personal meaning to me.  It's not just a decorative item.  There are stories behind them. 
Can you tell I am a bit of a sentimentalist?  Yeah, I thought so.  
 If you are standing directly in front of the entertainment center and turn around, this is what you'll see. 
 Notice how the right top couch cushion is kinda scrunched on the couch? 
This is due to this being my chosen spot on the couch.  I cuddle up next to the arm and obviously sink into the pillows. 
The twin towers deserve a prominent place in my home.  Not that I would ever be able to forget that day but this serves as a reminder of what once was and to always remember.  Interestingly enough, I purchased the picture prior to the attack. 

Just for kicks, the below picture is to reflect the Brady Bunch wall.  That's what we affectionately call the white brick wall the candles hang on. 

Tomorrow we shall tour the dining room area and Bevo's den. 

Peace, Love, Laughter and Soul Y'all. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Space - Hub of the Home

Almost everyone, myself included, goes to the left once they walk up the stairs. 

I thought for your tour we should do the same. 

First up is the hub of the home. 

The kitchen. 
 Kitchen window view, which overlooks the deck. 

Yup, I need to remove the umbrella and put the table upright.

That's from the second to last Mother Nature's huffing and puffing fit er windstorm.

Meet Jack my juicer, George my George Foreman grill, and the ever present Scentsy warmer. 
Today it has a pine scented smell warming.  Don't try to scratch the screen to smell it.  You'll just have to take my word for it. 
 My buddy the off brand magic bullet and toaster. 

I use my buddy daily.  Sometimes 3 or more times a day.  I make my chai tea lattes, smoothies, etc., in it. 
 Who doesn't love a good sink picture every now and again?

I have a thing against sponges so you'll only see brushes in my house, which are run through the dishwasher every couple of days. 
 A daily reminder on the kitchen windowsill to have faith.  The opposite side of the piece contains a sunburst. 
Nothing much to see here.  Just a dish rack, a microwave, and the sugar, chai tea, brown rice, and tea bag containers. Who needs to put the usual sugar and flour out? Not me obviously. 
 Oooh look, a gas stove top. 

No seriously, a gas stove top.  There is no better way to cook in my opinion.  Also, it is quite fantastic to have when the power is out. 

To the right of the stove is a container with the most commonly used serving/cooking utensils, olive oil + balsamic vinegar, and the kitchen knives in desperate need of replacing. 
 The kettle stays out this time of the year.  Since this too is used daily, I don't see the need to put it away just to take it back out. 

Here is one of my creative endeavors I painted that hangs above the stove. 

The design is a t shirt iron on transfer. 

I think the finished canvas looks much better in person when the flash doesn't white out the details.
 On top of the fridge is the house mascot, Scat. 

He was in the living room bookshelves when we moved in.

A quick decision was made since he was here before us he should remain to reign over his domain. 
 This is the view from the kitchen into the living room.  To the left you can see the stairway and front door. 

To the right you'd see the a free standing book shelf and the dining room. 
 Those are tea lights on the left and the picture hanging on the right is part of my family history. 

It is a photocopy of a letter my maternal grandmother wrote in French to my mother in 1964, a picture of my mother visiting Pablo Picasso's museum on the French Rivera, another piece of the letter, and a stamped image of the Eiffel tower. 

Hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour. 

Tomorrow is either the dining room and Bevo's Den or the living room. 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y'all. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to My Space

Over the course of the next week, should you choose to come along on the tour, I'll be sharing the inside of my personal living space with you.

I know most of us are nosy voyeuristic by nature. 
I'll openly admit it. 
 I am intrigued by human nature and I like to visualize how others live. 
So, if you're a little bit like me, sit back and enjoy my space.

Some of the pictures were taken in the summer and some more recent so if you see holiday decorations in some and not in others, this is why.

Call it my quest for a snapshot I am happy with.

Let us begin shall we?   
 First up is the welcome mat.  Yup, I sure did select animal print. 

Once the front door opens . . .

 This is the picture at the top of the stairs. 
If you turn left at the top of the stairs . . .    

If you make a right at the top of the stairs. . . 

Tomorrow what shall we see? 
The living room, the kitchen, dining room, Bevo's den, the guest bedroom, the guest bathroom, my bathroom, the office/craft room, or my bedroom. 

Guess you'll just have to check back in to see! 

Peace, Love, Laughter, and Soul Y"all.