Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekly Challenge #57

This week I challenge you to check the dates of your spices as well as in the medicine cabinet.

We've done both of these actions before but it has been awhile so I feel the time has come again for us to do so.

Earlier this week I ended up clearing my spices out down to practically nothing. Those handy dandy pieces of masking tape with the use by date I write on them before they are put away revealed it was time for most all to go.

Don't forget to clean out your fridge too. You don't want anyone getting sick from bad holiday leftovers right? Right.

Speaking of getting sick, I'm challenging you to check the medicine cabinet too as this is the time of the year lots of us come down with the sniffles and hit up whatever we have on hand.

It really is better to let an out of date item go than to hang on to it thinking to toss it would be a waste of money.

If the item's time has come, say good-bye and rid your space of it. Recycle where and when you can. Your health and fresh flavor in the food is more important than out of date items.

Peace and Love Peeps.

NOTE: photo courtesy of superchou's flickr account

Friday, November 28, 2008


Hey there y'all.

Happy late Thanksgiving. I hope you and yours had a great one and you didn't eat so much you were uncomfortable after the meal.

Anyone else spend the day on the couch watching football like I did? Yep, in comfy clothes I watched the Cowboys and the Longhorns whoop it up and down the field. Surprisingly it was harder for me to watch the Seahawks get pounded on than I thought it would be. At the end of the day, I remain true to my roots and am a Cowboy fan but it was hard to see my new home team players lose.

I still have not found my black glasses but honestly I have not put forth much of an effort to find them either. If they are with Kimmy's sunglasses, we just might be in trouble. Washington and Ohio aren't close and if they wanted to par-tay together, I know I'd let them use my space to do so. No need to run off and hide from their mommas.

I decided to purchase flameless candles for the fireplace earlier this week. I may look into buying stock in Energizer. Each candle takes two AA batteries which means to make my fireplace look the way I want, I'm using 10 batteries at all times. Y'all let me know when the dollar spot at Target has them in the bin so I can stock up a'right?

I was hesitant at purchasing them as you know I have mad love for candles but I was drawn to them after the last windstorm kept blowing the candles out in the fireplace. I give them 4 and a quarter stars. The only reason they don't get 5 is because they are not real candles. The upside is they will never lose their shape and the flicker will be continuous.

Later this week I will update you on dinner with the crew (two nights out, one night in), Mel's birthday celebration, and the Real Housewives viewing party.

For now I need to get ready to brave the elements and crowds. Mars decided she wants to go shopping for sweaters and shoes on Black Friday. I don't do Black Friday as a general rule but when you mention time with one of your besties and shoe shopping, that's worth getting out in it. I may regret this decision later but for now this is my mindset.

Peace and Love Peeps.
NOTE: Photo credit is raisinsawdust on flickr.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where Art Thou?

Last night apparently I was more tired than I thought.

After work I came home, cooked dinner, put a load of laundry in, and settled in to go through heap of mail.

I updated facebook. I read a few blogs and then went to see the latest on twitter.

Cheryl said she was fighting going to bed. I said this was all I wanted to do. So I looked at the time and thought what harm could a thirty minute nap do?
Well, the harm was I slept straight through until 4:45 this morning.

This wouldn't be such a bad thing if I hadn't fallen asleep in my contacts and could find my black glasses this morning. But noooo, in the spirit of hiding things from myself lately, I can only find my brown ones.

It's really not that big of deal. The only bad thing is my brown ones are a tiny bit crooked and I am not sure if I will have time to head over to Lenscrafters for an adjustment today. Plus, what I was planning on wearing today would look better with the black ones but hey, at least I can lay my hands on a pair of specs 'eh?

So if you're inclined would you put it out in the universe for me to have a burst of recollection as to where I stashed my other pair of glasses?

Please and thank you.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey Dude

There I am.

12:30 AM. Bag of trash in hand, making my way down the stairs and thinking it is effing cold.

In case you are wondering, it is a clear night and the temps are in the mid 30s so it feels colder than it actually is.

All of a sudden Smoky next door whooshes her door open.

She exclaims, "Hey dude!"

I look back over my shoulder and reply, "Hi."

She asks, "Do you have a cigarette I can bum?"

I say, "No."

She then asks, "Do you know someone I can buy some from?"

I say, "No" and think to myself is she serious?

She says, "Darn it. Thanks anyway."

Door closes.

Mmmkay goes through my mind.

People, it is 12:30 AM on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

There is a 7-11 within walking distance.

I know it is crazy to be taking the trash out at this time of the day but I think she has me beat in the crazy department, at least by a smidge.

And yes, the tag is still on the noel reindeer as of today.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Challenge #56

This is the week I start to really think about the upcoming year.

By now I believe you know I am a planner by nature and necessity.

It is a tradition of mine to sit down over the long Thanksgiving weekend/holiday with a mug of tea, the new year's calendar, colored sharpies, and to put pen to paper.

I capture the important dates (i.e., friends and family birthday and anniversary dates) and make my personal care appointments (haircuts and color, facials, brows, etc.) for the full year.

I challenge you to get your 2009 calendars this week while you are out and about if you have not already done so. The last thing you're going to want to do is wait until late December or January and not be able to choose from a full selection. If you wait, you might be forced to get a calendar or appointment book you're not too happy with.

In case you are wondering, I use an electronic PDA and a paper calendar. The paper calendar hangs in my kitchen on a cork board with the visual reminders for all things personal. The PDA is a combo of both professional and personal. Overkill? Quite possibly but it is a system that works for me.

Happy calendering y'all.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Da Road

Let's talk about my road day trip the other day shall we?

The day started like most others. How is that you might be asking? When I am home, Jasmine yells at me from the floor on the left side of the bed.

Even if she is granted permission from Princess to sleep on the bed, she will jump off and hit the floor to yell before the break of dawn.

Upon doing the morning routine, I headed out to my local preferred rental car establishment to pick up the car for the day trip. I arrived in plenty of time to be on the road at 8:00 AM but my "friend" had other ideas.

My "friend" is an employee of said establishment who, on more than one occasion, has attempted to flirt his way into a date. Flattering but I'm not interested in pursuing more than our current level of interaction.

He must have been feeling it this particular morning as he kept me at the office much longer than necessary.

I scored a Sirius equipped car but not one I'd want to rent again. I was in a Kia Rondo. Is it a station wagon? A SUV? A sedan? I don't know.

What I do know is the driver's seat didn't budge much. It literally felt like I was sitting in a chair at a table. My traveling companion for the day, SBQ6, adequately described it as a captains chair when he got behind the wheel.

Please do not get me started on how I felt like I was 15 and learning how to drive again anytime I needed to use the brakes. This car's brakes were soooo much more touchy than my vehicle. Call me Lurch because this is what I did anytime brakes were applied.

After being delayed, I was finally able to get on the road to head to my first destination of the day. All was good for the first 2o minutes or so.

Here I am approaching downtown Seattle and internally seething for a few seconds as I could see the gridlock up ahead. It took about twenty minutes to go less than a mile. Traffic only continued to get worse as the minutes passed. Traffic in front and more coming up behind me.
See now why I wish I had the bubbles? Cars. More cars. And yet more cars. Like I said before, I took it in stride. Jammed. Figured out Sirius and XM completed their merge. Played the crazy lady taking pictures of the Seattle skyline role and decided on the final holiday card combination.

Post the day's events, and in an effort to avoid even more traffic for the day, I decided to stop and do some shopping I was planning to do Sunday.

I hit up Impress for a new birthday (653F by Cats Life Press) and this year's happy holidays stamp.

I headed over to Paper Zone to get my holiday card "covers" and envelopes. Apparently the color combo I am using this year is a hot choice as there was a fellow shopper getting her paper for her cards in virtually the same colors as I selected. Either great minds think alike or we are easily influenced.

From there I hit up Office Depot and then headed over to Ulta, Bath and Body Works, and decided to get some Thai food.

Upon my arrival home I was greeted by a bunch of stuff all over my door and on the mat. My Jehovah Witness friends came back by to visit. They left me with a magazine type of pamphlet and a personal note saying they were sorry they missed me and hoped I enjoyed the articles. I had a feeling they would be back by and appreciate their efforts.

I finished off the day by loving on the babies, taking a nice long hot shower, and crawling into bed with the intentions of reading for a bit but that was quickly squashed when I was unable to keep my eyes open.

It was another good day in which I accomplished the day's goals and then some.

I love when things come together like that.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Thanks for the vibes yesterday y'all.

It was a long yet productive day; pictures and commentary will follow later.

I definitely was missing my bubbles yesterday morning as I sat in downtown Seattle traffic on my way to *drum roll* Mount Vernon.

I forgot to take those out of my console and with me in the rental as I didn't think by leaving after 8:00 AM versus before 6:30 AM would put me smack in the middle of downtown Seattle morning rush hour.

It was all good though. I took it in stride (what other choice do I have?), jammed, and played with my camera. Well, played the the best I could with the little bit of movement we were making. Plus, the gray of the day didn't lend to a lot of separation for the images captured either.

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Where did the last two days go? Technically I know where they went but really? It is hump day already?

Today will go by in a flash too. My day is full of meetings and conference calls followed by a working dinner tonight.

How about you? Whatcha' got going on this fine hump day? Come on. Tell me. I am interested and part of me wants to live vicariously through you.

Peace and Love Peeps.
PS - I was gonna' use a camel for the hump day (camel, hump...get it? Oh never mind.) but when I saw the above image it was perfect for the day today. It's an inside joke I'm not at liberty to share in this forum.
Work husband and dotted line boss man, this squirrel is for you!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Cue Willie and sing it Kenny.

I am heading North for a day trip.

Y'all know the drill by now right? I'm gonna ask for your thoughts and prayers while I am traveling. I am a firm, and I mean firm, believer your vibes play a large part in my continuing to be safe as I canvass across this great country of ours.

So, will you keep on doing what you do while I keep on doing what I do?

Please and thank you.

Peace and Love Peeps.

I Kid You Not: Neighbor Lady Part II

The Decorative Wall Sign tag remains as of this morning.

I have a desire to grab a pair of scissors and snip, snip, snip away.

Hold me back. Hold me back!
EDITED: What I want to take the scissors to is the tag, not the decoration itself. Thanks for the comment Kimmy and helping me to realize it might be read differently.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Challenge #55

Anyone else catch the Oprah episode with Peter Walsh this past week? If he were to come knocking on my door I would let him in. I am sure I would glean organizational tips from him and maybe I could persuade him to trim the facial hair that seems to be taking over the bottom half of his face while we were bonding over organizational goodness.

I would definitely let him help to clean out my closet. There are clothes in there I have not worn in over a year. Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I will be taking a trip to the Goodwill for sure.

Like I said to Kyla Friday night, I don't need 11 black sweaters. It is true they are all different styles but really, 11? This, plus the other items not being worn, are taking up valuable space in my closet which leads to my dislike of doing laundry. It can be a battle some days to get everything in its rightful place.

Since you know me like you do, you know everything has a place. My closet is color coordinated and like items are hung together. Shuddup a'right. It's how I do.

So, this week I am challenging you to do something you're inspired to do in the organizational area of your life. Whether it be to declutter an area of a table or desk, to clear out old magazines, put a drawer in order, to start the trash bag tango in your closet, to embrace FlyLady's super fling boogie, to download and organize pictures from your memory card, clean your car, etc. Whatever it may be, JUST DO IT.

The closet comes later this month. Today I took about ten minutes and cleaned out the drawers in my towel three drawer bathroom unit. Have I used that lipstick in the last 6 months? No. Will I use it? No. Hello trash bag.

Less is more people. Less is more.

Recycle where you can. Start small or hey if you prefer, go BIG. Whatever you decide, just do something.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Can We Take It One Day at a Time?

Please allow me to whine for a moment.

I look forward to the holidays. The spirit of the season can be very heartwarming and contagious. I look forward to this time of year as do most all of us.

I understand the marketing aspect of having decorations in the stores early; financially it makes sense. What doesn't make sense to me is for people to already have their Christmas decorations up when we have not even gotten through Thanksgiving.

If you have a situation in which the holiday needs to be celebrated earlier alrighty then. But seriously, do you need to have the outside decorations up too?

My next door neighbor already has a noel reindeer door hangy thing on the door knocker. Not only that, the store tag is still on too!

Someone sure is in a hurry for Christmas to arrive. Me? Not so much. I'm just trying to get through this week.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Numa Numa - Ace's Theme Song

If you ever wondered what Ace does when he is alone, this is a close rendition. I have not seen the jazz hands in a looooooong time but if you look closely at 56 I see this in my head all the time.

Sorry it is the last waking song you heard tonight and it is stuck there. I take full responsibility. Just don't call me and sing it to me a'right? Love you. Mean it!

Slow and Low

I am having one of those days where nothing seems to be going quite right.

I am forgetful.

I am off of my game.

I am definitely not in the zone.

Some of the day's events thus far to illustrate the above include
  • I slept through my alarm and woke up at 7:00 AM versus 5:45 AM
  • My internet at home is not working
  • I left home without my cell phone and bluetooth this morning
  • I couldn't remember where I stashed Spanky and my camera (after a moment of panic, I remembered the bag was in my suitcase)
  • I failed to return the library books during my lunch break
  • I almost forgot to feed Princess at lunch
  • My task list is growing at a faster rate than I can keep up with in my mind
  • I can't recall my recently changed on line banking password
Now most all of that wouldn't seem like too much of an off day but in my world it adds up to me having one of those days where I feel off.

I need to break things up. Focus on one item at a time. Slow it down. Get back on top of my game.

The first step in doing so is to go for pho with 4 friends tonight. Hopefully I will have pictures to share of our time together but at this rate, I may forget to capture the evening.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let There Be Light

Last night, as I made my way around my space lighting the candles, I realized I have a lot of candles to light.

I blaze it up y'all.

Between the front door, into the dining room/office/craft space, living room, and kitchen I put flame to wick on 28 tea lights, 10 pillars, and 1 jar candle.

In the bedroom, I add 6 tea lights and a jar candle to the mix.

My space isn't that big y'all. It is no wonder I don't turn on the lights or heat that much. All that flamage generates light and heat.

In case you are wondering, I get my tea lights from . I make a trip at least twice a year and stock up. My pillars are either made by me (yup, I make candles) or I pick them up on sale at Pier 1 or Target. The scent? Something very light like vanilla or gingerbread.

I don't rely on scented candles for the scent in my home. I use tart warmers, reed diffusers, room spray, wallflower plug ins, or warm essential oils.

Hi. My name is Mo and I have a candle and scent "issue".

Do you have a similar situation going on in your home too? Anything you have an abundance of? Something bringing you peace, joy, and comfort? This is what candles and scents do for me.

This is a safe place. You can share.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye My Friends

I've tried.

Really I have.

I made room on the DVR, until last night that is.

Then, with a tad bit of hesitation, I selected the delete option instead of watching the two episodes I had of .

I just have not been able to embrace this season. I can always watch the shows at a later date via dvd or a download.

I'll be removing the series from the dvr tonight too.

Goodbye my friends. It has been a fun ride but the time has come for us to part ways. You're going in one direction and I'm heading in another.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekly Challenge #54

It is getting to be that time of the year.

You know the one I am talking about right? The time of the year the holidays take over.

I like to think of this time more as an opportunity to count your blessings, to be thankful for what you have versus what you don't have, to recognize the chance to give back to those less fortunate, to volunteer your time, to engage in your community.

It is true this exists 24/7, 365 days. For some, this is the time of the year it is easier to extend yourself to those in need, to be of service.

With this being said, this week I challenge you to find a way to do, to put thought into action. Studies have shown we feel better when giving of ourselves so in the end you'll be helping others and yourself too. It is also another way to teach your children and to lead by example.

We all have a few hours to give to our fellow man. Please trust me when I say the end justifies the means.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Catching Up

Howdy! I am back from my jaunt down south. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the safe travels and well wishes you send my way when I am traveling? If not, THANK YOU!

I believe by now you know how how I feel about the power of prayer, collective thoughts, and putting it {whatever it may be} into the universe. Y'all are a part of that for me and I thank you for keeping me in your thoughts while I canvass around these parts.

Upon my arrival home last night, I showered and changed into my jammies. I let my inner pyro come out and lit all of my candles. I loved on the kitties and talked with Maricel {I coulda' sworn Jasmine lost weight while I was gone but Auntie Mars assured me she ate like a mad cat} for a bit. I steamed some spinach. I did a little follow up work watched a dvr'ed reality show and fell into bed.

Anyone else other than Ace, Mel, and some of my work peeps watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo? It cracks me up and has me saying WTF more times than not. It is a true train wreck of a show you want to look away from but can't seem to. Mindless entertainment at its best.

I'm passing Breaking Dawn on over to Mars. I have not been able to finish it yet. I'm not breezing through it like the first three. I have been stuck on chapter 30 for more than a few days.

Other Twilight series readers (Fiwa, Steph, etc.) did you experience the same? I'm in this book exchange (Thanks Fiwa!) and it is not fair to hold it up because I can't get into it ya' know? Plus, I have 5 books from the library I need to read before their due dates come up.

Those five are
  1. Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult
  2. Marley and Me by John Grogan
  3. Against Medical Advice by James Patterson and Hal Friedman
  4. Dark Summer by Iris Johansen
  5. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Plus I have another one I have to pick up today or I'll lose the reserve and get this - there are four more that are up and coming on the list too! Cue Missy Elliott but instead of "get your freak on", get your reading on.

So, off Breaking Dawn goes until a later date.

Not much more is going on around these parts. It's my busy week at work, well they are all busy, but this is the week more goes on than others for me.

It has truly become the wet fall we know and love around here. As I type this, the wind is blowing at a steady 28 mph with gusts up to 38+ {according to}, the rain is softly falling {2-7 inches expected}, and the temp is 51. Officially there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees. See why we need our Starbucks up here and I have a large hat collection? It gets dark around 4:00 or so too. Yay PacNW!

Don't get me wrong. I have come to love it. Texas never had four seasons, which I get now, and thoroughly enjoy. I couldn't imagine it being November 6 and the temps being in the 70s and calling it fall. I'm not hating. I am just saying the above description of my neck of the woods may sound ugh to some but this transplanted Texan has come to enjoy it.

Election results. I won't go into great detail about my political beliefs but I will tell you I vote in all elections and honor those who came before me making this a right.

There are a few things I won't discuss here. Shocking I know as it seems like my life is an open book but politics, specifics about my professional life, and educational pursuits are off limits for good reason in my opinion.

What I will share is how I spent the night. Like many of you, I was glued to the tv. In a hotel room with three work associates. The room was evenly split, two dems and two repubs. Merlot and beer. Riveted by the results. Somewhat heated discussions with respect intact. Plenty of laughs. Dinner after Obama's speech.

History people, history. 20 years from now I will look back on that day and remember how I voted and how I spent the day/night. Guess who will be scrapping it later too in case my memory fails?

Speaking of craftiness, thanks for the kind words y'all shared from the cards I sent. I really do appreciate your understanding for them being late and am glad you enjoyed them just the same.

I gotta' go get back to the grind now. Hope things are well with you.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, November 03, 2008

OTRA and Recent Music Selections

Hey there y'all. Happy Monday, late.

I have been crazy busy today and I meant to post that earlier today but didn't seem to find the time to. Better late than never right? Just like my Halloween cards. Ha! I hope all of you who were on the list have received yours. I promise the Thanksgiving ones are going out on time/early.

Another week is upon us and yup, your girl is OTRA. In preparation and to keep it funky fresh, I have been a downloading fool on iTunes. I literally had to stop myself at one point and say, "It's going to be there at the end of the month too. Only get the ones you really want and need for the cds you're burning for the peeps."

I downloaded 74 songs. Yes 74. Hey now, two were entire albums and account for 31 of the 74. {Don't worry Ace. I will be backing them up. Promise. Lesson learned again through you.}

Which albums? Pink and John Legend's latest. I already had one song from each of their cds. When I listened to a few other tracks, my soul responded and pointed me in the direction of album downloads. I know I won't be disappointed. {sidebar: are they still called albums?}

Soon I'll be adding Beyonce's {drops 11.18} and Robin Thicke's too. A'right so I have a thing with music, shoes, candles, scents, and books. There could be worse things right?

Since I know there are some other booty shaking, music loving fools out there too, here are some of the most recent editions in no particular order. You've probably already seen some of them on my sidebar over the last few weeks. I'm just now getting around to downloading them. Enjoy!

Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera
If I Were a Boy by Beyonce
Right Now (Na Na Na) by Akon
Can't Believe It by T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne
Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne feat. Bobby Valentino
Live Your Life by T.I. feat. Rihanna
Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson
So Fly by Slim feat. Young Joc
My Life by Game feat. Lil Wayne
Swagga Like Us by Jay-Z and T.I.
What Them Girls Like by Ludacris
Right Here by Brandy
Did You Wrong by Pleasure P
Chopped N Skrewed by T-Pain feat. Ludacris
Love Lockdown by Kanye West
Trading Places by Usher
Go Girl by Ciara feat. T. Pain
Get Up by 50 Cent
Show Out by DJ Unk
Good Good by Ashanti
Need U Bad by Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliott
Fast Lane by Bilal (Dr. Drea and Jadakiss Remix)
Cuddy Buddy by Mike Jones feat. Lil Wayne
Official Girl by Cassie feat. Lil Wayne
Sandcastle Disco by Solange
Womanizer by Britney Spears
Hush by Usher
Wish You Would by Ludacris feat. T.I.
Addiction by Ryan Leslie
Miss Independent by Ne-Yo
Freeze by T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
One Step by Jordin Sparks
30 Something by Jay-Z
Angel by Natasha Bedingfield
Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
Just Dance by Lady GaGa
Krazy by Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
Go Girl by Pitbull feat. Trina and Young Boss

What are you digging on I might be interested in adding to my library?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekly Challenge #53

This week's challenge is deeply personal for the crew and me.

This past week we independently, and then collectively, made decisions to make changes in our lives in regard to how we are saving and spending. We want to make our money work for us.

This has always been important but in light of the current state of economy, it is a higher priority.

Budgets have been re-evaluated or put into place for the first time.

We decided our presence is gift enough for the holidays. We will celebrate together but gift giving will not be happening between us.

There will be
  • Less meals out
  • More nights in together
  • Matinees versus night movies
  • Keeping each other in check
  • Continued good times
So, in light of all the above, I challenge you to have the same type of conversations with those near and dear if need be. These conversations may be difficult and changes in behavior won't necessarily come easily, but in the end the dividends will pay off.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Message Received

Either I am sending out a vibe or the universe is attempting to send me a message. Whatever it may be, I hear it loud and clear. I get the message.

What I am referring to is in the visitors I have had lately.

A few weeks ago the nice Jehovah's Witness ladies stopped by. They were very excited when they saw my bible on my dining room table. They left me with lots of materials and the promise to return. Mmmkay.

Today I have had two visitors. On my way back from the mailbox, a man handed me a piece of paper inviting me to his church services and started to talk my ear off about their local outreach program.

Then, in the middle of the second quarter of the Texas vs Texas Tech game, the Mormon sisters came a knocking.

They were kind enough to ask who was playing. See when the commercial break was over, I stopped being completely engaged in what they had to say. I guess they thought asking me that question would get my attention.

I answered, let them know I was a Christian and was good. I said, "Thanks for stopping by and stay dry." I closed the door and went back to the game. I hope that wasn't too rude.

I read my bible daily. I speak with God constantly. I pray. However, I don't always make it to services on Sunday. Guess who will be there for sure in the morning?

Peace and Love Peeps.