Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

First and foremost. major thanks to all of you who keep me in your thoughts and prayers while I go and do my thing as well as understanding if I get behind on coming to see you on your blog or in person, calling you, returning a text in a lickety split second and for the delay in updating here.

Secondly, I hope this year is one of the best ones for you and yours yet!

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS - Kim, Ace called me Craig as a reference to the Friday movies. I had to call him and ask myself what that was all about because I didn't get it until he told me. He's a nut from time to time but I lurve him just the same.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Get Ready

Y'all ready to see this more frequently in the coming months?

I hope so because you will!

Anytime you see OTRA or this picture go on ahead and cue Willie, channel Kenny, and send out the safe travel vibe for me a'right?

It's what I do.

It's how I roll.

The blog was originally created to keep you updated with most all things that are me while I canvass around this beautiful country we live in so it is only fitting to see Mo on the Go right? Right. {Sheesh, Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy just popped in my mind.}

I'm sorry I have not been around to visit you. It's been supa dupa crazy up around here the last few days. I'll be by soon. Promise.

Be well and as always, Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekly Challenge #61

If you have been with me since last year, this may look familiar to you.

This week's challenge is same one as last year around this time.

Give yourself permission to not make any resolutions.

So many of us look to the new year for change.

For improvement.

For motivation.

To put action into motion.

Make 'em if you want but allow yourself to make none if you choose.

Will I be making any you might be asking right now?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I have not decided but what I do know is if I don't make any, and choose to treat each day as if it were the new year, that is ok too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do You Doodle?

I figured there were plenty of Merry Christmas posts floating around out there I'd do something different and not wish you a very Merry Christmas until late in the day.

My day was good. Quiet and very productive. Remember the closet I said I needed to clean out? Pack stuff up for Goodwill? Well, I finally got around to doing just that this evening.

Prior to doing so I had the pleasure of speaking with all of my siblings.

This is no easy feat as we are scattered among 3 time zones and no one was celebrating the day together.

I'm grateful to have been able to spend some time with them, even if it was only on the phone.

Which leads me to the question of whether you doodle or not?

I'm not that big of a doodler but tonight I was a pretty active doodler while on the phone with the fab 5.

Yep, if you didn't already know, I have 5 siblings. I'm the baby of 6. I have 4 older brothers and 1 sister. Age gap from oldest to youngest is 10 years. I don't know how my Mom managed, especially considering the obstacles she had to deal with.

So anyway, when I got off the phone I looked down at my piece of paper to see my finished masterpiece.

I really like to doodle geometric shapes apparently. Then, throw in a few flowers, a bumblebee, a couple of triangles that turned into angels, a tree with lots of roots, and an arrow or two for good measure accompanied with some random dots by the flowers and you have a peek into my mind.

According to a few doodle analysis websites, this is what they mean

  • Dots = good attention to detail

  • Tree, bumblebee = sensitive, warm, kind and since my tree has lots and lots of roots, enlightenment

  • Arrows = direction and ambition

  • Geometric shapes = good planner, organized, efficient mind, rational and logical way of thinking, direction, sense of purpose

  • Flower = gentle personality, love of nature, friendly, sociable, feminine/passive aspect of the universe, childlike innocence

The placement of my doodles represents something too. Since my doodles were primarily in the center and top right of the page I am "present oriented", am professional minded, thought to be an extrovert, may seek reassurance and support from trusted others, am a "positive thinker" with a high level of enthusiasm and works well in a team environment.

Hmm, who would have thunk it?

Do you doodle? What kinds of things do you tend to draw? I am interested so if you feel like sharing, please leave a comment. This is a safe place. {wink}

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh, and Merry Christmas y'all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Their Cousin Came to Play

The girls and I have a house guest through the weekend.

Their cousin Scooter, or as I like to call him Scoot, arrived last night.

His momma and daddy are in Canada over the holiday.

So far so good.

Princess is pretty much ignoring him.

Jasmine is taking on the whatevs attitude.

It is only day 1 so we will see how things go as the days progress.

As far as taking care of him, he is one of the easiest dogs ever.

I just have to remember he is burrowed deeply under his blanket/sleeping bag and not step on him as I walk to and fro.

That's his spot unless he is cuddled up next to me.

Wish us well as the days progress.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Holiday for the Rest of Us

Happy Festivus!

Apparently today is the day Festivus is honored.

If ya' wanna know more, Wikipedia comes through once again.
History behind the holiday can found here and part of the original Seinfeld episode can be viewed here.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly Challenge #60

This week I am taking the easy way out.

Not only am I late, I am "borrowing" the challenge from someone else.

I find Ace's post today quite fitting for a weekly challenge.

Check it out here if you have not already stopped by and seen him today.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today - Brought to you by Kyla

Ahem...mimimimimi. Hello all! It's Kyla here. It is now my turn to guest blog (considering December is to be my month but someone who will remain nameless...Maricel...decided to skip her November spot and impose on mine). Love you Mars!!!

Anyway, it is now the evening of Monica and mys venture out into the winter wonderland for pedicures. I thought I would give you all a recap of our day.

I have no problem with driving in winter weather, so I offered to pick Mon up on the way to Pauline's. After 20min of thawing my iced over car, I arrived and summoned her down with a text..."beep beep, I be honkin miss Daisey." I thought it was funny.

Anyway, we were off to Pauline's thinking we must be crazy to brave the driving conditions just to get our nails done. Priorities people. We were 15 min late, but just in time for a fresh batch of homemade eggrolls...yummy! I'm just curious, does it get any better? I mean really? Hot eggrolls, champagne, snow outside, pretty toes...all while watching the Hawks beat the Jets. Perfect.

On the way home, I was feeling revived and feisty. That's when I think I got jokes. We passed a little old lady walking her 2 scottie terriers, who were shaved down short, wearing GIANT snow sweaters LOL!!! Did it ever occur to you people that you wouldn't have to put big ass snow clothes on your dogs if you didn't shave ALL their hair off? I'm just sayin'... Anyway, a little further up the road we passed a dope ass snowman. So cool in fact, that I turned around so we could take a picture. My comment was "Look! It's a Samoan Snowman!"
Note the sarong. Then I took a closer look. It was wearing a fitted baseball cap...with a Cadillac logo.
Too funny. As we pulled away from the house, the owner came out the front door to see who was parked out front. A large Samoan man in a Sarong and flip flops...I'm just sayin'.

We made it home despite the ridiculous road conditions and dove into crafties. I was determined to come up with something clever to tag my Xmas gifts with this year. It took WAY longer than was necessary for 2 Virgos to come up with an idea, but they are finally done.

Now we are watching Sunday Night Football, and having tuna melts for dinner...yummy! Well, that has been our day. Honestly one of the best days I've had in a long time. It's been way too long since Mon and I have gotten to spend a whole day together...just us. I think we both needed it.

Good evening for now...until we meet again. Muaahhh!

P.S. This is what happens when word of a possible power outage threatens a Virgo...
ALL the laundry gets done at once. I also am a Virgo, but own enough clothes to see me through months without power, so the first thought in my mind was "I need to wash my hair in case there is no hot water tomorrow." Either way...priorities people!


Woke up to freshly fallen snow.

News is reporting about 5".

Forecast for today is a high of 31 (currently 29) with a chance for more snow and freezing rain.

That's not stopping us though.

Kyla and I are heading out for homemade egg rolls and possibly a glass of champagne while Pauline and her staff make our nails pretty.

Afterward we are gonna break out the ink, paper, stamps, possibly some glitter, and get our craftiness on.

Now the question is what to wear? What hat, scarf, and glove combo will I be sporting for our adventure in the local winter wonderland?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Daily Doings - Friday in Review

Yesterday morning I looked outside my bedroom window at the ever present winter wonderland and since I could see the street pavement clearly, I figured I'd make a go of it. Naturally I bundled up and coordinated my hat with my outfit for the day.
{Kimmy, this picture is especially for you.}
It was "warm" (high 20s to low 30s) enough to leave the wool pea-coat at home. Instead, in the spirit of layering, I was sporting my fleece lined North Face company vest over the scarf, tank top, long sleeve t, and wool sweater. Down below, I was wearing a pair of black slacks and the handy dandy weatherproof non skid low heeled boots, which certainly are proving to be worth their expense these days.

Before I was able to make my way to the office, snow and ice had to be cleared from my car. Once I was able to open my frozen door and retrieve the ice scraper I got down to it. What a mess that was. By the time I was done, my arms up to my elbows were covered in a light dusting of snow. My scarf and sweater were too.
I made a mental note to pick up one of those long handled brush thingies at the store and said a quick prayer I would be able to find one after the week we experienced.

After the workday, and on my way to run a few errands, I called my sister to see how life was in their neck of the woods. My brother-in-law shared they were in the 70s but had experienced some low temps and my sister and the girls were on their way down south to spend the weekend with my brother, sister-in-law, and their kids.

While I sat in the parking lot talking with her, I looked at a dark gray/almost black sky as snow fell around me and more ice formed on the windshield. I felt a tiny bit of envy come over me as we talked. Not only do they all get to be together this weekend, they are spending the day with the kids at Sea World and the temps were expected to be warm. Washington certainly isn't Texas these days! I fully expect lots of pictures {nudge nudge sisters}.

We said our good-byes, I love yous, and I made my way to the store's entrance only to discover there was not a single cart available in the cart bay. Empty as empty can be.

I trudged back out to the parking lot to find an abandoned one. I walked for what felt like a quarter of mile before I found one and then made my way tenderly through the ice rink, oops I mean parking lot, deflecting looks from other shoppers whom I assume were trying to figure out where I found my cart.

Entering the store, I was faced with a plethora of people. It seems as if everyone had the same idea I did. On my list were personal items, canned foods, and batteries, all of which were pretty much in preparation for the big storm which as of now has yet to materialize.

I headed to Radio Shack as I needed a lantern battery and should have known Wally World would be sold out but hey, I did score a 54" pivoting snowbroom with an ice scraper and squeegee plus a new gadget.

The gadget I am referring to is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. I thought I would give it a go since the Clarisonic is a little too expensive for my comfort right now.

During my facial today, I asked V if the cheaper version was ok to use and she said yes, even though the Clarisonic is gentler, it is a good product to have in the skin care arsenal if you're not in the habit of exfoliating throughout the week. So, if you're not in the habit of exfoliating and want a quick and fun experience, might I suggest you pick one of those bad boys up?

Back to my Radio Shack experience...I walked in like the nerd I am with my lantern in hand. The associate grabbed a new battery and put it in for me. Nothing. He took it out and put it back in checking the connections along the way. Still nothing. Another associate, who decided he needed to let me know he had the same Brinkmann back in the day {way to make me feel old buddy}, suggested we check the bulb.

Once we did, and determined the bulb was fried, a replacement was put in and viola, we had light. I departed there with an extra battery and a bulb in hand feeling as if I was prepared for the worst should the wild winds knock out the power.

From Radio Shack I headed over to Trader Joe's. While I was loading my basket full of multiple cans of the same flavor of kitty food, another shopper shared with me her cats only like this particular flavor too. Then, a man walking down the aisle shared the same; his cat won't touch the other flavors either.

For whatever reason, my babies feel the same and have decided they prefer the Trader Joe's food over the more expensive tuna on rice with prawns Tiki Cat food from the vet.
So now I am trying to figure out what the heck is in that can of food that has all these cats being finicky? Is it MSG? Cat nip? Kitty cat crack? I won't be tasting it anytime soon but if one of ya' wants to, lemme know. I can hook you up and would be interested to know what you think a'right?

Upon leaving Trader Joe's I was drawn to the discount shoe mecca known as DSW. I'm glad I let my inner longing lead the way as I've been wanting a pair of sweater furry lined slippers that resemble my Uggs for a while now. Luck was on my side this fine, frigid, dark, winter night. Plus I had a $10.00 coupon so not only did I score, I scored big!
So very comfy and warm! Mars and Fiwa have you been yet?

Once I arrived home, trudged up the stairs with multiple bags in hand, I talked to Mel, spoke with Kyla, made the decision to not get back on the roads and travel to Tyler's birthday party but rather join Mel and Big Suge for a movie and late dinner where we knew what the road conditions were like.

I promptly put my perishables away, fed the cats, and changed clothes. I put on a pair jeans with a camel colored sweater, slipped my tootsies into my Uggs and headed over to their place.
Yes, yet another hat, scarf, and glove combination. {Shut it Ace. Remember you bought me scarves last year for Christmas.}

We went to see Yes Man followed by dinner at the Ram Restaurant and Brewery. In case you're wondering, we all enjoyed Yes Man. I arrived home a little bit after midnight and rounded out the evening by talking with Ace for a while before heading to bed.

Another day full of love, laughter, and mini adventures in my world.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The last few days have been quite the Winter Wonderland. I've ventured out some but for the most part I have played it close to home and been indoors.

I'm warm. I'm safe. I'm healthy. I'm able to enjoy nature's wonders without having to deal with the elements too much. For all of this, I am grateful.

This is one view from my bedroom window. What I see reminds me of a postcard image.
This is one of the delicious homemade cookies Fiwa gifted to me. I've just about finished all of them. They go so nicely with a mug of hot tea or hot cocoa.
Another view from the bedroom window.
All bundled up and ready to brave the elements. Once I arrived at the office the hat, fluffy scarf, gloves, and wool pea-coat were put to the side. I was wearing a tank top under a long sleeve t which was under a sweater, a pair of slacks, and my handy dandy trusty waterproof non skid low heeled boots.
I couldn't resist capturing the doggie paws.
I readily admit I exercised my authority and claimed the wool blanket this particular evening. The babies decided they would each claim their own part of the couch. There is warmth in numbers. We ended up all being snuggled up soon after the picture was taken.
Yet another postcard pretty shot.
At some point Princess took over the blanket, which by the way has not been put away since the freezing temps arrived. I figure what is the point right now. The couch is the most logical place for the time being. Shocking I know. How fitting is this tea light holder? 'Tis the season indeed!
One of the many cups of hot cocoa I take delight in having. The Land of Lakes multi flavor pack from CostCo was a great impulse decision a few months ago.
It's been too cold for the critters to enjoy this.
Even though this was posted earlier in the week, it is fitting to include once again. She burrows herself under the blanket unless I am wrapped up in it. If I have laid claim to it, she settles on my chest/shoulder. Me + kitty + wool blanket = much warmth.
This is a view from the patio. For some reason I find the branches covered in snow beautiful.
There is about three inches of snow that has stuck where I live. Under the snow is some ice. Weather reports are calling for an overnight deep freeze. Sunday is the first day we are supposed to be above freezing - a high of 33 is forecasted. But wait! Another storm system is moving in with high winds and freezing rain expected.

This is all good. After all, this is what winter has the potential to bring. I know I will be making a run to a store or two before Saturday afternoon. I need to replenish some essentials and stock up on batteries just in case the power is affected by the high winds and freezing rain.

Good times y'all. Good times

Peace and Love Peeps.

From the Deck

How are things where you are?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saturday Brunch

By now a lot of you know Fiwa and I went to Brad's for brunch this past Saturday.
Lemme tell you, in case you didn't already know, Brad and Jay's home is quite inviting, they are the most gracious of hosts, and a super sweet couple.
We had such a good time gabbing, eating, watching the animals, getting our craftiness on, and simply relaxing.
The food was lovingly prepared by Brad.

Jay showed us around his workshop.

I was mesmerized and entertained by the goats, which you could see from the kitchen table.

Bear hung around and was an absolute delight.

Miss Lily made an appearance.

I barely saw the chickens and certainly enjoyed their eggs.

I look forward to our next get together and am eager to see how our works of art turn out.

Thanks for having us Brad! Looks like I am next up in rotation 'eh?

Peace and Love Peeps.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Kitty snuggles.

I'm pretty partial to her cuteness but I'm thinking you might agree she is pretty stinking cute peeking out from the wool blanket on the couch Monday afternoon.

Her sister, as usual, was all kinds of snuggly on the bed.

Peace and Love Peeps.
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Monday, December 15, 2008


The weather outside is frightful.

Ice, ice, and more ice.

Remnants of snow.

Temps in the 20s. Wind chill in the teens.

However, on a clear winter morning, the views of the mountain just can't be beat.

There is also something soothing about white fluffiness surrounding you.

Being able to snuggle under a blanket while sipping on a mug of hot tea or cocoa is pretty darn good too.

I'm happy I live in an area of the country that experiences the four seasons.

I'm calling upon my Texas roots and remembering when the temps fall into the teens and don't get above freezing for days on end, as we are predicted to experience, faucets need to be left on a slow drip, cabinet doors should be opened inside, and the pipes need to be wrapped too.

I'll leave the pipe wrapping to the maintenance folks. As the week progresses I am sure I will get used to hearing the slow and steady drip drip.

Princess and Jasmine are having fun exploring uncharted territories. I am trying with all my might to avoid closing the cabinet doors under the sinks and shutting the doors where the washer and dryer are.

It could be a lot worse. Like frozen pipe worse. Or frigid cold as some of my work peeps in Montana are experiencing (negative temps).

All in all, it is pretty darn good in my world. Cold, but good.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Challenge #59

This week's challenge is to not let the stresses of the season get the best of you.

Take delight in the twinkle of the lights.

Make the time to slow down and just be.

Enjoy time of with loved ones.

Embrace the simple pleasures put before you.

Celebrate the holidays in the spirit they are meant to be honored, whatever this means to you and yours.

As a friend of mine likes to say, "Nothing is that serious."

Try to keep that philosophy near and dear as the days progress.

It is ok if you don't mail your holiday cards, purchase the perfect gift, or burn the cookies.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Around These Parts


'Tis the season not only for the holidays but the weather outside to be frightful.

We're in for some exciting weather around these parts this weekend and into the early part of next week.

I know some of you have had a lot worse already. Some would even say we are overdue for the bitter cold.

Part of me is excited. Who doesn't like a little bit of snow? Another part of me wishes it would blow over.

Speaking of blowing, it is currently 39 degrees with lots of rain and the winds are increasing right now. Good times y'all. Good times.

Y'all send the vibes for it to not get too bad ok? The last thing we need is for the power to go out with the temps dropping. But if it does, I'll light some candles, get in my snowsuit, and curl up with the kitties under lots and lots of blankets.

I can handle snow. It is driving in the ice I don't care for. I have plenty of warm weather clothes, including hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, and jackets. We have dressing layers down to a science around these parts too. This is a good thing as where I am going Monday is expected to be even colder than the Seattle area as represented above.

Cue Ren and Stimpy - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

Here's to hoping the weather stays in control as my weekend is scheduled to be full of good times and lots of laughter and love with some of those I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.

Friday: Dinner with Mel at The Rock

Saturday: Brunch with Fiwa and Brad at Brad's

Saturday afternoon: Candle party with Fiwa, Mars, and Drea

Saturday post the party: Sushi at Mars'

Sunday: Visit with T and Snookums

How are things where you are? Cold, warm, wet, dry, windy, humid? I am interested so spill.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season

I bet with a title like that you expect me to talk about the holidays. In a roundabout sort of way I will but what I'm referring to more so than anything is the USPS (United States Postal Service) and mail.

We've talked before about my mail system. My system is a little something like this: I usually check my mail about once a week. I make a nice little pile by desk until I am ready to separate the items, shred, and pay bills.

I feel pretty good about my system of checking it once a week as it is secured and honestly, why touch it more than I have to right? Right.

Well, can we say with the holidays my once a week system isn't working so well? The mailbox is filling up too quickly.

Tuesday night when I went to get my mail, I was greeted with an empty box and a note saying they were holding my mail at the post office as it had gotten too full.

Excuse me? I just checked it Sunday.

I had two packages and some birthday cards to mail so after work yesterday I entered a realm of hell, my local post office at 4:45 PM. There were 17 people in front of me and at least 10 coming up behind me. This location closes at 5:00 PM.

Luckily I had my Centro in hand. I checked my email, twitter, facebook, and myspace while standing in line {sidebar: I love that sucker but have grown tired of the Claus commericals quickly}.

Slowly I made my way to the counter and then it happened. The lady behind the counter scolded me as she handed me my bundle o' mail. She said something to the effect of next time I better fill out a hold request or else.

Um, ok. I grant you I probably should be checking my mail more often than once a week and you are exhausted from a long day of dealing with people but or else? Really?

I smiled. I nodded. I took my pile from her and handed over my packages and cards. I bought some holiday themed stamps for the holiday cards to be mailed this weekend.

Then I got the heck up out of there as quickly as I could.

The kicker of it all? Once I sat down with my pile and did my thing the majority of it was junk. Not bills. Not magazines. Not love from friends and family. Nope. Majority of it was advertising related.

From now until the first of the year I will check my mail as if I have a box like this at least every couple of days.

Seriously. Or um, ya' know, or else.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Photos courtesy of DigitalTek and Avelino Maestas' flickr accounts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What is it about a cold, wet, gray day that makes me want warm comfort food?

I'm thinking I am not alone with this desire.

Warm cornbread with honey butter and a steamy chicken pot pie wrapping me in their nutritious goodness from the inside out.

I can do without the calories but it sure would hit the spot.
What about you? How are things where you are? Are you craving anything in particular?

Peace and Love Peeps.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This morning before I left for work I put a few chicken breasts in the fridge to defrost.

See, I planned to make Thai Red Chicken Curry for dinner with leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

When I arrived home I discovered the chicken breasts were not defrosted.

Therefore I went with plan b, which was to cook a frozen lasagna.

As I was removing the film, after the pan of goodness had been cooking for 50 minutes, the outer part of my arm made contact with oven. The 375 degree oven door.

A long time has passed since I experienced a cooking related burn. It may be a mild burn but it hurts like the dickens and gives me a greater appreciation for those who suffer second and third degree burns.

In case you are wondering, the lasagna was yummylicious. However, it doesn't make the burn worthwhile.

Excuse me while I go apply another cold wet washcloth and take a couple of ibuprofen.

Peace and Love Peeps.