Friday, August 31, 2007


Wasn't it just the other day I said fall was a'coming?
I saw this tonight laying under one of the trees outside the front of my place. I was giddy from the discovery.

Nature has a way of taking my breath away. Sometimes stops me right in my tracks. The simple beauty of the breathtaking colors had this effect tonight.

I am anxious to see entire trees alive and on fire with color this season. This is the first sign of many to come hopefully.

As most of y'all know, fall is my favorite season. For many reasons but one of the main ones is FOOTBALL baby.

When I was on vacation I created and downloaded the football schedules for my favorite college and pro teams. Tomorrow I'll be hanging out in front of the boob tube watching the Longhorns (Hook 'Em!) beat down Arkansas State and the Buckeyes prove they remain a strong team against Youngstown State. Next weekend pro ball officially starts. Mo is a happy girl!

I'll try not to bore you non football fans too much this season with tales from the season. I can't promise it won't happen but I'm letting y'all know I will try.

Another first from today would be getting kicked out of a bar. Now don't go getting crazy on me. I didn't get out of control, start a fight, or anything like that.
I'm sorry to disappoint you. I simply didn't have my id with me. Even though you can look at me and discern I am well over 21,
won't let you sit at a table in their bar. I understand the legalities. But come on. Maricel and I were pretty certain the waitress would have let us stay at our table if we hadn't been wearing workout clothes and ordered something other than water to drink.
Thankfully there were open tables and we didn't have to wait. Her loss. We're good tippers.
I had an early and long day so I'm outta' here for now. I hope you have a great Saturday and are doing something you want to do over the long weekend. I know I will be.
Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Tales

The only thing missing is fresh flowers.
This is the red vase I picked up at Ikea this past weekend with every intention of placing it in the entertainment center.
However, after rearranging and contemplating many times, I decided I liked it best in the kitchen. On the windowsill. Above the sink.
A vibrant burst of color to greet me each day.
Not to take away from this one but had I known then the windowsill would be it's new home, I probably would have gotten the larger sized vase instead.
So, as mentioned on the previous entry, thank you very much for taking the time to cast your vote. When all was said and done, the resounding voice is a sundress. I agree. Great minds think alike huh?
Today was one of those glorious Northwest summer days. Temps in the 80s. Sun shining. Light breezes. Wild life playing. People out in droves.
If you live around these parts, I hope you got out and enjoyed what the last few days have had to offer. Weather reports indicate the clouds are moving in and the weather will be getting cooler. I believe it. There were a couple of clouds directly above the mountain today. Fall is a'coming.
I had a late lunch with Kyla at Panera. I got a Frontega Chicken. My first time to get it and lets just say after seeing the nutrition information, I will not be getting it again. It was good but peeps it was not worth 41 grams of fat, 2300 mgs of sodium, 78 grams of carbs, and 47 grams of protein. Holy hell.
Kyla got the Mediterranean Veggie. I should have followed her lead. Her selection contained 13 grams of fat, 1450 mgs of sodium, 100 carbs, and 23 grams of protein.
We both opted for a fruit cup, unsweetened tea, and split a mini pineapple upside down bundt cake. That had 25 grams of fat, 570 mgs of sodium, 74 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein. Sometimes not knowing really is better.
Post lunch we headed over to Target. We picked up, for the most part, only the essentials. My non essential purchases included a t-shirt and two cds. Thanks for the recommendation Ace. I picked up Paolo Nutini's These Streets and The Evolution of Robin Thicke.
From there I dropped off a few library books, swung by the office, and met up with part of the crew for happy hour at our Cheers.
Now I am really regretting getting the basket of fries with ranch on the side (dang Red Robin craving). Of course the lemonade and goose combo added extra calories and carbs I could have done without.
Maricel, I'm walking extra hard Friday night!
Now? Now it is time for sleep. The alarm will be going off way too early tomorrow morning.
Hope y'all had a good day today too and Friday is great too.
Oh, and go Hawks! The Raiders looked cleaner in the first half but you brought this pre-season game home for us with a final score of 19-14.
Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Survey Says. . .

Edited at 10:36 PM Thursday night: The votes have been tallied. The result is this is a sundress.
A very unflattering sundress, but a sundress nonetheless.
I concur.
Thanks for weighing in with your opinion. It matters!

Muumuu or Sundress?

Need y'all to weigh in on this. We have a debate going on tonight.

Let me hear it.

In your mind's eye, is this a muumuu or a sundress?

JP, T and Maricel, I know you won't post so I request a text message or an email please.

And dang if that is not one of the most unflattering pictures eva' but you gots to do what you gots to do for the sake of a debate right?

Peace and Love Peeps.

It's All Good

I have a new friend.

I believe we both knew we were going to hit it off before we actually met in person. We knew for sure when he sent a text to let me know he was running a bit behind and I asked if I could order a drink for him so it would be ready when he arrived.
A gin and soda with lime for him. My usual for me.

From the drinks, we moved onward to salads for dinner which were followed by more drinks with laughter, sharing, and observations sprinkled in. We rounded out the night with some rotel inspired chips and dip.
Yes, Paolo. You called it. This girl from the south likes her fake cheese with rotel and chips. Don't hate. Appreciate!
How we do...five and a half hours later.
He's texting. He's emailing. He's blowing up the blog. And it is all good.
Next up? Hopefully a day spent with the cameras in downtown or somewhere where we can snap away followed by sushi and a trip to get the supplies for the painting I am going to beg and plead he does for me. Or we can break all those up in chunks and do one at a time.
As for the painting, no hurries bra'. I want you to do it at your own pace. I would be honored to have a piece of your art in my home. I'm reserving the hallway wall for your masterpiece.
That is if I can handle the stalking...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If You Believe

If you believe in astrology this is right on for my day.

My horoscope today via MSN says "Today's planetary energies bring opportunities to meet new and interesting people, dear Virgo. When it comes to relationships, you have developed a whole new strategy recently, and this will come into play today. One person in particular could open new doors for you and help you expand your social network. This, in turn, will lead to many changes in your life. It could all happen in the blink of an eye!"

Plans put in motion late last week are directly related to this tidbit.

I'm meeting a fellow blogger Paolo tonight. Although he is not new to my Internet world, he will be new to my real life world. From what I can tell, he is interesting. His artistic creations and endeavors inspire me. His philosophical side speaks to me. I am really looking forward to meeting him. Sharing, laughing, getting to know one another in person.

Here is to planetary energies bringing new opportunities my way. Hopefully a new friend too.

************************************************************************************* Anyone else see the lunar eclipse this morning?

(photo courtesy of the AP; captured near Provo, UT)

I felt small.

Yet I felt connected to the universe at the same time.

Reminded me we live in space.

It is easy to forget.

Our world is but a piece of the whole.

And speaking of being a part of the whole, it was today in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke the words of his "I Have a Dream" speech in front of more than 250,000.

Other noteworthy events happening this day include

  • in 1884 the first known photograph of a tornado was captured
  • in 1898 Caleb Bradham renamed his carbonated soft drink Pepsi-Cola
  • in 1907 James E. Casey founded UPS in Seattle, Washington
  • in 1996 Prince Charles and Princess Di divorce

Want to know more about what happened on this day throughout history, who was born or died on today's date? Go here. I think you can look up any day desired for that matter. If so, I see a birthday card insert idea...

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Make It to Accessories

There we are. Driving from Bellevue to Renton and I announce, "I feel like I have to fart."

T immediately rolls down the window.

Ace proceeds to smirk and let out a small laugh.

For the record, I did pass some gas in the car, just not at that exact moment.

I was good. I announced it. I'm polite like that.

I'm not sure if it was the chocolate cake from the night before, the cupcake at the mall, or the nitrates and other crap from Ikea but mid shopping I had one of those moments.

You know what I am talking about right?

One of those moments where you have an overwhelming need to go.

So there we are. Strolling through the mammoth store. Ace mentions he needs to use the bathroom. I say I can hold it. Lets just make it to accessories. He decides against it and leaves us. Less than a minute later I realize I can't hold it.

I need to go now.

He just needed to pee. I needed to do more.

Frantically T and I look around for a sign indicating where the closest bathroom is. She spots a "you are here sign" and the map indicates the bathroom nearest to our location is past the check out.

This location is not so close but it was the best we could find at the time. I take off in a power walk. Using the basket to force my way through. Not caring if the other shoppers think I am insane and rude. I'm weaving in and out. I'm getting up on their butts. I have a destination to get to. All the while I am looking over my shoulder and telling T to keep up.

Y'all I was in a mad dash to get to the restroom before I dropped a deuce in my pants. The kids needed to be dropped off at the pool, not in my jeans.

We arrive at the bathroom in the nick of time. Crisis averted.

Allow me to say from now on I think I will stick to the healthy eating. I feel better when I do so and feeling the need to clench your butt cheeks together so your ass doesn't explode at the most inopportune time is a situation I would like to avoid going forward.

Post doing my business and feeling that much lighter, we caught back up with Ace. Turns out there was a bathroom right around the corner after all.

Didn't I just say a few weeks ago I would be going when I needed to instead of holding it in?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Times

Great day yesterday with Ace and T.

You expected that though didn't you? Me too.

T and I started off the morning with breakfast on the patio.

OJ with no pulp, an english muffin with a couple spritzes of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, a slice of cheese split in half, a canadian bacon round slice, and a scrambled egg.

I firmly believe if you have a patio/deck, the weather is cooperating, and the means to dine al fresco you should.

Also, use your fun/party glasses every chance you can. You are deserving! Break out the good dishes, your china too for that matter. Make the ordinary moments of life a celebration. In my book, they are.

We had a late start due to traffic issues. Thank god there was no fatality as a result of the seven car pile up in Fife but the traffic jams were enough to drive peeps up a wall and then some.

Before we go further, I would like to send a quick shout out to Ace and T.

Thanks to you both for hanging with me, keeping me from spending oodles of dough at the Container Store, and I am so very happy I could be the butt of many a joke. I love you guys with my heart and soul!

Back to the day...Yes, it is true I like to organize and odd things make me happy but this, unless someone gives it to me, will not be an addition to my home.

The two of them spotted this bad boy and agreed it screamed Mo. It is nifty and I could see myself using it.

Now, those collapsing measuring cups and the digital date counter I think I should have picked up while we were in the store. My sharpie and masking tape system pale in comparison.

The box I still want. Me thinks it would make a nice birthday present. An indulgence I can justify.

What did I end up getting? Three black magazine files for my crafty area. My library of books is starting to overflow. My preference would have been leather but at the price and look, these were too good to pass up.

From there we headed over to the Bellevue Square Mall. Let me just say, plannel is back. That is my new word for the plaid, flannel type shirts I spoke of earlier. It is large and in charge.

Y'all, it looks like tie dye and 60s inspired fashion is too. Some of that I will dig but for the most part, no thank you. Oh, and the skinny jeans were out in full force too.

T picked up a pair of jeans at Lucky. I struck out in picking up some new scented oils and found no shoes I had to have. Ace found nothing that struck his fancy either.

T spotted so we indulged.

Cupcakes always bring a smile don't they? She got the ticker tape parade cupcake. Ace and I split a pure joy and the vanilla bean dream. I really could have used some soy milk to go along with the sweetness but nope, only regular, 2%, and skim were on hand.

As much poking I got from the request I just want to say, this is Washington state. You know the land of the natural, organic, the alternative, the tree hugging, green way of life we are made fun of. Soy milk is not that out of the ordinary so y'all hush it. I should have made you walk back up to Tully's after all.

We scarfed our cupcakes and headed on over to Ikea. First up?

It is part of our shopping tradition. Normally we end the trip this way but this day we started with the dogs, chips, and soda. The bag of chips have gotten smaller since our last visit. I forgot Ace really likes mustard on his dog and I learned T will put ketchup down one side of the bun and mustard down the other. I layer mine on top of the dog. And eat it with a fork and knife.

We watched a mom go off on her little boy when he picked up the dog he dropped on the floor. His mummy got all up on him and the poor thing started crying. He was perfectly fine until she went off on him. I thought I was going to have to get in her business if she didn't spend the fifty cents to get him a new dog. In the end she did but only after she got her coffee fix.

I do not wish to judge her. There is no telling what kind of day she was having and this may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back but it was a hot dog for christ's sake. A fifty cent dog. No need to bust your baby's balls.

I found a couple of options to reorganize and store my crafty stuff but took it as a sign this was not the day to make the purchase when they were out of stock on the handles I would have gotten to match my current entertainment system.

A sneak peek of what we ended up with .

Now you might be asking yourself what that black armed thing with the white female symbol is. It is my new sleeping companion. A pillow to put between my divets as Ace said. I call it my business. Either way you look at it, it is to put between my knees to help align me at night.

Found "her" in the as is section. Nothing is wrong with her from what I can tell so I am thinking she was reduced for quick sale. I feel a little strange with it being a she so I might be looking for a new kiddie shirt to dress it in.

I also ended up with 400 tea lights, another multiple wall outlet plug in, a red glass vase, and a decorative bowl.

Ace picked up some tupperware type containers and sheets.

On the way out, Ace and T had the other part of the Ikea shopping tradition. Cinnamon buns.

I chose not to get one because of something that happened mid shopping. I've given ya' lots to read for now. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow or Tuesday. It might be TMI for some but I promised I would call myself out. As such, it is deserving of its very own post.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rock On

I don't have the time this morning to figure out/remember how to post a video but in the spirit of fluff, I leave you with the song I am digging on the most these days.

Have you heard it? Stronger by Kanye West.

I gots to go. As T put it the other day it takes me a long time to get fluffy. She means getting ready. Y'all know what? She's right and if I don't get going now, I'm gonna' end making her and Ace wait.

Peace and Love Peeps. Make it a good day.

Night In

Y'all would be happy to know I listened to my inner voice and just said no. I chose not to go to the game. I didn't go with Kyla either.

Instead T came over early and we went walking with Maricel, Channy, Mina, and RJ. Afterward we cooked dinner here.

On the menu? Salad. Steamed squash and zucchini. Turkeyloaf (meatloaf but instead of hamburger meat I use lean ground turkey meat). Mashed taters. All cooked from scratch. With love.


We have not busted into the dessert yet but trust that we will. Right now T and I are sitting side by side on the couch, letting the food digest, with laptops on our laps, CourtTV on in the background...just chillin'.

Thanks for the thoughts Kim and Wendy. I am happy with my decision to not go tonight.

I am sad to have not had the chance to hang with Kyla since last Thursday but I wasn't feeling like a night out on the town. I wanted to stay in with some of my girls and take it easy.

This is the stage of life I am in right now. Trying to do better for myself.

Like I said a few days ago...stop the self abuse and start the self love. Listen to the whispers so they do not turn into screams.

We only have one body. I'm not getting any younger. I gotta' do what is right for me. Does that make me selfish? I'd like to think not. If I am the best I can be, I have more to offer others. Get what I am saying here? I hope so.

For now, there is some chocolate cake calling my name. T is nodding her head in agreement.

Catch up to y'all laters.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend Plans

Thank Bob it is Friday.

And I didn't have to get on a jet plane and take care of some unfortunate business today.

What's on the agenda for the weekend?

Friday night remains to be seen. I am totally on the fence about going to the baseball game as planned with Pete, his best friend, and best friend's 7 year old son. His best friend's son asked for me specifically but all things considered, my inner voice is leaning more toward no.

If I don't go, I have an alternate choice to catch up with Kyla and see her man host a night at a local club while doing what he does best, spinning the tunes.

Saturday is all about shopping with Ace and T. We are hitting up
for sure. I can't wait to spend time with them. Laugh, sing-a-long, partake in some naughty food, and just enjoy the time with two of my favorite peeps.
Sunday I am reserving for downtime but that could change in the blink of an eye.
Whatcha' got going on in your world?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm It and You Might Be Too

My cyber friend Liz tagged me.

The rules are each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

So lets get cracking shall we? I am going to try to share stuff you might not already know.

1. I am a first generation American, a native Texan, and a Washingtonian by choice. My mom was French and my dad French-Canadian. They met in Vancouver BC and after living in Cali, South Dakota, and Colorado put down roots in Dallas, Texas. I grew up in North Dallas and my ex husband "brought" me to Washington via the US Navy. Otherwise I don't think I ever would have left the great state of Texas. Now I am in no hurry to leave the PacNW.

2. I have worked for the same company since three days after high school graduation. I started as a summer intern, worked part time while I was in college, and when it was time to enter the adult world and get a full time job, I stayed on. What can I say? I believe in the company, love what I do, and when I commit...I commit.

3. My favorite food is Tex Mex. I could eat it everyday. Also, once I find a food/meal I love, I can eat it for days on end. I don't get bored easily and if it isn't broken, no need to fix it.

4. I love exploring. I totally dig getting in the car, rocking out to the tunes, and driving with no formal destination in mind. Just enjoying the journey and seeing what might be put in my path to discover is blissful. However, I used to really like doing this and did it more often than I do now. Business travel has kinda' taken the thrill out of it.

5. I am the baby of six. I have four brothers and one sister. No matter how old I am, what I accomplish, I feel like the little sister/a child in their company. I am also the peace keeper of the bunch. Since my mom's passing, not all of them get along but I am the one who talks to all of them, except for the brother who doesn't talk to any of us.

6. I started rubber stamping, making cards, art journaling, scrapping, etc. because I woke up one day and realized I had no real hobby other than reading to speak of. I thank T for introducing me back to my creative outlet, for encouraging a broke down bank account, and for understanding sometimes collecting stuff versus using it is half the fun. I can get lost for hours in the process, reading magazines, looking at websites.

7. I have had two knee surgeries on my left knee and am screwed for life. Literally. I have a screw holding my patella in place. I have also had foot surgery on my right foot to remove a bunion, cut open to remove gall bladder when I didn't even know I had gall stones, had a tonsillectomy in my mid twenties, and had to have oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. All that happened between the ages of 16 and 24 (sports be damned). Since then, I have been (knock on wood) relatively healthy.

8. I am a collector of inspirational quotes. I try to find a new one each day that speaks to me. I have a book I write them down in. I love the wisdom of those who have come before us and the power words hold.

Ok, so now I am to tag 8 people. I select Ace, Crayons, Dawn, Katherine, Paolo, Summer, Sunny, Tammy, and Wendy.

Kim, I would have chosen you but I know how busy ya' are.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sign of Times to Come?

Over the weekend I noticed something making, dare I say it, a comeback.

Maybe it is just a West coast thing but it looks like it is here for now. Even Justin Bobby on The Hills was wearing one on an episode.

What am I referring to you might be asking?

Plaid shirts. Grunge style. Not faux western fashion. Not preppy plaid.

I can dig a plaid shirt. Don't get me wrong. But the skinny jeans? Not so much.

I just gotta' put this out there, can their junk breathe if they are wearing something like this? I will say I'll take a pair of fitted jeans over the four sizes too big hanging off your waist style though.

So for those of you out fall back to school shopping, are you seeing the plaid trend too?

Y'all please tell me I won't be looking across the table this fall or winter on a date with a man wearing a "I wanna' be cool with my skinny jeans and lumberjack shirt" self.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Line Fortune Cookie

My Fortune Cookie told me:
The skeletons in your closet are rattling.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Holy Hell. What message am I supposed to get from this fortune?

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Day

I woke up today with new perspective. I am still hurt today but not as pissed off.

Of course, a 40 minute hard walk on a 3.5 incline resulting in mucho sweating and an elevated heart rate does wonders too.

Visiting your co-worker in the hospital changes lots of things too. Like knowing in the grand scheme of things, what has me hurt and pissed, although it is worthy of those feelings, is small in comparison to someone's life/their health.

I appreciate y'all reaching out to me and having my back. I hope you understand I do not wish to publicly speak of it via this method. It is deeply personal and I don't wish to slam someone I care about for the sake of venting.

I am off like a dirty, sweaty shirt. Literally. Jumping into the shower and off to bed I go.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Oh, and Liz, I haven't forgotten about your tag. I plan on doing this tomorrow. Hang in there with me girl.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Should be Wearing This

And hurt.

I refuse to shed tears.

Time will heal. That is what they say right?

But for the time being, I am pissed off and hurt.

Rightfully so I believe. Others may disagree but my reality says it is ok and warranted to feel this way.

Sorry to ruin your day with my buzz kill.

Hopefully I will wake up with some newfound perspective.

Great American Past Time


All cravings satisfied.

Mariners won 7-5.

41,000+ in attendance.

We were a little worried about the weather. When we left for the game it was pouring. I don't mean rain peeps. I mean sheets and sheets of rain where visibility was limited.

I knew we would be ok because the roof would be closed and in the end, we had nothing to worry about as Seattle was clear. A little cool but clear.

I have some work stuff to attend to later this evening but for now I am off to a BBQ at Pete's and to watch the game. Here is to hoping we take the home stand sweep and rock the White Sox again.

Hope y'all have a good Sunday too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catch Up

First, for those of you who believe in the power of prayer...I have a request. A co-worker is in ICU. All I know right now is he had an infection under his skin. They are not sure of the damage but when he was taken to the hospital yesterday, the doctors have stated if he didn't come in when he did, his leg would have to have been amputated. They are running a battery of tests on all of his internal organs, doing a cat scan, etc. to see what else may have been affected.

Craig is a father of six. A man of character and integrity. Someone I care about. I pray he heals and nothing more is wrong than what they know of currently. If you would offer him up, I would greatly appreciate it.

And this serves as yet another reminder how we need to pay attention to our health. Listen to the quiet whispers. Do things daily. Make it a priority. Stop self abuse and start self love.

It can be a struggle and I am trying to do better.

Now onward to catching you up. First up is Friday. Work. Tired. No duh Mo. You stayed out until early morning and had to get up at the butt crack of dawn. After work T and her man came over. T and I did the boardwalk walk while my snookums (her husband) held down the fort. He watched a movie and refereed the kitties.

Yes Kim, the kitty finally did come out. She was in my bedroom closet the entire time. It took her awhile but when she heard her mommy and daddy, she braved the outside world. Thank goodness cuz' I was starting to feel very unsettled.

I am back to two kitties. Christie and Chloe have gone to be with their family. Single cat lady with four is a thing of the past.

After the walk, T and I went to pick up a few essentials and dinner. We had plans to cook dinner but time ran out so we negated the exercise by chowing on pizza. They watched Zodiac (third time the movie has played in Mo's cinema this week) and I talked with Pete. And T witnessed first hand how meeting someone in the grocery store can happen.

Onward to today. I slept in. Oh yes I did. Felt soooo good. Spent some time on the phone with my gal Karen. It is her birthday today and we all know the older we get, the harder they get to face.

So, I would like to take a moment to publicly wish her a great day. I love you and hope you are still awake tonight for me to share in your special day.

The rest of the day will be spent taking care of personal stuff we all have to deal with and then I am off to

Pete and I are taking in an evening game tonight.

My first one of the season. Nothing much beats seeing a game live at the ballpark.

The energy, the smells, the action you don't see on tv, the food. We can't forget about the food can we?

Garlic fries. Hot dog. Cold beer. Bring it on. Diet be damned.

I hope you and yours are having a fantastic day. I need to get going. It's after 12:00 and I have not started on the stuff I need to do. We are leaving for the game early as there is a ton of stuff going on downtown today (Pike Place's 100th celebration, Hempfest, Brasilfest, etc.) and the construction on I-5 is wreaking havoc on the commute to Safeco.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday Tales

After a day of conference calls, being present, and kicking up my heels, I had a cocktail/meeting with a co-worker before we met up with others for a working session.

I am thinking I most likely don't need to tell you the pre-meeting was on my patio, the cocktail was goose and tonic with limes, tunes were rocking, and the party pussy attended too.

Isn't she adorable? My love kitty Jasmine. See how she poses so nicely for the camera too? Like a celebrity on the red carpet, she has one paw positioned in front of the other.

Post the working session, I met up with my other peeps for Thursday night happy hour at our Cheers. I arrived late, obviously, but was able to see everyone before they headed out. Tyler hung around for a while and Kyla and Stephanie came later on too.

This is Stephanie and Tyler goofing. In case you are wondering, that is a piece of pizza on Tyler's head. Ya' just never know what will happen around this crew. Including creepy drunk dudes inviting themselves to our tables and freaking us out a bit.

Or getting called out by your best friend and hairstylist for having multiple bobby pins in your hair for a style that calls for a ponytail and two pins usually. Hey, I got ready at 5:20 AM. I did the best I could with relatively clean hair and the faux hawk. I do realize 10 was overkill but my hair didn't move. Lova ya' for keeping it real.

Got home after 1:30 AM and promptly fell dead to the world asleep. I still have not seen Chloe (the black and white kitty) but her sister did come out for a bit last night. I vaguely recall hearing some hissing going on.

T and her husband are coming over tonight to walk with Tyler and me as well as to coax their babies from their hiding places. I need some piece of mind. I am certain Chloe is in here but the question is where.

Anywho, hope y'all are having a good Friday. It's cool and a little overcast around these parts. Here is to hoping the rain will stay away so we can enjoy the walk this evening and possibly bbq tonight.

Ok, we live in the Northwest so even if it does rain, we'll walk and cook outside too. That is how we roll. But it would be nice to have some summer weather to end the work week and begin the weekend.

I already anticipate wearing a hoodie and jeans or a sweater at minimum to the Mariners game tomorrow night.

Peace and Love Peeps. Lunch break is over. Hugs and love to all of y'all.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


My day has been full of conference calls, which is normal. What is not so normal is for me to be totally engaged in the call instead of multitasking.
See, I have a really bad habit of being on a call, working on the computer, reviewing files, making lists, etc. instead of giving it/the person my full attention.
Today I decided to turn over a new leaf so to speak.
I kicked up my heels and decided to be PRESENT.
I feel less stress as a result.
Here is to keeping that vibe going.

On another note, I just noticed a quarter in my desk is 42 years old. 42! That is pretty darn cool in my book.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick Update

Taking but a brief moment to say howdy to ya'.

I figured out why everyone thought I looked so refreshed. It is all about the eyes peeps.

Today, not so much. It has been a long few days. Good days but long days.

I am still relaxed. Thumbs up for Mo!!! My tone of voice indicates the refreshed vibe. My emails too. But in my eye area, you can see a change. Amazing how quickly that will change on you as you age.

I am pretty sure most of y'all know what I am talking about. It's like as soon as you hit your thirties it starts to show. And the metabolism starts to drop. You can't hang like you used to.

On another note, I am doing a happy dance. Some of my most favorite people showed up in the state yesterday. They are home. T and her men. Oh yea, and the kitties too. Welcome back!

Meet Christie and Chloe.

Aren't they cute?

So cute I am willing to make it official for a little bit of time that is. I am the single cat lady.

As of tonight, no real fighting to speak of. There has been some posturing. Some hissing. Some growling. A couple of swats that didn't land on their mark.

I figure at some point in the next few days a real cat fight is going to break out. One of them has to be queen bee. The alpha female needs to be decided. I'll try to keep the kitty stories to a minimum.

But before I do, I leave you with

Someone want to tell me why of all the shoes she could lay on she decides my tennis/work out ones are her favorites? She rubs all up on the laces and sometimes I find her suckling them too. I have given up on trying to keep them clean. She will hunt them down.

Tyler said to her it is the smell of mom being home. Please let it be more than that.

Peace and Love. I gots to get back to the grind. Hope you and yours are doing GREAT!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Enough For Me. . .

. . .But really tight when you try to fit three more people in there at the same time.

What am I talking about you might be asking yourself right about now.

I am referring to my galley style kitchen.

Little huh?

Imagine you, me, and two of your friends trying to squeeze in there to dish up dinner.

Allow me to digress for a moment.

First time you come over, I'll wait on you.

Second time you come over, I'll wait on you and show/tell you where everything is.

Third time you're over, help yourself. We're family now.

After we walked Monday night, Maricel, Tyler, and Channy came over to chow down on some turkey enchiladas, salad, beans and to watch Zodiac.

I probably should have served them their dinner but I wanted them to take how much of what they wanted.

Hey y'all, next time I will make them spicy like I usually do. These were a little bland but I wanted to err on the side of caution.

So if you want to chance it, come on over. The tiny kitchen is open. You won't even have to do the dishes.

Look at that. I cook and I clean. What a catch I am. Ha!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Maricel said it Thursday night.

Several different people said it today.
Even my boss said I sounded refreshed simply from the tone of my voice during a few conversations and conference calls we were on today (sidenote: we don't work in the same office). defines refreshed as
- To revive with or as if with rest, food, or drink; give new vigor or spirit to.
- To give new freshness or brightness to; restore.
- To make cool, clean, or moist; freshen up.
- To renew by stimulation: refresh one's memory.
- To fill up again; replenish: refresh a drink.

Yep, I'd say that about sums it up nicely. Just right. All of the above.

Mo post vacation = REFRESHED

Once a Year

Once a year we are fortunate enough to witness one heck of a meteor shower.

The Perseid Meteor shower.

It peaked, according to reports, early this morning.

Did you and yours get out and enjoy nature's splendor?

Me and mine did Friday night.

We were not fortunate enough to have clear skies Saturday or this morning.

The shower is to continue all the way through August 24.

Maybe I will get another chance. Let's hope so because I totally dig on the stars.

And in case you are wondering what exactly a meteor is: Meteors are small bits of solid debris, mostly grains of dust, perhaps a few pebble-sized pieces, that burn up as they rapidly descend into Earth's dense atmosphere. The debris (technically called meteoroids) is left behind by a comet, a "dirty snow ball", left over from the ancient formation of the Solar System."

I would love to quote that source for you but I can't remember exactly where I found that a few years back. If I had to guess I would say it was from the University of Oregon's website.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday morning. I haven't made it out to the office yet. Hey, don't hate.

I wanted to check my email before I got hit with the "shitstorm" as someone very close to me who works for the company too said to me over the weekend. Lord only knows what will be waiting for me when I step foot back into the business as usual Monday morning, on the busiest week of the month for me, and returning from vacation, post a huge issue right before I left.

It's all good peeps. Really it is.

Thank goodness I have plans to walk tonight and to watch a movie with Maricel , Tyler, and Channy (ooopsie, I have been spelling her name incorrectly all this time) later.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 8, 9, and Back to Work

Updates from Day 7 peeps. Updates with more information than you might appreciate but updates nonetheless.
My obgyn appointment went well. Ok, as well as you can expect when you lay your funky butt up on a table, put your feet in stirrups, and you know. You do know right?
Everything looked good and hopefully I won't have to go back for another pap. I had no idea, with as my doctor said, "new technology allows us to do a pap during your cycle. You may have to come back but most likely not."
Yea, how is that for too much TMI. Not only did I get a pap but it was during my cycle week.
Oh, and let us all be thankful I was already scheduled for that appointment as I have a lovely UTI. Got the RX to wipe it out (no pun intended) but holy hell, I know now to definitely take it with more than a little bit of food in my tummy. Nausea is not a good thing. Also I will be going to bathroom when I need to instead of holding it in.
I came home between the scheduled appointments (had two hours) and guess who needed to use the fax? Y'all see a trend here? The guess who is Pete.
He stopped in for what I thought was going to be a fax and leave type visit but he ended up staying until the next morning. Again folks, we are not getting back together.
I ended up cancelling my second appointment for the day with my family physician and rescheduled for this coming up Thursday. Since those of you who have had the curse of an UTI know the frequent trips to the bathroom can throw a wrench in the best of plans, it resulted in me not doing my facial until Saturday, not doing the boardwalk walk or celebrating a friend's sisters birthday Saturday night.

Ok, back to Pete because I know you want to know what happened. I would if I were you. :) We ended up pretty much just chilling. We spent some time on the patio, enjoying the day, drinking more than a few brews, grilling dinner, and watching a movie. Doing what friends do.
Saturday was spent getting my hair cut and colored, followed by the brows and facial. Finished up the night by ordering in from Peking Wok and watching Zodiac and Black Snake Moan with Kyla.
Today I have no plans except to get back in work mode and spending the day doing whatever I might feel like doing. So far this has consisted of staying in my jammies, loving on Princess, visiting blogs, and reading. Vacation is over.
Hope y'all have enjoyed the ride with me. I leave you with a few pictures.
Peace and Love Peeps.

I found these at Safeway and couldn't resist their sunny goodness.

Who doesn't enjoy a fresh flower smiling at you in the bathroom? This was one was perfect for the bud vase. It was the "runt" of the bunch.

The brews we shared. I was out of Chill but had plenty of Bud Light. The temps were warm, the sun was shining, the sky was complete with few clouds, and two eagle sightings.

The rib eyes Pete grilled. We also had corn and baked taters.

Love to you all...