Sunday, July 30, 2006

Get Your Reading On

From the road posts are all down below for your enjoyment.

I have more to share, activity post from the road, but I think this is good for the day. I recommend starting with road warrior part 1 and working your way up to part 3.

Know how I have been complaining it's been hot around here lately? Well, I'm whining because it's cold today. I actually have goose bumps. It can't be more than 55 right now. Feels like fall.

This is a good thing. I can actually clean today and not be dripping in sweat but goose bumps? In July? What a difference a week can make.

I'm off to do laundry, clean up the place, run a few errands...blah blah blah. You know all the adult stuff we have to do.

Peace and love peeps. Hope things are good in your world.

Road Warrior Part 3

Ok, so by now you know I travel with

and Southwest is not my first carrier of choice. I have nothing against their service. I just don't like the whole open, cattle call seating thing.

Not to mention every time I fly their friendly skies someone always trys to pick me up. Don't get me wrong. I am all for that. Who doesn't like attention from time to time?

Well, leg 3 of the trip took me on a flight to Spokane Thursday via Southwest. The pick up on this flight takes the cake. I gotta' give this dude credit. It takes cajones to do what he did.

But on a 7:00 AM flight? Hmmmm.

Let me break it down for you.

Arrive at airport with plenty of time to spare post a night of no sleep. Head to Qdoba to get some food. Stop by Starbucks on the way to the gate to get some tea and an USA Today. Get in line. Make a few phone calls. Counts blessings I have A seating this morning.

Get on plane. Sit next to window as I have plans to snooze on the way over. Get iPod out of briefcase. Settle in to read paper. Engage in casual conversation with man in the aisle seat. Rather large woman joins us for the middle seat. Offers casual conversation man sports section of paper. Read paper. Stick buds in once we get the ding ding signal. Snooze.

Deplane. Head out to sidewalk for my ride to pick me up. Arrive at office and settle in for the day. Get laptop out of briefcase. Find this in the briefcase.

In case you can't read it, it says
"Lunch today? Say 1:00 PM @ Clinks (in the Flour Mill) "Nice bootey" by the way! Greg XXX XXX XXXX Cell # What's Yours?"

Cajones. Big ones.

In case you are wondering, I am not calling. At least not yet...

Road Warrior Part 2

Roseburg. More pieces of home. More memories. We were starving and decided to wing it. Whatever we came across in town would be dinner that night. Leave it to us to find a place serving up a nice hunk of dead cow.

It was a great choice. Loved the music playing in the background. Loved the eclectic mix of the place. Good food too.

We scarfed on these.

And joined in with everyone else and threw 'em down on the floor.

I lived on the edge and got the Road Kill. Yummy but seriously a coronary waiting to happen.

My dinner companion had these.

Then, we headed back on I-5 to Salem. Arrived "home" around 10:30. Did a little planning session and headed to bed around midnight. We got up and ran together in the morning.

Get your minds out of the gutter people. I was in my room. He was in his. Sheesh.

Road Warrior Part 1

First, a big shout out to Qwest operator Brandy with badge 25D. She hooked me back up to the internet. Somehow, while I was gallivanting across Southern Oregon and Eastern Washington, I lost my connection.

I was sad without my connection. I’ve become dependent on my connection. How did we ever live without the internet before?

Let’s catch up shall we?

I headed down to what we call Southern Oregon Monday night. I hit Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, and Medford Tuesday and Wednesday. Drove a lovely 884 miles in about 2.5 days.

Rocked out to some serious tunes with my newest manager. Laughed. Had in depth conversations. Discovered Sonic in Medford. Chowed on Texas style food in Roseburg. Rolled out a new tool that should help my boys be even more successful.

Good times.

In case you ever wanted to know, the essentials for a road trip with Mo are tunes (anything from 80’s to now), peppered jerky, trail mix, water, Amp, cruise control, and smiles. Oh, and the cell phone of course.

I have to have music. I have funky tastes. I admit it. As if you didn't already know, I'm freaky like that. By the way, thanks JP for confirming this the other night.

So on this leg of the trip, we listened to do everything from Gnarls Barkley, to the PCD, to KT Tunstall, to Fall Out Boy, to Nickelback, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Def Leppard, to Tone Loc, to New Order, to James Blunt, to Vanilla Ice, to Kenny Chesney, to Ciara, to Depeche Mode, to U2, to a retro mix.

Name it. I most likely listen to it. I sing along to it. I may be off key but I can belt out some tunes.

I'm the girl you pass by on the street rocking out in her car. I'm the girl you look at sideways in the airport because I'm air drumming and grooving in my seat.

Dig it?

It was effing hot! This is Medford when we we were heading back.

Arriving in town to find this made the heat worthwhile. A little piece of home. That's my Route 44 cherry limeaid, small cheeseburger with jalepenos, and tots. Heart attack waiting to happen but I had to!

M2 my sister says they are finally making their way up here.

So, that's the first leg of the trip. Bet you can't wait for more huh?

Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm home! Have stuff to share but my connection wouldn't work for me last night. Plus, I was tired.

I'd love to share with you right now but work simply won't allow it. Stay tuned for updates.

It will be later as I'm getting rubbed and ripped later today. Sounds kinky doesn't it? Wanna guess what I'm talking about? Come on' Surprise me. Humor me. Live on the edge. Tell me what comes to your mind.

***EDITED***: JP and Kimmy, You are both correct. My lucky ass got a massage and my eyebrows have been waxed and tinted.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Question to Ponder

A friend and fellow blogger posed this question a few days ago.

If you won the lottery today and for some strange reason found out that you were also heading to prison which one of all your friends would you trust with your lottery winnings until you returned from prison? (Family is not an option.)

I have thought over this question off and on for the last 24 hours or so.

The conclusion I have come to is I would divide the winnings amongst my closest girls. This way if something were to happen to me in prison or one of them spent the winnings (which I am pretty confident wouldn’t happen), everyone would benefit.

I know the question says to pick one of all of your friends but honestly that’s not how I live my life.

All of my closest girls bring something special to my life. They are equally important.

So to my closest beaotches -
I am blessed to have you in my life. I am grateful you share your lives with me. I appreciate the unconditional love and for putting up with my craziness. For letting me be me. My life is rich beyond measure because of you.

I love you!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

For JP

Especially for my girl JP

Priorities I tell you. Sorry to let you down; there's no wine chilling but the grey goose is there. Ya' know why it's not in the freezer.

Do you remember that night we went to Whiskey Creek, came home, drank a bottle of wine, and proceeded to do jello shots? I remember hurting the next morning but like a champ went to work.

How hot is it? Soooooooo hot. She looks so pitiful doesn't she? My heart really is going out to her. Poor thing can't get cool. T quit your laughing! She may get a lion cut this year after all.

Her favorite place to be right now. She'd prefer the other leather chair but I'm laying claim to it.

Leaving this...

For something like this...

And you thought business travel and being a road warrior was glamorous?

What's Your Number 1?

Found this on a fellow life artist's blog and think it is too fun not to share.

My number 1? Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass.

What's yours? Go check it out and post. I'm interested!

Click on the title above or copy this,

It may date us but play ok?

Vegas Part 2

You just never know what you might see in Vegas.

The scariest part was this guy thought he was super sexy. He even told me he thought he was a sexy bitch. Self esteem is a beautiful thing and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! Who are we to judge right?

A certain someone, who shall remain nameless by request, wanted to see the tan and especially the naked sunbathed girls.

Ha! You thought I was gonna' post boobies. :)

Their live performance was killer.

Listening to them after this trip conjures up a different memory for sure.

What's an entry from me without a round of drinks?

This dude and his shoes. Another man thinking he was a sexy bitch. I didn't know they even made these shoes anymore. We kept thinking if it wasn't so hot he'd probably be wearing a leisure suit too.

I'd love to post more pictures for you but that's about all I have I can share. Because as you know...What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Sheesh, I even picked up a shirt to prove it.

Peace and love peeps. It's going to be a scorcher around here today. Know what that means for Mo? Come on. You should know by now. Hmmm, what could it be? What's that you say? A day by the water. Why yes I do believe so!

The housework is going to wait until I get back from this week's trips. Yep, another week on the road. This time only 2 states in 4 days.

Let the fur pile up. Let the dust build upon the dust. Let the laundry remain as is. It's too hot to do much of anything. I really feel for my fur babies. If I am sitting here has to be 10 times worse for them.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wouldn't Leave You Hanging

Day 1: Arrive at hotel famished. Call sister. Sister meets us for a late lunch. Sister is worried about arriving at café with beer in hand. Sister is relieved we are drinking beer too. As if!

Call all the peeps that are scheduled to arrive throughout the day while scarfing down lunch and drinking cold ones.

Some peeps join us. We decide to head up to the rooms to change for the evening. Sister books us facials for the morning.

First up, Shadow bar. More peeps from my gig and sister’s gig join us. Multiple rounds consumed.

From the Shadow bar, we decide dinner is in order. Sister didn’t eat lunch with us and is mucho hungry as last food eaten was 9 hours before.

Dinner at Italian place in the Forum Shops area. A salad and an entrée shared with sister. Bottles of wine shared with the group. Many laughs and great people watching.

Post dinner we cruised the casino for a bit and ended up at the Galleria bar. More rounds. Great jazz. Interesting people watching. The boys busted out the cigars.

Headed to bed sometime after 3:30 AM.

Day 2: Alarm goes off at 7:30 AM. I snooze until 8:15 AM. Brush teeth and throw on dress. Head to spa for facial.

Facials complete, breakfast consumed, sister and I depart ways as she has to finish up at the convention. I head back to my room to work on my presentation for the next day’s meeting. After all, that’s why we were in town.

Presentation complete. Thinks to self, how should I spend the next 4 hours? Hmmm, poolside anyone? To hell with the facial.

Met two women from Ohio in the elevator. They say come hang with us at the pool. Sure, why not? On the spur of the moment we decide to hit the adults only, European sun bathing optional pool, The Venus Pool.

It’s hot. Damn hot. Ipod rocking (the women I met weren’t able to get chairs next to me…) and sun browning the skin is a great way to pass a few hours in the summertime.

Met more folks at the pool. Sending some love to the peeps from OH, TX, ME, NY, NJ, CA, PA, and SC. A great big shout out to the guy on the chair next to me from Everett of all places for not checking out my rack all of the time when I took my top off.

Some peeps that just arrived to town call and say they are on the way to the pool. I put top back on and get ready for their arrival. Peeps arrive and we order rounds of drinks. Yummy lemonade with grey goose and rock candy.

At some point in time determine a shower is needed before we meet up with everyone for dinner. Head to room around 5:00 PM. Right after I get out of the shower, some peeps knock on the door with cocktails in hand.

I get ready, consume some booze, and head to dinner. Honestly, the steak I had at the Mesa Grill was the best steak I have ever had. The spinach was to die for. Seriously. Bobby Flay and staff can throw down some good chow.

Outstanding food, great vino, fantastic conversation.

Most all of the peeps decide we’re going to kick it for the night. First up, Shadow bar. Next, Cleopatra’s Barge. Then the Pussycat Dolls lounge. Post PCD, Pure. Then back to Cleopatra’s Barge as more peeps joined us.

Around 3:15 AM or so, a few of us decide we need a Scooby snack. We head to Augustus Café. The line was a little long so some of the peeps decided to head to bed.


With eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and taters eaten, I hit the bed around 4:45 AM.

Day 3: Alarm goes off at 7:30 AM. I shower, pack bag, and check out. Make it to meeting room with time to spare.

Those amateurs that didn’t stay and have the Scooby snack were hurting something fierce the entire day. The two of us that ate were feeling fine all day long.

Day spent in meeting. Good stuff.

Meeting behind us. We have 3 hours to kill before the flight leaves so we decide to grab some grub.

Bellies full, we catch a cab to the airport. Arrive at airport and find out flight is delayed for at least 30 minutes.

Return a few calls and then the boys and I decide to have one last drink in Vegas. Time to spare we play practical joke on newest manager’s boss, who used to be one of the guys who reported to me. After 10 minutes of him freaking, we call to let him know how much of a sucker he is but we’re touched he cares. We are certain payback will be a bitch.

Flight is 100% booked. We didn’t get our boarding passes early enough so we’re stuck with whatever we get. NOTE: Southwest is not my first choice of airline carriers.

By sheer luck we find three seats together. Settle in for the ride home. Notice the flight out of Vegas is much quieter than the flight to Vegas and take advantage of the darkness and quiet. We all sleep on the way home.

Arrive home to one hairball, much fur, and dirty litter boxes. Love on the babies. Try to post a much better blog entry than this recreated one and head to bed.

I am off to unpack my suitcase (so I can pack it again tomorrow night), clean up a little bit, and head to a bbq.

Peace and love peeps.


I wrote this nice long post about Vegas for you. It would have been like you were there with me. Blogger freaking ate it.

Therefore, you get nothing for now.

I'm butt ass tired. I may write about it again. I may not.

Let's just say this picture pretty much captures the time in Vegas.

Peace and love peeps. My bed is calling my name.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hotter Than Heck

Ok, so I lied and said I would not be back until Saturday. I was checking the weather reports for Vegas as well as here to see what to pack and if I really needed someone to come check on the babies and to my horror, here's what I see.

For Vegas
Wednesday 105/86
Thursday 105/87
Friday 109/88

For here it's supposed to be in the high 80's while I am gone. Princess and Jasmine will be having a visit or two from Uncle Bobby.

To my surprise, for here this weekend
Saturday 95/86
Sunday 88/62

That's hot for here. Like Texas hot. :) So guess who is going to be having another couple of days at the pool?

At this rate the vacation tan is going to keep on rocking like nobody's business. Let's all hope the herpes stays in check.

On another note, tell me how this sounds to you.

Drive 2 hours and 48 minutes to do a one hour presentation, meet 30 minutes with two other people, only to turn around and drive back 2 hours and 48 minutes.

Fun huh? I saw more of this today than anything else.

Seriously, you know you wish you'd been there. NOT!

This time for real, see you later this weekend.

Peace and love peeps.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Be Back Before You Know It

A quick note to let you know no need to stop by for a few days. I'm off to the Rose City tomorrow and then Viva Las Vegas baby!

Can y'all believe I'm actually looking forward to being in Vegas? And I am excited to see my sister. Cross them fingers everything goes well.

See you Saturday :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Day in the Life

It was a perfect day to hit the pool yesterday. Today was too but this girl had and still has things to do so I only hit the pool for a tiny bit today.

These are especially for my girl JP. In a few short weeks we'll be together with snapshots like this of our own. I can't wait! In the meantime, let's all savor another day of guess what? Fun in the sun enhanced by a few cold ones.

Refreshing isn't it? Damn shame the pH was off and we couldn't get in but we did dip a little bit.

The beautiful sky. Not a cloud in sight. Pure perfection.

What's in the ice chest Mo? Do you really have to ask? :)

After my company left, a certain someone called me one of these

so I could come over and hang out for the night at their place. Pool party by day. Slumber party by night.

A very nice morning spent on the deck watching the girls and squirrels play, the birds sing, and sharing some conversation between the MO's.

Check this out. The initials of this certain someone are M.O. We've had a few chuckles over this. I'm telling you. It doesn't take much to amuse me. Thankfully only one of us is called Mo on a regular basis. It could get confusing ya' know.

The only bad part of this morning? Realizing I accidentally locked Princess in the entertainment center over night. Quit it T. No laughing a'right? She didn't deserve this no matter how much of a meanie she can be. Knock it off woman.

She took it like a champ folks. I let her out and she was like, "Hey, nice to see you Mom. You have a good time last night?"

I still feel guilty. Extra crack for her.

I'm off to finish up some laundry and put some more tunes on the ipod.

Hope things are good in your world. Peace and love peeps.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Feel free to weigh in. The gold and silver action is a little more trendy than I normally purchase. But hey, we only live once right?

If they have a heel and kind of look like a flip flop they are a sandal right? Not a flip flop? I wanted a gold pair of sandals for a few other outfits anyway but especially for Friday's meeting in Vegas. Shorts and flip flops are not allowed but we get to dress casually the entire time we're in town. So, I'm gonna' rock these on Friday and go with the heel theory. You with me or against me on this? Let me know. Seriously. I'm not bugging over this but I am curious what you think.

Peekaboos. In a word, Suwheet.

Oh yea baby. I'm into these.

I'll let the purses speak for themselves.

This picture doesn't do 'em justice. I'm wearing the hoops today so let your imagination wander as to what a pair of big silver hoops look like.

Hope y'all enjoy what you see. It was a fun shopping spree.

Oh, and Kimmy, great minds think alike. I had the confetti chicken Friday for dinner. Yummy!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'll Have Some Cheese with My Whine Please

What a day. I'm talking about one of those days. I was tired, I was irritated, my life was threatened, it's that time of the month, my apartment is crowded and smells like whatever the deck was sprayed with, I have flies.

But you know what made it all better?

Dinner and a few glasses of wine with a co-worker who is also a dear friend.

Shoe shopping afterward. You know by now I like to drink but I don't like to drive drunk. So what's a girl to do after a bad day and two glasses of wine? Shop! Love that Applebee's is attached to the mall.

Then I ran into a friend at the shoe store. We decided to shop together. It was kismet. Friday night shoe, accessory, and purse shopping with a girlfriend. Not much beats that.

Macy's was having a 1 day sale. I found belts, earrings, and purses to match the new shoes, all at discounted prices.

Then I got a pedicure.

Finished the night up by talking with a new friend on the phone for a little bit. Yes, limes really are that small. :)

Humor me. I feel like breaking it down. You know, sharing with you why the day was a struggle before I share the purchases with you. I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. You'll see what I got shortly.

Tired? I suffer from insomnia. I toss and I turn. I finally fell asleep sometime after 2:30 AM. My mind tends to race at night. My head is filled with thoughts from what I need to pack for next week to highly philosophical, soul searching thoughts, to the idiotic.

Irritated? Wouldn't you be if you got only 3 hours of sleep? If one of the first things you see in what is normally your sanctuary living space is all your outdoor sanctuary stuff? It really bothered me this morning to see a patio table and bbq grill in the living room, and the table umbrella, chairs, and ice chest in the hallway. It set me off.

I know. I know. Get over it Mo. There are a lot worse things that I could have seen. I know. I know. Count my blessings. I know ok?

In case anyone is wondering, they did do the deck today and it does look nice.

My life threatened. By whom? Disgruntled employee. This one I may have to take with more than a grain of salt. That's all I'm willing to disclose here.

I believe it's that time of the month, my apartment being crowded, and smelling the way it does is self explanatory.

Flies? How'd they get in? Only one answer makes sense. They let them in when they did the deck. There were no flies this morning. Tonight? I have flies. Bitches.

Ok, now for the purchases.

3 pairs of shoes. A pair of gold strappy sandals, a pair of silver peakaboo heels, and a pair of black toe cleavage pumps.

3 purses. A gold hobo, a silver studded hobo, and a black clutch.

2 belts. A silver thick braided belt and a thinner gold braided belt.

3 pairs of earrings. A pair of silver hoops, a brushed gold pair, and a brushed silver pair.

Do you see my theme here? I thought you would. It's in the details baby.

You'll get pictures later. I'm off to get some sleep before I fall out. Peace and love peeps.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I arrive home tonight to find a notice from the property manager on my door. Seems as if they have decided at the last minute to re-coat my building's decks over the weekend.

Don't get me wrong. My deck could use some re-coating. But um, I have to move all my crap indoors for the entire weekend?

I get the note after 10:30 PM this evening and have until 8:00 AM tomorrow to move my bbq grill, statue, table, chairs, umbrella, umbrella stand, and ice chest in my little bitty apartment? Well, actually I have until 6:45 AM since I need to be at the office by 7:00 AM.

Can we say crapola? I say crapola.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and y'all know how much I like being on my deck. Not to mention, I am supposed to have visitors this weekend and honestly, nothing beats sitting outside on a sunny warm day with the ice chest full of cold drinks.

Plus, love kitty is all out of sorts this week. This is going to send her over the edge I am sure. She's already been experiencing an outbreak, a little difficulty in the bathroom, has been extra needy and more vocal than usual.

The note says to be patient. Weather permitting I should only be inconvenienced for 48 hours but my deck will look great afterwards.

They better be speaking the truth or I'm going to be irritated.

Speak It Girl

I came across this last night in the latest issue of Glamour magazine. It resonates with me.

"Now more than a year has passed since Roy and I split up. I'm continuing to make choices on my own as a solo artist and as a single woman. I've learned what my favorite color is, my favorite food, my favorite whatever, because I've become very comfortable being alone. And know that I know what it's like to be treated as a lady, I'll never go back to being treated like anything less. But for now, I'm just focusing on my music. That's where my heart is." - Former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland (talking about her failed engagement and putting the pieces of her life together again)

Yep. That's been my journey too over the last year or so. I'm where she is, except my heart is with the music of my life.

On a different note, happy earthly birthday Mom. Thanks for the visit in my dream last night, even though it was a really jacked up one. Were you trying to tell me something about Vegas with D next week?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dialing the Devil

In all my years I have never noticed this nor has anyone pointed it out to me. Until today.

One of our sales representatives shows me when he enters the first 3 letters of my name in his phone to locate my number in his contacts the screen shows 666.

Check it out. It's true. Who knew?

Sheesh, not only am I in the 15%, I'm the sign of the beast too.

Shoe Hostage

I'm about ready to head to the office this morning; finally done with multiple calls and can get the day really going. What do I turn around and see?

Princess has taken my shoes hostage.

Just another way for her to either get crack, solicit some love, have her picture taken, or an attempt to keep me home. She won on all fronts except I have to leave...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Clean Up in Produce

When I was a kid the whole family used to pile into the car to go pick as many peaches as we could from an orchard in Tyler, Texas. I have so many fond memories of the peaches, their juices, the hot sand, the fuzz getting on everything, the homemade peach ice cream, jam, and peach cobbler.

All the memories are good ones, which is a lot considering my childhood.

My mom had peach trees in the backyard of her home too. I distinctly remember sitting on the deck, chatting, relaxing, just being and seeing her tenderly nurture her peach trees.

Again, all the memories are good ones.

Tonight I go to the store to get some fresh produce. I catch a fragrant whiff of fresh peaches. Instantly I was taken back to that place.

A place of comfort.

A place of warmth.

A place of love.

A place of safety.

A place of Mom.

Then, as quickly as I was taken to that place, the tears came.

One by one.

Making their way down my cheek.



Coming to rest on the plastic bag I was putting fresh, store bought peaches from.

The Grind

Back at work. Taking a week off puts this girl behind. Way behind.

I needed the time off. The work fairy didn’t come along and take care of stuff while I was gone. The work fairy added to my plate. The plate is so full I am stuffed.

I shouldn’t complain. I love my job and having lots of work means nothing but good things. I made peace with not seeing the bottom of my in basket a long time ago. It would just be a lot easier to handle if I wasn’t about to start traveling again.

Ahh, such is the life of Mo on the go.

You know what was the hardest yesterday? It wasn’t getting up at the butt crack of dawn. I thought it would be after days of sleeping in and staying up late. I am convinced the older one gets the earlier we are to rise.

The hardest part of it all was getting back in work clothes. When I put on my slacks, heels, and button down yesterday all I wanted to do was get back in a pair of flip flops and a summer dress.

Oh and let’s not forget about all the men saying what happened to your lip. Can you be any more insensitive? Look away. Don’t comment. I’m already self conscious. The herpes is embarrassing. I don’t appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Shame on you.

The fur babies had a rough day yesterday too. Two hairballs, one upchuck, and the Hansel and Gretel turd trail is enough to let me know they wanted me to still be on vacation and at home too.

Babies, mommy is sorry. She had to go back to work and make a living so you can continue to have a roof over your head, food in your bowl, and the endless supply of kitty cat crack.

On a different note, JP, M2, and Anna – you all have mail coming your way. I hope you enjoy.

JP and T, I have started reading our book club choice. I love it so far. I’m on chapter 10 and had to force myself to only read for 30 minutes last night. Good choice!

For now, I must get back to the grind. Peace peeps.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


The company picnic at Wild Waves yesterday was fun! Weather was perfect. Very nice to see people with their families and friends, relaxed, enjoying the day.

A few snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

If you think I let people I work with see me in a bikini or a bathing suit period, call yourself crazy. I was the one wearing the white, gauzy summer dress, flip flops, cowboy hat, a smile, and the sunscreen.

Greedy little bottomfeeding fish. Poor duckies couldn't compete. These fish were so greedy some were flinging themselves out of the water to get a kernel of doggie kibble you could purchase to feed 'em with. I'd never seen anything quite like this before. Honestly, it was freaking me out a little bit.

After I went to Barnes and Noble Friday, I realized I may have a problem (I like books...a lot) and that I'm almost completely set for the summer reading.

Not Pictured: Beach Road and The Power of Intention

Remember those summer reading programs the local library would sponsor? I was one of those nerds who breezed through the list in no time at all. Were you?

Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. My girl JP has the right idea to start a book club among friends. It's going to be great. It's a throwback to those summer reading programs. I'm really looking forward it, to maintaining friendships and hopefully, forging new ones too.

On the agenda today? Finish up laundry, make a few cards, and hopefully get some more reading in for the day before the grind of work re-enters my life. Oh and continue to treat the herpes. It's almost all gone but part of it is hanging on. I am sure the sun and heat yesterday didn't help it too much. Damn shame too because it is supposed to be 82 with lots of sun around here today.

What's that? Is that the beach calling my name? Why yes I think it is. Maybe the agenda other than reading will have to wait...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Bremerton Bits

For T mostly but M2, Anna, and JP can all relate I am sure. I just realized we've all been in the Bremerton area at some point of our lives. Small world. Now, if I could just get all of you together...

Here's the puppy giving me the look when we were on the phone when I was waiting for the ferry. So cute. I know it was wrong to bust out laughing in the middle of your serious story but can you see why now?

Everyone remember the little dive bar off of Naval, The Fuzzy Navel?

First time I'd ever been in and have to say it provided some serious entertainment.

Keep it real a'right? We've all been there before.

I might need one of these for my office. Change the bartender to bean counter and viola!

I think Princess the bartender thought this was a snobby drink. I had to tell her how to make the French martini. I should have stuck with the Washington Red Apples.

Some of Bremerton's finest citizens. They give FUG a good name.

Bremerton's first lady was freakin' drunk. She got all excited after I took the first picture, tried to jump into the arms of her man, and when they fell...well, let's just say the dance floor turned into...

Come on. You know you wish you'd been there too. A picture just isn't doing it justice.

Shuffleboard on the Promenade deck anyone?

I need to go back to work to dry out. :)