Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Work It

Alrighty then. I've worked some muscles I forgot I had. My legs are sore. You'd think I lifted some heavy weight with the way they feel right now.

It's a good thing I tell you. The only problem? It makes me realize how out of shape I really am.

And I am oh so glad I can make some of the boys in the office laugh.

Hey everyone, watch Mo get up from her desk, wince, and proceed to delicately walk up the stairs.

Or even better. Wanna' play a game of leap frog? Check her out as she gets leap frog ready while stretching the tightness out.

For the love of god, is there nothing sacred? Leave this girl alone.

Seriously though. If I wasn't feeling so tight and sore, I'd kick off the cheetah heels and so take them on in a game of leap frog. I'm pretty sure they would be able to jump higher because they are taller but I know I would jump further.

Anywho, let's hope this doesn't put too much of a cramp in the evening's plans. Pete's coming over to cook me a nice hunk of dead cow, a tater, and some salad. What a guy. ;)

Tomorrow? Off to the Rose City. At least it's supposed to be a gorgeous day. No rain. All sun. Warm temps. I'll be the one rocking out to some tunes, sucking down some Starbucks, cruising down I-5.

How about you? Whatcha' got going on in your world?

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I know you are on the edge of your seat, waiting anxiously, wondering..."Did she get up and work out to that dvd?"

Ha! Not only did I not get up, I slept in. I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep last night. Finally around 1:30 AM or so, I entered the realm of slumber. So, when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM, I crawled out of bed, reset the alarm for 6:30 AM, and fell back asleep.

Needless to say, Mo went to work with wet hair this morning and totally rocked out in the wavy hairstyle.

But I did come home and put the dvd in tonight. Ever notice how uncoordinated those exercise people can make you feel? Or maybe it is just me. I can't seem to do the moves when they are doing them. I do 'em, just not in sync with them. Does that make sense? It made sense in my head.

I did the basic training and the butt and leg work out. Then for giggles, I added more butt and leg exercises in. I was sweating like nobody's business. That's a good sign right? My heart was pumping. I was feeling it. Yea, and I bet I will be feeling it tomorrow too.

Tomorrow's plan? Get to bed earlier so I can get up at 5:00 AM to start the day with Billy and friends. Let's just see how that goes now shall we?

Love kitty is doing so much better. She's climbing on things again. She's hanging out like she used to. She's talking up a storm and in case anyone is wondering, she is successfully pooing. That's big people. Big I tell you.

Oh, and hey, all that fiber is also causing her to fart on a regular basis. I can't fault her for it but damn, she can let some stinkers rip!

So, if you are ever over here and smell something rank, look around to see if she's around. Y'all that know me in real life know I will claim my gas.

She lets the worse ones out during this activity. Isn't she cute? Stinky but cute.

So, remember how I said it was beginning to be a lot like fall around these parts? Oh my! What glorious weather we have been having! Today was 76 and sunny.

Tomorrow? It is supposed to be a repeat and be this way through Friday. This weekend was fantastic. What more can a girl ask for but a nice, sunny, warm, fall day and this to look at outside of the gate at work?

I am glad I didn't put the cooler weather clothes away this weekend. I almost did but something said, "Not yet. Give it another week or two."

I'm outta' here for the night. I've got a little trash talking "love note" I need to put together, iron my shirt for tomorrow, and in keeping with the plan, get my arse in bed by 11:00 PM.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hi Peeps

Did you miss me? I can't believe how quickly time flies. I mean, it was a week ago since my last entry. Where did that week go?

I'd love to tell you it came and went with me doing nothing but all sorts of fun stuff. I did have some fun but it was mostly work, being an adult, getting right with my self. You know, the usual stuff we call life.

A quick recap.

Monday. Jasmine had her follow up appointment. I have yet to hear the results of the culture they took so I am taking this as good news. Let's hope my blind optimism is right on the mark. Other than that, Monday was a quiet one for me.

Tuesday. Hmmm, normal as far as work goes. Busy. Analysis. A meeting. Trash talking. Starbucks. Kicked major butt at the gym. I have rediscovered kick boxing and what a release that can be. Post gym, slumber party. Fun times. Needed that release too.

Wednesday. Just another day in the life. Nothing exciting. Nothing dramatic. More work. Audits. Starbucks.

Thursday. Road trip. Ugh.

Friday. Normal day. Starbucks. Quiet day. Quieter night.

Y'all see the trend here? B-O-R-I-N-G.

Saturday. Brunch with friends. Afternoon of college ball. The Ohio State Buckeyes proved to me they are worthy of their #1 ranking. My Horns beat Iowa State. The rest is a blur. Not because I was drinking people. It's just the day is a blur.

Sunday. Target in the AM. Gym right after. Home in time to catch the Seahawks whoop on the Giants, only to almost give it away in the second half. Spent the rest of the day cleaning. I mean down and dirty cleaning. Like I even washed the slipcovers on the couch cleaning. Where that burst of domestication came from I don't know.

So, here I sit on Sunday night, quickly catching you up knowing I should be in bed. The alarm will be going off before I know it. Before I want it to. Before a time that is normal.

I picked up a workout dvd at Target and I'm inspired to get up at 5:00 AM to get a little work out in. Trying to be good. Trying to start a new routine. We'll see how it goes. I'll be sure to let you know.

If I do get up and pop that bad boy in, I hope my neighbors don't mind too much if they hear me. Honestly, and this is going to sound bad, but what do I care if they do? They wake me up every morning around 2:00 AM. One of them works a funky shift and although I don't care to be woken up by the sound of the fan in the bathroom, I can appreciate a morning shower.

Anyway, that is what has been going on around here. Not much, which can be a good thing. I still haven't been inspired to stamp or create. I've got ideas. I just have been into reading more than getting creative. Maybe this week.

Hope things are good in your world.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Stew

Not much going on around here. I boycotted football today. Until tonight that is. I caught the last quarter of the game in which the Seahawks took down the Cardinals. The offensive line still looks weak but we'll take the win. Now the question is, will the Cowboys rule supreme over the Redskins?

Thank goodness Texas beat the heck out of Rice yesterday. I don't think I could have taken another week of hearing crapola about the Longhorns. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes won too so a certain someone still has bragging rights.

But if the Cowboys win tonight, it is sooooo on because his Buccaneers got their butt kicked by the Falcons.

**EDITED**: Cowboys won 27-10. I get to talk trash come Tuesday! :)

I spent the afternoon shopping. I needed food and desired creative inspiration. I've lost my creating mojo lately. I just can't get motivated. And hey if you go shopping, you can avoid household chores for a little bit longer. I'll finish those up in a minute. Love to finish a Sunday night up with light cleaning and laundry. Oh what fun.

I'd love to tell you I found great stuff but not today. I only went to Impress, Target, and Costco. It was a true errand kind of day. But y'all know I can't walk past the books and not pick something up right?

Hi. My name is Mo and I have an addiction to books.
**HI MO**

That wouldn't be such a bad support group to be in would it?

So, I got Running with Scissors at Target (thanks for the recommendation JP) and Inside My Heart at Costco. I'm interested to know what Robin McGraw has to share with us. Maybe we'll get some dirt on Dr. Phil too.

Food. Don't go to Costco when you are hungry. I picked up some trash I normally wouldn't pick up and then scarfed on some of it when I got home. I'll be paying for it this week. You know. Beating myself up for eating 8 mini tacos. That's 16 grams of fat I didn't need.

Here's my rationalization. I didn't eat breakfast so it balances out somewhere. I know it really doesn't but if I tell myself enough times maybe I will start to believe it.

So far it is not working, only because I was out of light soy milk so I stopped at Starbucks so they could make my chai tea this morning. If I make it, I can control the amount of calories I ingest. They make it and who knows the combo. All I know was it was tasty and it was a nice treat to have someone else make it today.

Of course, everyone and their friend had the same idea and the Starbucks I frequent was packed. Wall to wall people. No room to move. We Seattle people take our fix seriously when the weather gets cool and the sky turns gray.

Target. I think I will stay with the one I normally go to. The one in Tukwila let me down, except for the people watching.

T, here she is in all of her glory.

Ok people I know it is not right to judge others. But this one I couldn't help making an assessment on. I'm thinking she is either very confident, doesn't give a crap, is on the cutting edge or a combo of all of the above. One thing is for sure, I'm not sporting that hair color. No matter how much I like fall and fall colors.

Oh, and the egg toaster thing was not on sale at this location. It looks cool and something I might pick up one of these days.

Impress. Got 5 stamps and some envelopes. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be inspired this week. I know I'll at least make a quick trash talking card with the football stamp.

That's about it folks. Real exciting huh?

Oh, and before I forget, I called to ask my nephew, who turns 17 this week, what he wanted for his birthday. Oy! 17. I remember the day he was born. It goes by so quickly doesn't it? Anyway, I find out today he wants money. Duh. I should have known. That's not the surprising part.

Surprise Aunt Mo. Your nephew not only got a car but he got a car that costs more than yours. My baby boy is running around town in a Z3 BMW!

He's a great kid. Straight A's, killer soccer player, responsible, caring, etc. My brother and his wife can afford the payments and insurance but at his age? You get a car like that? What's the kid got to look forward to you know? Hey, big bro. You want to buy me one of those?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Very Quick Update for Now

I am home.

Jasmine is home. I dropped some bank at the vet's. She has two meds for the time being. We go back to the doctor Monday for a check up. We cuddled like nobody's business last night and this morning. Ahh, the simple pleasures.

Princess is happy again. Both mommy and sister are back in her company. She's been very nice to both of us. We like it when she is good to us.

It's beginning to be a lot like fall around these parts. Trees are starting to change colors. Rain has arrived. Sweaters are being worn. Hot tea with a dash of pumpkin spice flavoring will soon be replacing cold chai tea in the AM. Red wine is replacing the goose and lemonade. Oh, and how can we forget the fall line up on TV is about to be in full swing?

Life is good.

Peace and Love Peeps. I have to get back to work.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What A Day

There are days traveling is not so much fun. Today would be one of those days.

Allow me to break it down for you.

Awake at 4:00 AM to start the day. Flight is scheduled for a 6:50 AM departure so Mo gets to get up nice and early.

Arrive at Masterpark to find huge line of cars ahead of me. Almost don’t make it in to the lot but hey, you’re a corporate gold member who spends a butt load of money with us so you, you can get in.

Hear mad people behind me want to know why I am being let in but they aren’t. I don’t blame you for being upset but do you have to yell and scream at me? Take it out on the attendant.

Get on van with about 10 people. 4 of which are panicky because OMG what if we’re late and miss our flight?

Folks, I assure you there is another flight for you if this happens. Just chill. Take it in stride. What is the worst that can happen? You’ll be stuck in the airport a little bit longer than you originally thought? You’ll get to your destination later than planned?

Dude, this is why there are book stores, food, massages, manicures, entertainment options available to and for you at the airport. It’s going to be ok. I promise.

I arrive to check my bag to find out my flight not only is delayed but I am being re-routed on a connecting flight. I despise connections.

But I think to myself hey, it’s all good. Now I have the time to eat breakfast. Watch the sunrise. Get some work done. Call and check on the love kitty. By the way, she is eating, her colon is empty, and it looks promising.

In case anyone is traveling through the Seattle-Tacoma International airport and would like to see a great view of Mount Rainier, may I suggest the table area by gate A10 and A11? It’s a very scenic view, especially with the sun rays hitting it first thing in the morning.

I chowed on an egg and cheese omelet. I chatted with the hottie TSA agent, Shawn, who waved me through the line, thanked me for my smile, for having the foresight to take off my shoes, for taking my laptop out of the briefcase, and not having any forbidden items in my bag.

Now here I sit on my butt, by my gate, without wireless access (grrrr), with the laptop on my lap, iPod rocking, and making eye contact with hottie #2. He smells delicious and the maroon button down, black suit, and Kenneth Cole shoes he’s wearing are making this girl purr. And ladies, he’s not wearing a ring.

This flight could be promising after all.

Fate intervened, somewhat. We ended up sitting next to one another on the flight but he was studying up on FAA regulations. He was on his way to his final pilot’s interview. We spoke briefly. I banged some more stuff out on the laptop. Gotta' respect the man who is focused right?

This connection wasn't meant to be.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ok, so by now we all know The Ohio State Buckeyes won. It was a great game, if you were going for the Buckeyes. My thought? Secretly I felt Texas wasn't going to come out ahead for this match up. But you know what? The season is still early.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the shinding. I wasn't the only Texas fan. As a matter of fact, fan base was even. Made for some interesting trash talking. I'm a little bit poorer but that is the chance one takes with a bet right?

Pete the Pelican and I remain on good terms. The trash talking continued after the game and was still going on this afternoon. I wonder how long that's going to last? We even did some wrassling to see who was superior. It's still even. Never underestimate the girl who grew up as a tomboy and with 4 brothers.

A public apology is in order.

To Pete: I am sorry I kneed you in the groin. I swear it was an accident. Just like I know you banging my head on the arm of the couch was an accident. You have to admit it was pretty funny they happened one after the other and we were both rolling on the floor in pain.

I thank you for the dances afterward. It made it all ok, which you knew it would. Moonlight, tunes, slow dancing on the deck, throbbing in all the wrong places. I am very happy we both have a sense of humor about these things. And who knew we'd fit like that? Not everyone can spin so effortlessly. Until next time...

Now for Sunday game watching. What an interesting game for the Seahawks and the Cowboys. That was some feisty and fierce stuff going down. I was on the edge of my seat more times than I could count today.

I'm footballed out from the weekend. I won't be watching Monday night's game for that reason plus the fact I have a super early flight Tuesday morning.

In case anyone is wondering, the vet called this morning. Jasmine is doing much better. Prelim tests indicate she has a UTI and the beginning stages of kidney disfunction. We'll still know more tomorrow after additional tests and X-Rays but it looks like in addition to getting a Lysine pill each day, she'll have some additional long term care in order.

I'm good with that and am praying there isn't anything more seriously wrong with her. She's not a kitten anymore and there is no telling what her life was like before I adopted her so whatever happens comes with the territory. I just can't believe it's happening.

I'll try to keep you posted from the road. Tomorrow is going to be a very hectic day (love me some quarter close action and a ton of conference calls) and like I shared previously, I have an extremely early flight Tuesday. But hey, that's what wireless access in the airport is for right?

Please, for me, keep the love kitty in your thoughts.

My bed is calling my name, not to mention Princess. She's pretty needy tonight. Can't blame her. I take her sister away and leave her alone for over 24 hours. And I am pretty sure she knows I'll be leaving her again shortly for a few days. At least she didn't get locked in the cabinet this time.

Hope things are well in your world. Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Game Day Beaotches & Love Kitty Needs You

This about sums it up. I found it on something I was reading earlier.

"Sit back, relax, down the barbecue, and enjoy what figures to be a very wild rollercoaster ride of emotions and football fortunes. If it's even half of what last year's game was, you're in for a pigskin treat."

It's going to be a good one boys and girls. It's so on!

I'm heading over to The Ohio State territory house for the bbq and game watching.

I'll the bold one. Yep, that's me. The only Texas fan. In a house full of Buckeyes. I'll be sporting my Longhorn shirt, with bling on it of course, with pride. I'll be the one taking one boy's money when my Horns bring it home!

Here's to my rollercoaster ride for the day. There will be no relaxing until it is all said and done I am sure.

Oh and T, The result of today may just be one of the biggest tests for the Pelican and I. He's hosting the shinding.

Now, onward to me requesting good vibes and prayers. My love kitty, Jasmine is at the vet's.

I was woken up by her howling and hiding out in the closest around 4:45 AM this morning. My baby is hurting. She is constipated. I've talked about this before but this morning definitely took the cake.

Plus, she's lost some weight. I thought she'd dropped about 2 pounds. The vet just told me over the phone it wasn't my imagination. She's lost that and then some. She's at 6.4 lbs. That's low peeps.

She's already had one enema. They think she is going to need another. It may not just be constipation. She could have something seriously wrong with her. Tests will be run. X-Rays will be taken. But first they have to hydrate her and let her have some bowel movements. They should know more Monday.

She'll be the guest of the Cat Doctor's until I come back from my trip this week.
I know she is in good hands. The vet thinks she is the sweetest thing ever, which she is.

She, the vet, was like her meows right now are breaking my heart. You think they are breaking your heart? What do you think it's doing to mine?

You all know how much I adore her. I couldn't imagine her not being a part of my life. I'm asking for some love to be sent her way and mine too ok? She just has to be ok.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Did You See It?

Did you see yours last night or early this morning?

Man, it was out of this world!

I love me some full moon rising.

Peace and love peeps. My day is going to be spent kicking some arse.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


con‧tem‧pla‧tion  ˌkɒn təmˈpleɪ ʃən, -tɛm- - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kon-tuh m-pley-shuh n, -tem-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. the act of contemplating; thoughtful observation.
2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation.
3. purpose or intention.
4. prospect or expectation.

I can’t sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning for hours now. I’ve tried just about everything I can to get some zzzz’s.

My mind is racing. I’m going from one thought to the next. It’s pissing me off. It’s making me sad. It’s irritating me.

So, I decided to get out of bed and write about some of the stuff weighing on my mind.

In about 24 hours I turn another year older. I realize each day we are alive we’re aging. We’re one day closer to the end. It’s enough to make you want to live life to the fullest when you look at it that way.

I didn’t have a hard time turning 30. It was 29 that did me in.

Same this year. I’m one year away from the big three five. It’s not that big of a number but it is haunting me.

I’m stuck in the rut of contemplating where I am currently versus where I think I should be or what I thought I would be doing when I turned this age.

I know it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s the worst thing I can do. I should focus on what I have. Concentrate on seeing the beauty and blessings each day brings.

Instead I’m beating myself up.

I have my health. I am surrounded by people I love and that love me. I have a career I enjoy, as frustrating as it can be from time to time. I have a roof over my head, money in the bank, and food in the pantry/fridge. I get to experience a lot that others don’t get to. Yada, yada.

In my head I hear all the other things.

The what I wants.

The what I should haves.

The expectations society places on you.

Know what? The older I get, the less I like birthdays.

Punk ass.

Why can't I feel like this right now?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday Shopping Part 2

The rest of the purchases for your viewing pleasure.

Me thinks I will stop with the sweater vests now. This will make #3. At least they are all different cuts and colors.

Again, a girl can never have too many button downs with french cuffs. I wish the picture showed you the stripes in their true glory. They are what caught my eye. I see this shirt with slacks, with a pencil skirt, with jeans, under a suit.

Love this shirt. May have to get at least one other color in the same cut later this week. I see this pretty silk, simple shirt with just about anything in my wardrobe.

Digging on this. It's perfect for so many different combinations but especially under a cardigan or a suit. This too may have to be in another color by the end of the week.

See how nicely they go together?

I also hit Victoria's Secret (black bra set), Nordstrom (Spanx), and Bath and Body Works (lotion).

All in all, great deals and what would have made the day better? If T or JP had been with me.

Oh, and Ace, you were right you fashion man you. No peep toe wedges could be found. How did you ever know?

I'm off for the rest of the day. I have a butt load of light cleaning to do and then I'm spending the rest of the day at an end of the summer bbq. Hope you enjoy the last day of the long weekend too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Shopping

Labor Day sales people! Back to school specials! I power shopped this afternoon and got some great deals.

As promised to my girl T, below is a fashion show. The pictures suck but I think y'all will get the idea of some of the stuff I'll be wearing this fall.

Everything is pretty conservative, was selected with work in mind, and chosen to have endless combination possibilities.

Now you know why I have so much fun with my shoes. A girl has to get crazy and funky somewhere right? In my opinion, shoes are the easiest and most fun way to do so without going too far out there in the conservative bean counting career I'm in.

So without further delay, let the show begin!

I've got this dress in black too. The picture doesn't show off the great cut and draping of the sweater dress. I see this camel color and the black one, making it all the way through fall and possibly winter too. Throw a cardigan on with it, some tights, some knee high boots (all together or separate) and viola we've got sweater dress action!

I saw it and it was one of those pieces that screamed at me. It said, "Mo, over here. You have to take me home with you. Can't you just see it now? Wear me with a black, white, red, or any other color button down, wear me with black, gray, red, khaki, or white slacks. Wear me with your black shoes, your red shoes, your silver peeps. Wear Me!" The back is solid black. It has a little knitted belt too on the bottom of it. I love it.

This bad boy is a staple for any Pacific Northwestener. Black, belted, hooded sweater jacket. Another must have purchase.

A girl can never have too many fitted, button downs with french cuffs. Classic black. Do we even need to talk combinations folks? I didn't think so.

The pattern of the pants isn't showing up too well on the picture. They are a black and white tweedy pattern. I love the button detail and the fit is almost perfect. They are a little long but nothing the alteration fairy won't be able to fix in a jiffy.

More pics to follow. You know how blogger is. Only so many at a time.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

That Boy Can Move

Finally catching the VMA's and boy can that Justin move! You can tell he's feeling it. I dig it.

Anxiously awaiting 09/12. The day his new album drops. Here's to hoping it's as good as the reviews are saying because I'm totally loving SexyBack. I can't even count how many times a week I rock out to it. It's on at least 3 playlists and burned to many different mix cd's. I haven't tired of it yet. That's saying something.

His newest work is apparently inspired by Prince. Who doesn't love them some Prince? iTunes better have it available on the 12th or I just may have to pout. Pouting ain't pretty and causes some lines this girl doesn't need.

Back to the couch I go to watch all of the VMA's. I may not hit the pool today after all but hey, I actually did sleep for a full 8 hours and time spent jamming to music, hearing some new stuff, and being entertained by Jack Black fits the bill for the day.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Happy Long Weekend

So, whatcha' got going on this weekend? Anything big?

Me? Well, I started the weekend off with a 1.5 hour massage. It was the perfect way to end the frustrating week I lived through. Then, I snuggled up with the babies on the couch for movie night and some comfort food.

When I say snuggled, I mean snuggled. Jasmine was under the crook of my arm and Princess was laying on my hip. Love my babies! They always seem to know exactly when I need extra special loving.

We watched Proof, Annapolis, and Flightplan. Hey, Blockbuster was low on flicks when I finally got to the store a'right? I would have been more than happy with a good old fashioned chick flick but noooooo. I got there too late to get the picks of my choice. I'm happy with what I watched. They've been on my list for awhile.

I snarfed on a KFC bowl. I shared the taters with the babies. I consumed more than my average consumption of soda. I ate another Snickers. I'll be extra good for the rest of the weekend to make up for my night of indulgence.

Saturday...hmmm. When I finally crawl into bed I hope to sleep for more than 5 hours. I plan to be poolside as the temps are supposed to be well into the 80's. It is my mission to veg out, to read a book, to decrompress while soaking up the rays.

Sunday. Absolutely nothing on the agenda. Yet. I know I'll have to do some chores, errands, and maybe I'll be inspired to break out the craft stuff and create.

Monday. I am so taking the day off. It's BBQ time at a friend's place.

Nothing too exciting. Just the way I want it. Yippie for me. :)

Does that make me an antisocial loser? You know? Because I don't really want to do much of anything with anyone over the long weekend? I may change my mind but for now, it's shaping up to be a quiet one spent with myself.