Saturday, June 30, 2007


Thursday night.

Our very own Cheers.

Where everyone knows your name.

Where when you pull into the parking lot the drink is already on the way and all you have to say is "Chris, Kyla, Karen, etc. is on the way" and then their drink is waiting for them when they arrive.

Where our Sam Malone (Scotty or Rob) and our Diane (Sabrina) charge for singles and pour doubles most all of the time.

Where if you miss a week, you get crap the next time you come and you know it is because you were missed and they care about how you are.

Where $20.00 gets you 30+ plays on the jukebox of which we tend to take over when in the house.

Where we will politely ask other patrons if we can have a chair from their table if we haven't already snagged their table.

Where the conversation ranges from dropping a deuce to sex to sports to whichever way the wind blows in a moment's notice.

Where our peeps go to unwind, to share in some laughs, to be with those we love and those who love us.

Good Times Great Friends Blessings Family by Choice
The Beaotches - Mo, Maricel, Steph, and Kyla

Josh in one of his many funny and true T's

Jukebox $ and Common Table Top Items

The Nachos we scarf on. Extra jalapenos on the side a MUST.

Chris and Mo. Chris is the "founder" of our Thursday night happiness. He may now be wondering what was he ever thinking.

Friday, June 29, 2007

They Must Be His Wednesday Pants

Wednesday I was called to do my civic duty once again.
And once again, I was denied the chance to pass judgement in a court of law.
But I did get the chance to look around at my fellow citizens and pass judgement on them.
I arrive and first off I notice a guy from last week. No peeps, he wasn't hot. I am sure he is hot in someone's eyes but in mine? Not so much.
So me being me, notices not only is in he a long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants again but he is in the exact same long sleeve t-shirt and athletic pants he was in last Wednesday.
Ok, ok. Let's pause for a moment and recognize we've done this before too at some point in our life.
Ok, back to my judgemental self. Not only is he in his black long sleeve t-shirt with red piping and in his red athletic pants with a black stripe, homeboy Don is carrying his black paperback manual looking book with red lettering.
Hey, he's matching his outfit with his book. I get it. I can appreciate it.
So, what book is is reading your might be wondering.
Pirates: A Historical Perspective.
I kid you not.
So then I get to thinking. Is he on the Pirates of the Caribbean bandwagon? Is he researching the subject for a paper, a thesis? Is he going back through his childhood fantasy and living it out now? Or is he freaky like that?
I really have to stop judging peeps. It's not very nice.
Lord only knows what he must of been thinking about me in my camel colored sleeveless sweater dress with the thin black belt, leopard print heels, black leather purse, and red leather girly briefcase.
But at least I wasn't wearing my Wednesday pants right?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

See those bad boys?

They are taking over.

They are in my waking hours. They are in my slumber.

They are everywhere these days.

In my mind. In my life. Part of my reality. Invading my life.

Yes, it is true. I am a number cruncher by profession.

I analyze. I add. I subtract. I do percentages. I evaluate trends. I figure out which ones are naughty and which ones are nice.

But right now, right this moment, I want to escape from them.

Maybe it is time I get back on the road to break up the monotony.

What about you? Do you have anything taking over your life these days? Something you wish you could escape from?

Tell me peeps. I am interested.

Peace and Love. I've got more excel spreadsheets to review.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Civic Duty

I never did tell you how my afternoon opened up the other day did I?

I was called to do my civic duty.

To jury duty peeps.

To see the wheels of justice go round and round. To decide the fate of a fellow human beings actions.

Who am I kidding? I was called to sit in a room with a group of my fellow citizens for hours on end only to find out our services were not needed.

But here's the kicker. I may be called again this week. Apparently my city likes to send you a summons for an entire month. Not just one day. An entire month. You have to call after 5:00 PM the night before to find out if your "services" are needed at the courthouse the next day.

Fun times I tell you.

Last week my day started out by being wanded at the security gate. Apparently my lap top was setting it off and the security guard got his security on. He decides it is in his best interest to wand me, even though he said, "You can't be hiding much dressed like that but this will be fun for me."

Um, excuse me? Freak getting his rocks off much?

And I know you want to know what I was wearing after a lead in like that. I was in a black jersey wrap dress with the trusty black pointed heels on.

Upon that lovely encounter, I entered the juror's room and proceed to sit on the back bench in the far corner closest to the power outlet.

I look around at my fellow citizens and wonder to myself, "When did it become acceptable to show up to a courthouse, to serve on a jury potentially, in a pair of sweats? In a t-shirt and pair of jeans?"

Peeps, am I missing something here? Am I expecting too much?

You know how I feel about what people wear on planes (PJ's are not cool by me) and now to a courthouse you're gonna' wear that?

I'm not saying you need to be dressed to the nines but really? I think a little bit of respect is in order.

So after getting over my shock, we watch a little video and are told to sit tight.

Literally. Sit tight.

We are allowed to use the restroom and if you are a smoker, you can go to your car and smoke there but other than that, you need to say in this room so as not to interact with witnesses, attorneys, the people involved with the case, etc.

Oh what fun this is going to be. So, I proceed to take my lap top out and get to work. I'm getting my stuff done and other than the hard bench, I'm cool with the situation. No phone calls. No people stopping by my office to ask a question, to chat...just me and my numbers.

After sitting there for four + hours, one of the judges comes in to tell us we are free to go. Two cases plead guilty and the witnesses for two other cases didn't show so the state couldn't proceed on this particular day.

Oh and hey don't forget to call next week and be sure to cash your reimbursement mileage and pay for the day on your way out.

So there you have it, my afternoon opened up because the wheels of justice turned round and round.

I feel like such the contributing member to society.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little Bit of This and a Lot of That

It seems like it has been forever since I came through. I know it has only been a few days but it seems like a lifetime.

Forgive me if I depress you but I'm in a funk. I'm feeling low. I'm simply going to write about a little bit of this and a lot of that. Hang on for the ride if you dare.

Last week was a long one work wise. I knew it would be but when you find yourself sitting at your desk for five hours straight, without a break, something needs to give. Don't even get me started on the back pain from that either.

Let's just say once I got home Friday night I did nothing but curl up in bed with the kitties, some tea, gulped down some Tylenol, and hit the sheets.

Saturday. Emotional roller coaster. 3rd anniversary of my mom's passing.

Here's a PSA.

Don't be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, associates, etc. on the anniversary of a loved one's passing, on a birthday, on a mother's day, a father's day, a holiday, an anniversary...on any given day.

Even if you don't know what to say, reach out. Say I was thinking of you. Say I love you. Just listen. Give a hug. Be present.

Don't be hesitant if the thought crosses your mind. It means something to the person on the other end. Trust me on this.

Other than working in the morning, Kyla cut and colored my hair. She made me pretty again and covered the gray.

Afterward, I arrived home to find Pete and the girls ready to rock and roll for the road trip. We chilled a bit before we headed out. They painted while he and I talked.

Isn't it amazing how long it can take to get two adults and two kids out the door with everything in tow? Thank goodness there were no time constraints for this leg of the trip.

You know what else amazes me? How a child can sit down with some paint, a piece of paper, and make something spectacular without even really thinking about? As adults I believe we over think what we are attempting to create and if it is not perfect, we get frustrated, are not satisfied, and give up on the project. At least I do.

The girls reminded me to let that go. To just put some paint on a page, squish it together, and enjoy whatever the outcome is.

I see an owl in this one. This is Pete's favorite.

I see a Phoenix rising here.

I see a cat's face in this one. I dig this one.

But this one is my favorite. I see a frog.

If you feel like it, tell me what you see. And if you feel like analysing my interpretations, I'm game.

So once we got on the road, with only one minor meltdown, we arrived at the hotel. Or rather I should say motel. Valu Inn Motel to be exact.

See there was huge soccer tournament in Bellingham this weekend so trying to get a room, even with your diamond VIP status, at the last moment, is a feat. After calling every place in town Friday night, I finally lucked out and figured if AAA gave the location 2 diamonds and it was the only room in town, I better go ahead and reserve it.

I did get a value from the Valu Inn. We booked the only suite in the hotel for a price of $119.00. With price like that I was thinking we were going to be staying in ghetto town but peeps, it was actually very nice. Extremely clean. Well lighted. Safe enough.

And when we checked in, the tears I had been holding in for the day, broke free.

The flood gates opened with a combination of happy tears and sad tears.

The front desk clerk had a French accent. She sounded a lot like my mom. I couldn't help it. I couldn't hold them in anymore. I chose to experience the moment.

The girls grabbed onto my legs and wouldn't let go. Pete took me in his arms and let me cry.

I think it helped put a renewed appreciation of his upcoming vacation in place. And I felt much better afterward.

So, fast forward to this morning. I dropped them off at the airport and headed back home after taking care of some business in Btown.

Today has been one of those days where the outside meets the way I feel on the inside. Gray. Blah. Rainy. Even a few bursts of thunder, which is unusual for this part of Washington.

I've done pretty much nothing since I got home, except for take a nap, play with the kitties, and watch a few DVR'ed shows.

Monday will be here before I know it and want it to be. Here's to hoping your weekend was a good one. And that this week will be good too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Burning Question

Where's Pete?

Have you gotten rid of him?

Up a tree, that's where!

Some of my very favorite people have asked if Pete and I are still rocking and rolling.

The answer my friends is YES, we are still together.

Do you really think I wouldn't tell you if we broke up?


I know I haven't really posted an entry about him since the night of the concert but honestly, there has not been much to tell.

What have you missed? Hmmm...
  • We played tennis and I cooked dinner one night. It was a draw by the way and I made No Peek Stew with corn and a salad.
  • He and the girls spent the night one night. The next day, while he was working, I let them have creative genius and each created a photo collage foam board art project, complete with stamps, punches, paint, etc., for Father's Day. (Were y'all paying attention 'cuz I wrote about that? :) )
  • I spent the evening over at his house one night. A bunch of us got together for a ping pong impromptu tourney and dinner.
  • He cooked dinner for me and we talked about some pressing items last night. On the menu: grilled swordfish with garlic butter, steamed broccoli, and caesar salad.

I won't have any stories to share with you next week either. He's on vacation with the girls.

And yes, I was invited but chose not to go. It's in Ohio (sorry Kimmy) with all of his family gathering together for a few days in the woods.

I like camping. Oh yes I do. But the timing is all wrong and honestly, I'd rather not meet the entire extended family at one the woods...

Maybe I will have some stories to share about taking them to the airport and picking them up from the airport in Bellingham versus SeaTac. Can you say road trip?

Sorry to disappoint you. I know y'all have come to expect more but we've been busy and our schedules haven't quite been meshing.

And in case you are wondering what was he doing up in the tree, he was getting a ping pong paddle out of the branches. See, we are a bunch of competitive freaks and when you add beer to the mix, some get hot under the collar and throw the paddle where it doesn't belong when they lose.

If ya' want more details, to know more about us, ask. I'll tell you what I feel comfortable sharing, either privately or here.

Peace and Love Peeps. It's back to work I go...hi ho, hi ho.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here's My Sign

Hey Peeps.

You ready to laugh? At me?

Let's rewind to yesterday morning. I'm up nice and early working away. I decide around 8:30 AM it is time to get in the shower and head to the office. I shut everything down. The home computer. The laptop. Turned off the fax machine.

Boss man calls from New Mexico needing some data. I go to plug back in to our network and my broadband isn't connecting. I call our help desk. Then I notice it.

I notice the dsl and internet light isn't on. The ethernet light is a nice solid glowing green.

Duh, there is sign one.

I hang up with the help desk and proceed to troubleshoot. Unplug everything. Plug it back in. Reset the modem. Plug the modem into another phone outlet. Check the connection from the back of the computer. Get what I am saying here? I tried it all.

I finally break down and call Qwest for help. Their associate tells me I have done everything I could do and they will dispatch a tech.

So we set up a time and I head to the office.

Today, after my afternoon became free (more soon to follow), I called to see if the tech could come today instead of Friday. Thankfully yes, they can accommodate my request.

So here comes the big hulk of a man to my door about thirty minutes ago. He was coming to save the day. He came to my rescue. Much like Ace did a few weekends ago in fixing my msn.

Y'all wanna' guess what was wrong with the set up?

Not to leave you in suspense and allow you the second laugh of the day at my expense {insert laughter} the phone cord wasn't plugged in all the way to the modem. Apparently part of the clip is broken off and the connection isn't a solid one.

Um, yea. Guess who felt like an idiot?

Yes, that would be moi.

So, that would be twice in a month I have felt like a dumb female needing a man to rescue herself from her computer.

First , Ace with simply installing updates to my msn to make it work again. Love you man!

Second, Qwest massive man Rod, to place tape on the back of my modem to hold the phone cord in place and politely suggest I should buy a new phone cord.

At this rate you'd think I have never been around a computer before.

Sheesh. I need to find a cave to crawl back into or something.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happiness in a Cup

I love me some Kataluma Chai.

Love, Love, Love.

Starbucks will do in a pinch but if I have my choice, it's going to be Kataluma Chai, traditional spiced, with light soy milk, blended.

That's all. Nothing fancy. No added syrups or the cinnamon they send with the package.

In the spring and summer, my blender, the chai, and milk do a happy dance with ice cubes.

In the fall and winter, my microwave warms it up post blender.

My own little slice of heaven in the morning and throughout the day if needed.

I remember the first one I had. It was with T at the Silverdale Mall. We stopped by the store on a whim. So glad we did.

But now I am hooked and have become a chai elitist some people in my life have come to say.

Hey, by now y'all know if I like something and can afford it, I'm gonna' buy it.

I am not going to settle unless I have to.

In the world in which we were fortunate and blessed enough to be born in and live, we are given choices.

I simply choose to exercise that freedom.

So what if I have to place a mail order to get my fix?

How about you? What's your happiness in a cup? Your little slice of heaven?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Learnings from Thursday On

First off, Happy Monday to all of ya'.

Second, I thought I'd do a quick recap from Thursday on and I'd share with you some of the things we learned about each other and myself over the last few days.

Here's to hoping I don't bore you too much.

We learned Maricel's second toe is longer than her big toe. We also learned she has the longest second toe out of all of us. Yea, drunk people find humor in the smallest of things don't they?

The three amigas. Maricel, Kyla, and Mo. We learned that no matter how cute you are at the beginning of the day, you can still be cute sixteen hours later. I also learned as the day goes on, your faux hawk has the capability of falling flat.

Jasmine is a party pussy who likes to be in the center of the action soliciting love.

We learned Maricel doesn't know how to properly pour a beer. Do you see the head on that Blue Moon?

Girls of all ages like to play with paper, paint, stamps, and ink. This is one of the many creations the girls created for Pete's Father's Day project/gift.

Some of the other things learned are
  • Dropping your cell phone in a glass of Blue Moon will kill that sucker faster than you can say "What'd you go and do that for?"
  • Asking the po po if they are here to dance for you doesn't always get laughs
  • You may leave someone to sleep on the couch but find them on the floor face down the next morning
  • Arriving to work three hours later than normal is an open invitation for those who know how you spent the night before to give you crap
  • Under a pair of knee high boots you just may find mismatched socks
  • Trying to apologize to your neighbors for the party doesn't always yield the answer to which one called the cops on y'all
  • Going to the 24 hour Super Wal*Mart after midnight to simply get some pictures developed can turn into an ordeal where you want to up and bitch slap a power tripping cashier
  • Said power tripping cashier doesn't know how to do simple math and will put a curse on ya' when you try to help her figure out 5x2=10
  • I can put my OCD aside for the sake of an art project with a 5 and 7 year old
  • The man will freak when he enters the destroyed living room and then proceed to tell you how much he appreciates you for it
  • Once a little girl figures out the flowers are real, she can't help but up and kill some of them by touching their flowering softness
  • Having a 7 year old ask you "When are you going to have kids? You're 34 and so good with us you should have one of your own." will make your heart sing and your heart fall at the same time

In case you are wondering, I ended up not making the father's day canvas for Pete. I decided the girl's chip board collage was more in tune with the day's significance.

I got him an iPod wall charger instead. He's constantly using mine so I thought it was time to get him one of his own.

Not to worry. The planning and buying of blue supplies will come into play later. Most likely for Christmas or just because. Well, that's assuming we are still together come Christmas...

I'm off to get ready for work. It's the really busy week and oh, I just can't wait.

Peace and Love.

Friday, June 15, 2007

We Are Drunk

That is all.

Peace Out.

**edited at 1:12AM** Unknown neighbor called the cops. Punk Ass Bitches. What happened to the 2:00 AM agreement?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Happiness

Images from my space to yours this fine Wednesday.

Images from my present bringing joy to my day and hopefully yours too.

Take a moment or two.

Look around.

Notice the simple.

Embrace the beauty.

Take a breath.


What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear?

What is making you happy today?

  1. Basic White Fresh Flowers picked up from Wal*Mart for $3.00 hanging out in the bathroom
  2. Passion Fruit Guava scented oil from Bath and Body Works burning between the kitchen, living room, and crafty/office area
  3. Fresh fruit - delicious and nutritious
  4. Fresh Gerber daisies snatched at Metropolitan Market for $8.99 in the living room
  5. Homemade nana bread

Monday, June 11, 2007


Erin Gruwell.
Do you know who she is?
Me either, until tonight.
She's the force behind Freedom Writers.
I watched the movie tonight and my oh my!
I am inspired.
I am humbled.
I am putting things in perspective.
I am wanting to run out and get the book.
I am desiring to make a change.
Check out the movie. I don't think you will be disappointed that you did.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

That's Good Stuff

Sorry I have left ya' hanging since Wednesday.

Good stuff.

Ya' already know Wednesday night was spent with Pete. We chilled. I cooked enchiladas, we watched a bit of TV (bless the man for watching Real World Las Vegas Reunion and liking it even he says we lost some IQ points along the way). We were both in bed by 10:45 PM, in the bed, with the kitties in case the thought crossed your mind.

Thursday was an even better day work wise than Wednesday. I got more nuts to store. After work, Kyla and I dropped Pete and his best buddy off at the Police concert. She and I went and chowed at Elliott's Oyster House (sorry T)...Where Seattle Goes For Seafood...while they jammed. We picked them up and had a round of drinks together before heading home.

After getting into it with Pete (we made up; he grabbed Jasmine by her collar a little harsher than I would have liked while trying to brush her...all with a buzz on), we got about three hours of sleep. Him on the couch and me in the bed in case you are wondering.

Friday was a crazy work day. After a quick nap, Maricel and I headed to Kyla's for a packing party, except we didn't do one ounce of packing. We chilled, ordered pizza, and watched TV.

Saturday I locked myself in after picking up RX refills, a stop at the library, and the bank. I've been living life on the inside since. I'm doing mass amounts of laundry. I'm catching up on DVR'ed Oprah. I read a 347 page book in less than 7 hours.

I'm still not done with the laundry so I'm going to say peace out and get back to that. Y'all know how it goes right?

Peace and Love Peeps.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm Just A . . .

. . . squirrel trying to bust a nut.
Today, I got my nut.
Lots and lots of 'em.
Today made up for the day yesterday.
Good things do come to those who wait.
Prayers can be answered.
Life is good.
That is all for now.
Actually that is all I am willing to post here.
It's work related.
Peace and Love Peeps. Pete is on the way over and I want to snuggle.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Yea. Whatever.

I am having one of those days and it isn't even 9:00 AM.

Come on girls. You know what I am talking about.

A day when your fat girl pants are even tight.

A day when the PMS is kicking it like 1999.

A day when you just aren't feeling it.

To top it off, I have hit my head twice too. Once on the underside of my desk when I was plugging my iPod in and again on the door handle of someone else's office.

Yea, I'm having one of those days.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Montage

Just a few pictures from the weekend to tide you over until I have time to update you on the ins and outs.
Picture 1 is, Oh my what a shocker!, a piece of dead cow. Mo's tri tip and veggie skewer from dinner at Roadhouse with M2, Ace, and Kyla. Yum!
Picture 2 is after hours at my place. After seeing Knocked Up (good as the reviews say it is; go see it if you don't mind the f word and are prepared to laugh and be contemplative too) with Kyla, we hit one of our local spots. We ended up, another Oh my what a shocker!, closing the joint down and heading back here with peeps in tow for after hours activity.
Picture 3 and 4 are from today's excursion to the beach with Pete, the girls and Kyla. We relaxed, we played, we chilled...some of us got a little more sun than we should have but it is all good.
I have to run for now...loose ends to tie up before I head to bed.
Hope you were able to spend time with your loved ones too.
Life is good.
Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nothing Much...Yet

It's the weekend.


Yes, I did have Monday off so it was a short week and most of the time I'd be happy about that but during this time of the year...Hell to the N-O!

It just means I work longer days on the short week and don't get to enjoy the beautiful weather.

And speaking of beautiful weather, it is supposed to be 81 today and tomorrow. The pool is officially open. So here's to thinking I'll be a lizard at some point this weekend.

Weather dudes say we're dropping back to the 60s with some rain come Monday.

Ace and M2 are planning on coming this way later today. Tomorrow we're going for attempt #2 with Pete and the girls coming over.

What else is planned?

The usual. Errands, chores, downtime. You life.

Hope you and yours are having a great day and have some fun stuff planned for the weekend.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Right about now you might be asking yourself what do those two images represent other than a quick peek into my world and further evidence I like to take pictures of random stuff and prefer black and white photos?

According to Sam Gosling, author of The Secret Language of Stuff (can't seem to find that book on line; will you please let me know if you do?) and associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas (Hook 'Em!), those two things, among other items, from your home speak volumes about your world.

The June issue of Maxim breaks it down as such:

1. Entertainment Center: Tech signposts are key and a flat screen monster with all the bells and whistles doesn't necessarily mean she's a Grey's Anatomy junkie. "People with the latest and greatest gadgets often crave stimulation," says Gosling.

Translation: You're in for awkward wine-and-cheese parties galore.

Do I fit that bill? A little bit. But I don't think my parties are awkward nor do I have the latest of everything but I do have lots of electronic gadgets.

2. Living Room: If she has re-created a Pottery Barn showroom, you're dealing with a nester. "Lots of pillows indicate an extrovert who wants to craft an inviting environment," explains Gosling. "She needs constant company."

Do I fit that bill? Guilty. In more ways than one. My couch is from Pottery Barn. My decorating choices are either from PB or are totally inspired by them. I have lots of pillows, am an extrovert, want to make you feel welcome in my space and do like people around. However, I don't need constant company. I like alone time too.

3. Bathroom: Peep her toothpaste tube. Does she squeeze or roll? The latter means she's borderline OCD. Also, look for the cap - if she can't keep track of that, she may be the type who constantly loses her phone.

Do I fit that bill? Guilty of rolling and being borderline OCD. If I didn't have that plastic pusher thing (in Longhorn orange I might add) on my tube, it'd be rolled up and kept in place with a clothespin.

4. Library: Does she have a bookshelf? Inspect the selection. If she owns A Million Little Pieces, any Oprah Book Club book, or He's Just Not That Into You, you're about to take out a lady who has no idea that she's (a) annoying, (b) needy, or (c) corpse like in bed.

Do I fit that bill? Somewhat. I have a full bookshelf with some Oprah picks/recommendations, did read A Million Little Pieces, and do own a copy of He's Just Not That Into You. I could be a or b but definitely not c.

5. Bedroom: An elevated bed indicates a girl wants to put on a pedestal, while something low, like a futon, means she'll be quick to invite you in and even quicker to kick you out. Candles? Check the wax. "Unused means she wants to appear contemplative but really isn't," explains Gosling.

Do I fit that bill? It's not way the heck up there but according to Pete, it is elevated. I think it is at a normal height. It's not low by any means. Candles? Do we even need to go there? I got wax everywhere.

6. Kitchen: "The kitchen is a key to her conscientiousness," explains Gosling. "If there isn't a crumb in sight, expect a task-oriented person who doesn't get caught up in the chaos of the moment." That means she's cool so long as you're not a total mess.

Do I fit that bill? Guilty. I mean come on, I'm willing to start a fire to clean as I go when cooking. The only crumb you're likely to find is kitty food crumbs by their bowls. And they don't call me ice princess at work for nothing.

7. Stuffed Animals: Do you see dozens or just one, her grandmother's teddy bear? "The former is a girly girl who doesn't want to grow up, while the latter is the sentimental type who values her connections to the past. (She's grounded.)

Do I fit that bill? Yes I do. Y'all know about Spookie. 'Nuf said.

8. Breakfast Nook: Scattered bills scream credit card debt, but if they're neatly stacked and sliced with a letter opener, she's nice and punctual. Say hello to 25 minutes of movie previews!

Do I fit that bill? Kinda. I don't have a breakfast nook. My bills, even when the desk was a mess, were neatly stacked and are always sliced with a letter opener. As for being nice and punctual, it can be hit or miss.

If you made it this far, congratulations! I know it was a long one. Thank the man for reading this issue and letting me know so I could let you know too.

Let me know how you stack up. I think Dr. Gosling is kinda on to something.

Peace and Love Peeps.