Thursday, November 29, 2012

Been More Than a Minute

Soooo, it has been more than a hot minute since I last did a post. 

Like a February 2012 frigid minute. 

I have no excuses. 

My theory, and since it is my theory, it's my belief, I have allowed first Twitter, then Facebook, and now Instagram to have taken the place of this here bloggity blog.

I'd like to go back to blogging, if for nothing else, to have one central location for what strikes my fancy on any particular day.

In case you want to follow me on the other social media outlets referenced above, you'll see a common theme in my username choices:

Twitter: moonthego

Instagram: moonthego

I warn ya.

There may be duplicity.

What I can promise is you'll get to know me.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the mundane, food and kitteh pictures. . . ME.  The authentic me.

With that being said,

No, for reals. 

I am.


With that being said, hi.  How ya' doin'? 

Right this very minute I am feeling a bit frazzled.  Somewhat overwhelmed.  My right ear, left knee, and jaw are still giving me discomfort.  I'm a little chilled to the bone.  I'm in the middle of a self imposed pseudo detox juice cleanse.  I'm really, really busy with bisnatch. 

All in all, I am radtastic.  Upright.  Breathing.  Blessed.