Thursday, February 19, 2015


To quote a article, "Flowers are blossoming.  Bees are buzzing. The sky is blue.  Sunsets have been stunning.  Temperatures have crept north of 60 degrees, and joggers are going shirtless."

All the spring-esque weather has me fighting the urge to plant something.

Thankfully I have these beautiful tulips from my friend, Liza to cast a gaze upon.  

They are helping me resist the inner gardener from breaking free.

Now, this weekend may be a whole other story.

Perhaps a few primroses on the back deck railing planter will make an appearance.

Just two, maybe three.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fearless Fact Friday: 02.13.15

In today's world of smartphones, tablets, computers, and the internet - I continue to be surprised with how many people ask a question they can seek and find the answer to.

Information is there for all to seek and gather. S'get it!

When I shared this on Facebook this morning, a few folks replied they ask the question for the interaction with a fellow human. 

This is an excellent perspective and honestly, one that had not crossed my mind. 

'Tis true I was referring more to asking someone what the state capital is versus a potential life changing question.  Regardless, it has me thinking perhaps I should not be so quick to grab my phone or laptop and pose the question to the information superhighway. 

I naturally like researching and I have multiple interactions with people daily. 

However, nothing can take the place of human interaction nor the personal sharing of perspective and stories with one another. 

So, yeah, I am going to work balancing the self education and human seeking of information. 

I'm super thankful we aren't back in the card catalog days. Although, this did teach me the dewey decimal system and how to use microfiche; both of which resulted in human interaction and finding information. 

Mmmhmmm.  Look at that.  I just had a full circle, it is all connected moment. 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Catching Up on Fearless Fact Friday

January 23, 2015:  I can move my pinky toes like nobody's business.

I thought everyone could until I recently found out this wasn't so.

Left, right, up, down, straight out - my pinky toes go.

January 30, 2015:  My dancing resembles this from time to time. 

February 6, 2015:  Spirit animals are real.  Ask my friend, DB.  He says I am his. 

This might be mine.  A lynx with a wonky eye is totally legit. 
See above picture and video for a reference point, if there is any question.