Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So here I sit.

In the hotel lobby at my local hotel of choice in Portland. Looking across the table at work peeps and next to me too.

Feeling like a sexy beast (don't believe that for a second do you?) in a t-shirt, lounging pants, glasses, and rocking bare feet.

Yes y'all. I said barefoot. On a hotel floor.

See I thought I'd switch my suitcases last night and forgot to add some of the items that magically appear from one suitcase to another.

Said items are my slippers and handy dandy white athletic socks.

Guess I might not be working out in the morning after all.

Damn shame.

Ah, such is the life of Mo on the Go some days.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, February 23, 2009

End of an Era

Crazy Lady is gone.

GONE I say!

When I arrived home from the airport Friday the first phone call I made was to the office to find out if this time her move out date was honored.

I was promptly told she was taken away Wednesday.

Where she was taken to I do not know. What I do know is it has been nice and quiet around these parts and I no longer leave or arrive home with a sense of apprehension.

I wish her the best, really I do. I hope she gets the help and care she is in need of.

Oh, and she didn't disappoint. When I left for the airport Sunday morning, there was nothing on the shared porch area.

By the time Mars arrived to feed Princess in the afternoon she had left a present.

I did not bother with opening the gift upon my return but did take a look inside. In a double wrapped plastic 7-11 bag there was a white T-shirt with some sort of brown substance on parts of it. Mmmmkay. Promptly to the trash that bag went.

She also asked Mars to borrow a cup of sugar for her coffee (which she Mars did share with her) Monday and wanted to gift her with some 80's tunes. For the life of me I can't remember what the musical selections were but had she taken her up on the offer we could of been rockin' out right about now!

In her honor, I leave you with this.

I just may pop the movie in this weekend when her downstairs neighbor and I celebrate her departure this weekend.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Challenge #69

Have you seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey?

I did and was thinking about this yesterday during my lunch with Big Suge.

So I pass along the thought to you and challenge you to say YES to something you would normally say NO to.

Open yourself up to the possibility of what could be.

Peace and Love Peeps.

I don't make it a habit to drink Red Bull but this clip represents my personality more often than not, including the crash some days.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Reason

One of the many reasons I love the area I live in and am fortunate enough to travel throughout.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gets Me Every Time

This is my favorite scene in the movie.

To my IRL crew: You know what it means when I say I felt the need to watch this a few times tonight right? Right.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

OTRA Again

A new week and another round of travel in my world.

I don't want you to be envious of 4:45 AM wake up calls and well past 10:00 PM bedtimes, all meals being eaten out, sleeping in a three different beds by the time this week is up, or living out of suitcases.

I know it sounds glamorous but really? Really it leaves a bit to be desired.

On the bright side, I love what I do, enjoy the people I work with, and embrace being a road warrior.

I promise I will do my best to update this week. I have some forgotten entries to share, updates on CL, and the regular blog fodder to share.

For now, I am going to order a tree hugger scramble, wait for the next flight of the day to arrive, and relish in the fact that although I couldn't change my flight to be on the one with work husband and dotted line boss man, they could and did go standby to get on the later flight with me.

In case you are wondering what is in the tree hugger scramble it contains sauteed mushrooms, red onions, tomato, spinach, roasted red pepper and feta cheese served with taters and my choice of toast.

I'm feeling an egg white substitution and either sourdough, wheat or whole grain toast.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekly Challenge #68

This week I challenge you to take 5 minutes from your day and be one with yourself.

No need to look inward, take deep breaths, or meditate unless you want to.

Take 5 minutes at once, or in little bits throughout the day, simply because.

Zone out or zone in.

5 minutes.

300 seconds.

Take them.

Just for you.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Happy Valentine's Day y'all.

On this day designated to celebrate love I would like to celebrate you and the friendship we share.

Some of us have never met face to face but this doesn't take away from the love we share.

Kees. Kees. Kees (love that commercial).

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh and yes, another holiday has come and gone with a design in mind with no crafty endeavor completed. *sigh *

Lest I forget, Happy Anniversary Princess. 9 years ago yesterday your face drew me in and we've been connected since. XOXO

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Then There Was One

"It's too quiet in here!" Ace exclaimed within 3 minutes of his arrival a few weekends ago.

I agreed. I'm still getting used to the quiet too.

I have not removed her food and water bowls. I plan to do so soon.

Princess has stopped looking under every nook and cranny for her.

We, Princess and I, have settled into new routines and previous actions not done since before she was adopted and became an integral part of the family.

For now I look to my bookshelf in the bedroom and smile. Wipe away a tear or two from time to time. Run my fingers gently across her paw print, minus the kung fu kitty claw, captured for all eternity. I open the other little box and take a look at her fur and whiskers clipped before her cremation. Her remains are in her urn next to Charlie's brass box.

I know she is in heaven loving life and sharing her love with everyone who will accept it.

For now, there is one.
Princess is misunderstood for the most part, especially when compared to Jasmine. She always has been and always will be her own kitty.

She is aloof. Tends to be a tad aggressive. Solicits love and attention on her schedule. It is part of her breed and I'm good with her behavior and personality because she's my baby and she is being true to herself.

Lately she has been back in touch with her softer side. She's become a more visible presence. Lets out a series of mini meows or trills. She greets me in the morning with a couple of paw swipes on my back or a gentle nudge from her nose to my nose.

She wants to play more often than not and has been digging her toys out of where ever she had them hid before. She is hanging out with the peeps instead of hibernating in the bedroom. She follows me around in the morning as I get ready and greets me at the door most evenings.

Being just one seems to agree with her. I am beginning to embrace it too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, February 09, 2009

25 Random Things

If you are on facebook you've probably been tagged with this too.

Yes y'all, I am on facebook. I also have a myspace. I twitter. Obviously I blog. There are pieces of me floating all around cyberspace.

So in case you want to peek more into my life and have not seen this on facebook, here are my random 25 facts, habits, goals, and/or things about me.

Some of them you may have already seen or know from a previous meme.


1. I believe in God.

2. I am a first generation American. Unfortunately I didn't learn French from either of my parents back in the day as they were told having their children be bilingual would hamper their ability to be successful. Thank goodness society knows better now.

3. I am the baby of six. I have four older brothers and one older sister.

4. Even though I was bred, born, raised, and lived in Texas for 27 years I have come to consider the Pacific Northwest home these days. Flying into DFW doesn't give me the same sense of home as landing at SeaTac does.

5. One of my guilty pleasures is to watch reality TV. Real World, The Hills, The City, Real Housewives, etc., allow me to totally “escape” the daily grind.

6. I still sleep with a teddy bear one of my brothers gave to me for a birthday years ago. Some of you may remember “him”; does Spooky ring a bell?

7. I am thankful, blessed, and believe my life is richer and fuller for the friends I have chosen to surround myself with. They keep me grounded and tell me like it is, even when I don’t want to hear it but know I need to be checked, and love me for who I am and the crazy life I lead.

8. Sometimes I don’t unpack my suitcase from one business trip to another. I send my clothes out via the concierge service which makes packing a lot easier on those back to back trips I sometimes have to do.

9. I am a list maker and task doer. If it doesn’t get written down, I may totally forget about it but living this way keeps me organized and on top of multiple priorities.

10. My favorite color is cranberry.

11. I am a huge scent oriented person with my preference leaning toward fall and spicy scents (i.e., home sweet home, pumpkin spice, etc.).

12. I try to make my bed every day before I get going. There is something comforting about seeing a made bed upon my arrival home.

13. My late teens and early twenties were not the healthiest of times for me and as a result I don’t take my health for granted. I have had two knee surgeries, a foot surgery, an emergency gall bladder surgery (the old fashioned way), my wisdom teeth surgically removed, and my tonsils taken out.

14. If my bra and bottom don’t match, I feel off for the whole day. No one else may know or see them but I know.

15. My favorite type of food is Tex-Mex. Spicy is good.

16. I love to read and often have two or three books going at the same time. I take full advantage of the public library system and will vote for a tax increase any time one is on the ballot as a result.

17. I fall into the 15% of the population that does not qualify for Lasik.

18. I miss my Mom something fierce but take comfort in knowing she is watching out for me from above and will welcome me when my time comes.

19. The only thing I write in cursive is my signature, which is only my first initial and married last name.

20. Speaking of married, I married and divorced the same man, twice.

21. I don’t drink coffee. I prefer tea. I will have a double shot espresso when I am exhausted and need a pick me up.

22. I juice with my Jack LaLanne power juicer at least five times a week when I am not travelling.

23. I channel and am in touch with my inner rodent. I heart cheese.

24. I am a texting fool.

25. If I could wear my Uggs every day I would but 95% of the time you’ll find me in heels.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Latest in CL World

Before I get you up to date, I owe an answer to Kathy and Cheryl.

Kathy, I have no idea who Alice is. I believe she is in mid 40s.

Cheryl, I had no fabulous weekend plans this weekend. Well, I kind of did but coming down with this nasty cold put a hamper on all of them. I've done pretty much nothing but rest, more rest, kitty snuggled, and rested some more. Sorry to disappoint but I am feeling better than if I had been out doing what I usually do.

But guess who hasn't disappointed us? CL has left a two notes since Wednesday night.

As I arrived home Thursday night, feeling like crapola, the following was taped to the railing:

"Dear Tina,
Me and Nina are together this time forever.

Do not call us anymore forever.

We are in love (insert double hearts drawn in).

Melvin and Nina

Forever (insert double hearts drawn in)."

Nina and together this time forever were also underlined.

The handwriting was somewhat disguised but it most certainly was hers.

Today, as I was taking the trash out and heading to the drugstore, I was greeted with a letter addressed to Dr. Prince dated 02-08-09. It reads:

"Dear Banjo Dad, (i.e.) Dr. Prince,
I waited for you to get well so that we could see each other over that cup of coffee. And those breakfast crackers.

From now on, if you are not even going to make that appointment with me here, then, I suggest that you find another apartment unit to visit at!!!! So, far, you have cost me over $200.00 in food and drink and utilities, and now you should not bring your PACT whatevers here anymore.

T.D. Wilkinson 02-08-09

Mmmmkay? I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Weekly Challenge #67

I am body pouf user.

I would like to tell you I change mine out on a regular basis but in the spirit of keeping it real, I'm going to own it and say I don't have this on a set schedule.

No reminder on the wall calendar. No task with an assigned due date in my PDA.

Shocking I know but it is true.

I get around to a switcheroo about once every three months or so.

I think I'm running behind this time.

So, I challenge you, as well as me, to replace the body pouf in your shower and travel bag if needed.

I have heard they can be a breeding ground for bacteria so I am playing this safe rather than being sorry.

On the immediate shopping list this item goes.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yet Another Present

Here's the latest on the CL forefront.

Even though she is not in her right mind, homie can spell and punctuate correctly.

The note accompanying the couch being pushed the stairs yesterday reads
"Dear XXXX (insert apartment complex name)
One of the assistants was very kind in helping me get this couch up here yesterday.
However, it is obvious that this couch does not fit through my doorway.
I can't call, since my phone is out of order until next month, so I appreciate it that someone takes it back."

For the record let me share with you no one helped her get the couch up the stairs the other day. The couch has been in her apartment and she is the one who moved it outside on the railing and then down the stairs yesterday morning.

I was impressed with the kindness of the note, the spelling, the grammar, and the usage of correct punctuation for the most part.

You knew this wouldn't be the end of the story right?

Upon my arrival home last night there was another lovely waiting for me and the peeps for our weekly night in.

DISCLAIMER: She took it to a nasty place this go around.
In case you are unable to read the writing, this note contains the fluctuation of going between caps and lowercase when the note earlier in the day was capitalized correctly.

This one reads, "Check this OUT. This is Alice's menstrual BLOOD. She can walk the walk and Sucke the c*ck."

None of us, and I mean none of us, was willing to touch the note or figure out what the substance was she is referring to.

The note was still there when I left for the office at 7:00 AM this morning.

I wonder what will be waiting for me tonight?

And get this y'all. Two people from the agency stopped by to check on her yesterday and she refused to open the door according to the manager of my apartment complex. She is now completely off her meds from what she has been told. Really? You don't say.

Wait. It gets better. She went to the onsite daycare yesterday and asked what time the children were being let out as she needed to be ready to perform.

If this wasn't good enough, they won't have another unit available for her at her next residence until sometime next week possibly. She will be out by 02.13 for sure.

If she does something even more crazy than what she has done so far, I can call the po po, have her arrested, and they will admit her for a mental evaluation.

I am wondering why we can't do this now but hey what do I know other than her choice of music to kick off the day today is appropriate.

The day started with Prince and Let's Go Crazy blaring. Crazy indeed!

Excuse me while I go pray.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Latest Present?

I arrived home from work last night to find this.

By now I should expect the unexpected.

At first I thought yippie she is moving but then reality set in.

I texted the peeps with "I just got home and the couch for cl is resting on the railing outside her door. Please tell me she is moving."

Here are some of their replies.

Ace's Reply: LOL

Fiwa's Reply: Either that or she's on another bender. Watch yer back.

Kyla's Reply: Either that or she came home and thought her couch was a burglar and pulled some kung fu sh*t

Maricel's Reply: Whoa. Maybe she is moving out...Maybe it is a present to you.

Here is another view for you. This is from my front door looking out.

When I went to bed I prayed I wouldn't be woken up by her moving it around or be couched in this morning.

When the alarm went off and I realized I slept through the night I quickly exclaimed Sweet Jesus, did a fist pump, and kissed Princess.

Upon my arrival home from the gym I smiled. I thought victory would be mine in terms of being able to leave for the office and not be couched in.

Hmph. I should have known better.

After my shower, I started to hear movement and gibberish outside of the door. I thought yay she is going to move it back inside.

Guess who was wrong?

She was pushing it down a few of the stairs.

Good morning to me.

I have now received confirmation from management she has until Friday to move and was told this decision was prior to this incident.

Who is coming to the party this Saturday?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Where You Won't Find Me Today

I am all for a free meal and appreciate the company's desire to reacquaint people with what they have to offer.

However, it is not my idea of fun to stand in a line to wait for a Grand Slam.

My Quaker oatmeal, cherry yogurt, and chai tea latte suits me just fine so far.

Well, except I am still waiting for the chai tea latte to kick in but that is another story all by itself.

Here is to hoping if you took advantage of the offer a good time was had by all.

I hope the wait staff makes a bundle in tips today!

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weekly Challenge #66

This week I challenge you to start your spring cleaning a little bit early.

Grab a bucket and sponge.

Add water and mix in some type of cleaning solution.

Run the sponge up and down and all around your walls.

Simple to do. Now we just have to do it!

Peace and Love Peeps.