Thursday, March 29, 2007

One More Observation

Surprise. Y'all knew I couldn't stay away right?

I completely forgot to tell you one of my other observations at the airport yesterday.

I know we were all there at the butt crack of dawn and most of the folks looked like they were on vacation but, and I repeat but, when did it become acceptable for us to be in public in our pj's?

I see it a lot at the grocery store. But the airport? Really?

Remember back in the day when people got dressed in their Sunday finest to travel? Now we are just rolling out of bed in any ole thing?

I won't be. Will you? Heck, I feel funny going to the store in sweats sometimes. I'm just saying. Personal pride and standards peeps. Folks do notice.

Ok. I am off of my soapbox and back to the grind. It is supposed to be a beautiful day with temps in the 60s. Pete and I both have to work a little later than we'd like but I see a BBQ and deck action or a trip to the beach to let someone wait on us and where we can watch the seals and other marina action.

Hope you have a good day.

Peace and Love.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ramblings from the Road

First and foremost, 4:00 AM is an insane time to be getting up in the morning. I love you love kitty really I do but seriously, could you let your mommy sleep until the alarm was set to go off at 4:30? Guess you figured out I was leaving on a one day tour today and just had to get that extra bit of loving in didn't you?

A great big gratitude moment to being on the Alaska shuttle service today. See, it's Spring Break and there are massive amounts of folks in the airport. I got to breeze right on by the long security line with my MVP status and being on the shuttle to the other side of the mountain today.

Doing so allowed me the opportunity to get breakfast with all my other friends at Qdoba and sit back and people watch before I boarded my plane.

Which leads me to the other random ramblings. Let's be sure when we fly we arrive with time to get to our gate ok? I do not appreciate you running up on me at the security line or when I am minding my own business walking to my gate. Being late does not give you the right to be a rude mo fo.

Women, listen up. Take note. If you can't wear heels and drag your rolling bag behind you without looking like you are in pain or are going to topple over, either check the bag or wear flat shoes. It is not attractive to see you in that state and my heart goes out to you. I am all about fashion but really, these are times for practicality, not showing your true diva side.

That is about all I had time to witness. Oh, except for the random guy sitting next to me wearing his Uggs. Man, I tell you. I wish I could get away with wearing my Uggs every day like he said he does.

I probably won't be back until Friday. Tomorrow is date night with Pete and it is also my busy, busy bee work week. Financials came out for the quarter. I did good but as is always the case, I could have done better. Friday night Kyla and I are finishing up the Easter baskets and cards after I get off work so it might be more like later in the weekend.

I know I have said that before and then hopped right on in and updated you with something so feel free to stop on by. I just may surprise us all.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Am Woman

. . . Hear me R*O*A*R.

That was our battle cry this evening.

First let me tell you a little bit about the drama-rama at the office today. I swear sometimes I think I am back in high school.

One of the admins in the office, who sits upstairs, comes downstairs today to talk to one of the other admins in the office. The admin from upstairs will be called A. The admin, who sits downstairs right by me, will be called N.

So, A comes bounding down the stairs today and says to N, "I need your help with a top secret mission." N replies, "What do you have in mind?"

N thought it would be along the lines of a practical joke because we are always playing those on each other in the office.

A says, "I need your help in finding out who Mo is dating."

Now, A has no idea that N and I have developed a "I got your back" type of working relationship and friendship.

So N replies with "Why do you want to know?"

A says "Because at the holiday party she said she had been dating three guys and now she is down to one and I have a theory as to who it is. I think it is J."

Background info for you is J used to be one of the managers in the office but he has since left us. I still text with him weekly and we get together for dinner about once a month give or take. There is nor has there ever been anything between us. A has the serious hots for him. I think he has a little bit of a crush on me.

N says, "All I know is his name is Pete."

According to N I then walked into our area and the conversation was over. But not before A starts complimenting me on the bun I was sporting today. Please. You really think I didn't know you were talking about me. Seriously. Who thinks a bun looks really good on anyone?

So all I am saying is could she be my stalker? That was the first thing out of Pete's mouth when he heard the drama-rama. That and she just probably just needs some friends.

Now some of ya' are probably wondering why I didn't confront the situation head on like I normally would. I would have if I didn't think it would have negative repercussions for N. They have to work together day in and day out. I'm in and out of the office so much it doesn't really make a difference to me, at least not at the moment. Should she continue to pry in my personal life, I will take little miss aside and find out exactly what is up and why it seems to matter so much to her. This is not the first time A has inquired about something in my personal life and frankly, it's getting a little old.

Now this is a direct shout out to my girl JP. Tonight Kyla and I went to dinner at Olive Garden. We scarfed on salad, soup, and breadsticks with Mariana sauce. We split a bottle of pinot noir. We were chilling and realized we had less than one hour to shop at Office Depot and JoAnn's. There was about one glass of wine left in the bottle. We were going to cork it and she was going to take it home.

We stand up from the table and decide we can finish that last glass in the bottle. Do you think we messed around with pouring it into glasses? Oh no JP, we went the classy route and sucked it down straight from the bottle. Cuz that's how we all roll right? Who needs stinking glasses anyway?

After Office Depot and a mad dash to Office Max, we hit up Target. Y'all know how much we love some Target. I found the perfect pair of leopard print ballet flats. So cute. Great airplane shoes.

Yes y'all. I still dig the leopard print. I am woman. Hear me R*O*A*R.

Kyla picked up a chair and ottoman that she has had her eye for some time. It finally went on sale. So what is a best friend to do but help one of her beaotches carry that bad boy up two flights of stairs? We were both in stilettos. That takes some skill folks.

We are women. Hear us R*O*A*R.

And speaking of roaring, love kitty is driving me crazy. I have been gone all day and she needs some loving. Wait until she finds out I have an 8:00 AM flight tomorrow and won't be home until after 9:00 PM.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Love Me Some Insurance

Oh yes I do! Got one of the bills from the insurance company. Remember the "this is not a bill" from the hospital? Well, the insurance company sent me a health statement and here is how it breaks down:

Billing $6468.69
Discount $5089.69
Cost of Care $1379.00
Health Plan Paid $805.48
Amount I Owe $573.52

I can live with that. It's only .08% of the hospital's billing.

Now, let's see what we can do to get the rest of the country health care at a reduced price too.

On another note, I got the lab results back. All of my blood work is normal. I don't know what the heck all of it means or what function it serves my body so I'll be researching that in my spare time before I go back to the doc. The good news for the time being is all of the results are in the normal range.

I may just have to check out that body exhibit after all.

Sucky part of the day? I accidentally swallowed some of my inhaler medicine when I was rinsing out my mouth and now my throat is a little sore. Hell, that better be all it is or I am going to be one pissed off woman. I best not be getting a sore throat.

Ok, I know I should have had a rain jacket on Saturday but getting wet doesn't make you sick. Aaaargh. Someone stop me before I talk myself into getting sick.

That's it. I am going to suck down some vitamin c and head for bed.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rolling with It

It's been one of those weekends. You know when you think you have it all planned out and then things change at the last minute?

All the changes have been good so I'm just rolling with it.

Seems like this weekend has been movie weekend. Shooter Friday night, Reign Over Me Saturday night. Before this the last movie I saw at the movie theater was in November with Pete. I used to go all the time.

Friday was supposed to be Zodiac with Kyla, Marisol, and Marisol's husband and dinner. It ended up being Kyla, Aaron, Travis, Ace (vanilla Ace), John, and me seeing Shooter and then having drinks and dinner at The Spot.

Saturday I did work. No lunch with Pete but I did get that much needed hug. Got my facial and a 15 minute shoulder rub down that was sorely needed. Then I ran some errands, had dinner with Marisol at Roadhouse, and we met Tyler for a drink at Red Robin before we went to see Reign Over Me.

I was "scheduled" to do my Easter cards and household stuff.

Today, which was wide open, remains wide open for the moment. I've got a load of laundry going, tunes rocking, and the urge to bust out those Easter cards.

Y'all remind me next time I go to the Dollar Store to go with someone alright? I'm just saying...when did the local Dollar Store become a pick up joint?

After my facial I went to pick up a few Easter basket goodies. Kyla said they had some good stuff so I thought I'd check it out.

Let me frame this up for you before we go any further. Post facial means no makeup and a little bit of red face. Since I had been out late the night before and up early for work, I threw my hair back in a ponytail and sported the Uggs, jeans, and a long sleeve t-shirt with a long tank top under it. So when I strolled into the store I was looking like I had rolled out of bed and was uber casual.

I'm walking the store and the security guard was casing me. Y'all know what I mean right? Like every aisle I went down he happened to be close by.

Like seriously, out of all the people in the store do you really think I am the one you need to keep an eye on? Did you not see the meth heads/crack whores over by the tshirts bugging over the fact that you carry tshirts? Did you not see the kids covering each other by the candy?

I was thinking I was the least of his worries. It never crossed my mind that he was going to make a move.

Homeboy strolls by me and asks, "Do you have a myspace page?" In typical Mo fashion I look around to see if he was talking to me. I replied, "No." He says, "It's the in thing to do. Why don't you have one?" I reply, "Because of what I do for a living (this is partially true) it wouldn't be a good move for me to have my personal life out there." He then asks what I do for a living. Um, yea buddy. I'm not telling.

So he walks away and then this other random dude comes walking up and says, "Hey sexy thang. Can I get your number? Wanna' go get something to eat?"

Are you kidding me?

So I stroll over to the stickers by the registers and security homeboy comes back over. "So I see you don't have a ring on your finger. You wanna' get together sometime?" I think to myself are you freaking serious? My reply, "Um, thanks. I am flattered, especially considering I just got out of a facial and have no make up on but I have a boyfriend." He says, "Well you can't blame a guy for trying right?"

No, I guess I can't.

I got the hell up out there peeps.

So, if you're looking for an ego boost may I recommend your local dollar store? Let me know how it works out for you ok?

And don't any of you go and tell Pete I called him my boyfriend. We're exclusively seeing each other but that's it a'right?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life is Precious

I am driving to work this morning and was reminded of how very precious life is.

How it can be taken from us in an instant.

Traffic was backed up, which is highly unusual for this time of the morning, for the road I was on. I could see the flashing lights and then I saw the yellow tape, the investigators, the wreckage. I came upon the remains of a fatality accident.

In a flash, accidents happen. Here one minute just doing our thing and then bam, life can change or end in an instant.

I said a quick prayer for the person who passed and for their family. And now I am saying a prayer of thanks for being here, for being safe, and for keeping my loved ones safe too.

I'm sending huge hugs out to all of you. Thank god I get to see Pete in a few hours so I can get and give a hug too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS: On a lighter note, we didn't see Zodiac last night. Did you know that movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long? We are going to wait until it comes out on DVD. We opted to see Shooter instead. Yummy Mark Wahlberg. Good action movie. Suspended reality for a bit. Then we went to The Spot. I'm on the mend folks. I actually stayed out until 1:45 AM and had a couple of drinks. Woo wee. I was starting to worry. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

I Get It Already!

I'm not ready to give up the good fight yet.

What fight is that Mo you might be asking yourself right now.

The fight I am not ready to give up but am coming to terms with is the battle of the gray hair.

I got my first gray hair when I was fourteen.

Lately they have been coming in faster and faster. Y'all already know I color and cut my hair, without fail, every 7 weeks. I schedule those durn appointments each November for the following year cuz that's just how I roll.

But as I am driving to my weekly "date" with the eye doc, I notice all of the gray mixed in. Tons of it. Like overnight it up and grew babies. I just got my hair done two weeks ago. How could this be?

So, I am going rock the gray mixed in with the highlights because seriously, what else can I do? Well, I guess I could dye my hair all over and then add the highlights but then I'd be doing a lot of damage I didn't need to and spending even more money.

Ho Hum...fighting the aging process is a no brainer. It's gonna win every time.

On another note, eye doc is putting back in the RX for my right eye I had a month ago. This time I get to wear that contact for 30 days and then come back and see him. I told him today I felt a little bit like he was breaking up with me. To go from seeing each other once a week to nothing for the next 30 days, oh my! How will I survive?

He laughed and said he'd miss me too but he was sure we would be seeing each other again. Yep. You got that right Dr. Hwahn.

I'm off to finish up a bit of work, get nekkid in the tanning bed, have dinner with Kyla, and meet up with Marisol and her husband to see Zodiac.

Have any of you seen it yet? Jake is such eye candy so that in itself will be worth the trip in the wind and rain.

Tomorrow I am working for a bit. I am finally going to tackle some of those lingering deadlines and get my work desk under control. Then Pete and I are going to have lunch before I get my facial. Tomorrow night I am doing laundry and most likely will start on my Easter cards. Sunday is wide open for now, which is most likely what I am going to need.

What about you? What do you and yours have going on? Whatever it is, I hope you are well.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

World Water Day

Today, March 22, is World Water Day. The day was created in 1992 when the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to draw attention to the world water crisis.
The world water crisis is one of the largest public health issues of our time. Nearly 1.1 billion people (roughly 20% of the world's population) lack access to safe drinking water and 40% is without adequate sanitation. The lack of clean, safe drinking water is estimated to kill almost 4,500 children per day. In fact, out of the 2.2 million unsafe drinking water deaths in 2004, 90% were children under the age of five. Water is essential to the treatment of diseases, something especially critical for children.
This problem isn't confined to a particular region of the world. A third of the Earth's population lives in "water stressed" countries and that number is expected to rise dramatically over the next two decades. The crisis is worst in developing countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
Many women and young girls in rural areas in Sub-Saharan African and other parts of the world must trek as much as six miles everyday to retrieve water for their families. Due to this manual labor, such women and children are prevented from pursuing an education, maintaining their households or earning additional income.
Thus, the lack of clean water, coupled with the lack of basic sanitation and a dearth of hygiene education, is one of the largest obstacles to progress and development in these regions and across the world. The UN has prioritized water access among its Millennium Development Goals because it contributes to such widespread suffering, including increased poverty, high child mortality rates, depressed education levels, and political instability. Without question, the world water crisis condemns billions of people to a perpetual struggle to survive at the subsistence level, thus inspiring millions to engage and alleviate this problem.
Recognize how truly lucky, blessed, and fortunate we are peeps.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meet My New Friend

I spent a lovely three hours at the doctor/hospital yesterday. I feel like an experiment gone wrong. I feel like a pin cushion.

I had my blood drawn three times. I had two chest x-rays. I huffed and puffed into this breathing thing three separate times.

Fun times I tell you.

When my doctor walked in the first thing she said was, “You look fantastic for someone who was as sick as you were.” Thanks Dr. Kim. I do try to look presentable, no matter how bad I am feeling.

Then she sits down and says, “Wow. You were really sick. I mean really sick. Normally patients with pneumonia can be sent home with antibiotics but you were admitted. Your heart rate was high, your pulse ox was low, and you were sick.”

Naw. Really? You don’t say.

She thinks I may have aspirated some of the vomit in the wrong pipe when I had the stomach thing or I got hit with another nasty organism.

Any way you look at it, I was really sick. Do you get that by now? Yea, me too.

So, to make a potentially long story short, my lungs are clear but my lung capacity is crap. She said I should have been blowing at least 400 but I couldn’t move that little red bar more than 300, 325 at max. My pulse ox is back at 100.

$60.00 later, I get to puff on my little purple friend every morning and every night for the next 30 days.

Cross your fingers it brings the inflammation down and I didn’t develop asthma. That’d be oh so special wouldn’t it?

And I have been banned from working out for another 2 weeks and have been ordered to rest, to listen to my body, to take it slow.

All I am saying is I am grateful for the health that I do have but I sure would like to be closer to 100% than where I am right now.

Here’s to hoping you and yours are healthy and feeling fine.
Peace and Love Peeps.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Top of the Day

Do you have an AM routine?

I do.

It tends to vary from time to time but what doesn't change is sitting at my home desk, going over what is in store for the day, checking voicemail (I have 3 for work; crazy I know), and more often than not, checking both work and personal email while enjoying a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

This morning for breakfast I had a glass of chai tea, a gala apple, and a bowl of smart start cereal with low fat plain soy milk.

That's my home desk. It is messy as all get out. I really do need to organize it.

There is my trusty red cell phone, which never seems to be far away from me. Do you suffer from that addiction too?

The envelope on the far corner of the desk is the Met Life paperwork I need to mail today to cancel the life insurance policy for the ex.

Under the rock is yesterday's mail.

The far right corner of the picture is a glimpse of the ten key a bean counter can't work without with a magazine and items to be filed sitting under it.

What you don't see is the lamp, scanner, more items to be filed, the broadband box, speakers, the handy dandy pen, pencil, utensil holder, the power hub, and printer. Past all that is the fax machine, extra paper and file storage center.

Exciting times I know. But hey, it is the details of the everyday that make us who we are right?

On another note, wish me luck today. I have my follow up doctor appointment. No blood to be drawn today but a chest x ray and whatever else the doctor decides is in order.

Can you believe it has been a month already? Time sure does fly.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Bit of This

Ok, so yesterday I said I would tell you about St. Paddy's. There really is not much to tell. I went to take a nap and didn't wake up until well after 2:00 AM.

Yea Boy! I pub crawled...Not. I asked about the night and found out all I missed was lots of Guinness and some of those beer induced conversations. They all woke up feeling like crud and I woke up refreshed. Good choice on my part I think.

Sunday was the build-a-bear trip. It was so much fun and I almost wanted to make one too but I refrained. After all, the trip was for the girls. I promised I wouldn't post pictures of the finalized product but I can tell you they were so freaking adorable. The girls and the build-a-bears.

A chose a husky and outfitted her in a blue jean skirt with sparkles, a blue t shirt with sparkles, a pair of pink panties, a pink purse, and a pink and gray cammo hat. She named her Sophi. I am not sure why we left the e off of Sophie but hey, it was her birth certificate and who am I to argue with a 7 year old.

C chose a hello kitty. No surprise there and outfitted her in the same blue jean skirt with sparkles, a pink hello kitty sparkly t shirt, a different pink purse, and a pair of red panties. She named her Chloe.

A's plays the happy birthday song when you push the paw and C's says I love you.

Daddy did a great job by one, going to the mall in the first place and two, negotiating with the girls as to what they could get on this trip. I had no idea there was so much freaking stuff to choose from but it makes sense when you think of the store's concept.

After leaving the mall we hit up the bookstore and then went back to their place to bbq and have a picnic in the backyard.

Yum! Good times on a Sunday afternoon.

Today I discovered it is time to buy a new digital unless I can get the part of my camera fixed that holds the battery in place. It still works if you hold the battery down but I am here to tell you it is no easy feat to take the shot and hold that part of the camera.

Any recommendations on one to buy? The ex bought this one a few years back and what I love the most about it is how small it is. I can take it everywhere and usually do.

For now I am off to finish the mound of laundry I did Friday night but was too lazy and unmotivated to do over the weekend. It is in a nice pile in the doorway of my bedroom. Then I am off to bed. I was up super early today and had a pretty intense day so my ass is beat.

Peace and Love Peeps.

PS - In case anyone is wondering, the only other "private" phone call since 03/13 came in Sunday when we were at build-a-bear. I would have had Pete answer the phone if I hadn't been briefly talking with K at the time. We both were like whatever and then later when we were baking cookies were like maybe we really are being watched...

T: The call that came in the next day I told you about was his buddy attempting to play a joke on me. Sunday he was completely unaware and didn't even have his phone with him.

Sometimes I think my life has the makings of a Lifetime movie written all over it.

Oh and dang if I didn't come back to edit this post and have those strange spaces that won't delete. There really are some days I long for the old blogger. Change is good, change is good. Now if only I could believe it in this instance.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sigh of Relief

Breathing a big sigh of relief.

For what you might ask.

Well, do you remember when I dropped some bank 12/30/06 at Lenscrafters because I had money in my health care reserve account that had been being deducted all year around to use before 2007 rolled around?

I wrote that fat check and waited patiently for the reimbursement funds to arrive.

Finally on 02/27/07 when I had only received $500.00+ of what was due back to me, I sat down and made copies of receipts, cross referenced what had been paid, and faxed a 25 page itemization (last thing I want to do when I do this for a living from time to time) to the company who cuts the checks.

Guess what arrived yesterday and I picked up in the mail today?

Fo' sho. My remaining funds from 2006 I forked over.

Mo got paid.

Mo is happy.

Mo was doing happy dance until she realized she got ahead of herself and shredded some receipts she could have sent in to use up the the remaining funds she paid for and lost. Mo has come to terms with this and is getting back into her OCD, anal retentive, detail oriented, filing self.

Why Mo is referring to herself in third person I don't know.

What I do know is I am breathing a little bit easier and will be very happy when I see the check deposited.

Here's to small blessings. Hope you have had some too.

Tomorrow we'll talk about St. Patrick's Day, build-a-bear, and some other random stuff you have come to know and love.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


First, Happy St. Patrick's Day. You doing anything special for the day? Did you wear your green?

Me? I went to the office this morning and am about to fall into a deep slumber to see if I have what it takes to go out tonight with the gang. Local peeps want to hit a pub or two. Normally I'd be all over that, for a night out, but lately we know how I have been rolling.

Plus, I need to be wide awake for a day with Pete and the girls tomorrow. We're surprising them and taking them to Build-A-Bear and out to lunch. It's been over a month since I've seen the little angels and it wouldn't be fair, to them or me, to be dragging because I pub crawled.

Not a whole lot has been going on around here other than work, sleep, trying to get back in the groove, and another visit to the eye doc. At this rate I think I should go have a sit down lunch, dinner, cup of tea/coffee with the doc. I see him weekly. It's becoming a regular thing.

He told me yesterday I was a perfectionist because even though I was seeing 20/20 I must want 20/15 in my right eye.

All I am saying is I can tell a big difference between how I am seeing out of my right eye than my left when I have my contacts in and with the glasses, no difference. And to top it off, it is driving me nutty when I am working, reading, watching tv...pretty much living life. So, if that makes me a perfectionist, so be it. I'm not stopping until I can see straight. Seriously.

I hope things are good in your world. I am off like a dirty shirt. Bed is calling my name. Peace and Love peeps.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boo Hiss

Last time I checked I was a grown ass woman and was out of high school.

You know the pettiness, the prank calls, the slashing of the tires was behind me.

Obviously I was wrong.

We all remember when someone slashed all four of my tires this past November right?

Let's fast forward to yesterday afternoon shall we?

My phone rings while I am engaged in a work conversation with two of the managers here in the office. I hear my cell phone ring with the tell tale ring of an unidentified call. Calls coming in from our Portland office have such a ring so at first I thought nothing of it. I'm not one to drop what I am doing or ignore the live person in favor of running to answer the phone. You'll leave a message if it's important right?

We finish our conversation and I take another call on my office line. My cell phone rings with the unidentified ring tone again. I decide after my office line call I should call boss man to see if it was him trying to get in touch with me and he tells me no, that if he really needed me he would have left a message or sent me a text.

So, about twenty minutes later the cell rings again with the unidentified ring tone. I can finally answer the call and before I do, I notice it says private.

Um, ok. Let's see who is playing around with *67.

Me: "Hi, this is Mo."

Silence for about three seconds.

Them in a female voice: "How is Pete?"

Me: In a nice tone, "Excuse me?"

Them: Click

Seriously? Are you kidding me? Didn't we leave this behind years ago?

And I am just saying if you went to all the trouble to block your call and try to call me three times in exactly one hour, is that all you wanted to say? Is that all you could come up with?

So, god forbid if something should happen to me, y'all write down the date of 03/13/07 and let the authorities know I got private calls on my cell phone at 4:28 PM, 4:51 PM, and 5:28 PM. I didn't recognize the voice. All I can tell you is it was female.

Peace and Love Peeps. Keep an eye out for me. I just might need ya' to have my back a'right?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Tales

This will be completely random.

No rhyme or reason as to what or why I am sharing.

Are you ready?

Yea, me too.

I am still not on my game. I got the date, even though it is on my kitchen wall calendar and a reminder is set in my palm, mixed up.

See, Sunday night I put my water bottles out for pick up thinking the Crystal Springs dude was coming by Monday morning. Monday morning of the 12th .

When I got up this morning and noticed the bottles were still outside the door I called to determine when the next delivery was and … drum roll please … it is not until Monday the 19th.

Um, how many more reminders does one need? Think I will remember to put them out next Sunday? Stay tuned to see.

Does anyone else have random thoughts of needing to do their dishes, pick up, make their bed, take out the trash, etc. before they leave the house in the morning just in case? You know, just in case something happens to you and someone comes into your house and sees how you live?

Maybe I am weird like that but I just don’t feel right leaving if there are dishes in the sick, an overflowing trash situation, and stuff out of place. Those of you who know me in real life know the bed is always made unless I am in it or Princess won’t move her hairy little butt from the other side of the bed pillows.

Oh no she didn’t just tell us and oh no they did not celebrate with a cupcake and candle moment. Peeps, I had my first normal poo-e two days in a row. It’s been over a month and y’all this is big. Huge. (Yes T, I still say it without the H.)

So my beaotch K thought this was deserving of a celebration. She brought me a cupcake with a candle last night. We did it up right. Yum.

I’m really starting to feel sorry for the next door neighbor’s doggie. It must be all kinds of lonely, bored, pissy. The darn thing barks like there is no tomorrow for at least an hour after his daddy leaves him in the morning. Maybe I should tell him to leave the TV on or something. He knows he barks and apologizes all the time. I’m ok with it. I’m just starting to feel bad for the little champ.

So I finally got around to being creative. I made some thank you and St. Patrick’s Day cards, which are being mailed today. And guess what popped up on the side of my thumb? Something that hasn’t been around in quite some time? Here’s a hint. It’s dry, itchy, and a little bit red.

Did you guess eczema? Good for you. Thank god I still have my tube of ointment from the dermatologist. I was like, “Oh hell no” and proceeded to apply that greasy ointment all over my thumb.

I don’t know if the two are connected but the timing is coincidental enough for me to think so.

Right this moment Sweet Home Alabama is playing on my iPod. No matter how old that song is or how many times I hear it, I ROCK out to it. Picture me at my desk doing a little dance and singing for you. That’s it. You feel it too don’t you? Don’t deny. I can see you. I hear you too. Let it riiiiiiip. Ya’ know you want to.

I’m laying in bed reading a paperback book from the library last night. I love me the public library oh yes I do. But I got to thinking, upon seeing a full on lower bite mark impression at the top of one of the chapters, we really don’t have any idea who has read this book before us and what their habits are.

Seriously. A bite mark impression? What was someone doing? Were they in the tub and couldn’t put the book in their hands so the only alternative was to use their mouth? Were they in pain and needed something to bite? Were they hungry and taking a bite suppressed the hunger pain?

I finished the book but not before I lysoled the heck out of the rest of the book. Nasty. Might be a little too late but makes me look at borrowing from the public in a whole ‘nother light.

Hope you enjoyed the trip through today’s Tuesday. I have to get back to work. It’s extremely busy up around here today. I will be working late but at least I have dinner with my friend and massage therapist and her husband tonight to look forward to. Plus, she’s going to rub this little tense body down afterward. For free. Well, she asked for chocolate in return so she’s getting tons of it and I’ve slipped some cash in the gift bag of goodies too.

Slices of heaven. Love ‘em. Hope your day is filled with some too.

Peace and Love Peeps.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weird Dream

You ever have one of those weird dreams that have you waking up in the morning saying, "Um, what was that all about? What message am I to take away from that?"

I am sure you have been there at least once in your lifetime.

I had one of those dreams last night.

It contained elements of my past with elements of my present.

Nothing too strange other than the feeling I experienced during the dream.

I was driving in my very first car to go shopping at Nordstrom at the mall I frequented in my youth.

I arrived, without any purchases, to finally find my car in the parking lot with both doors wide open and my wallet gone.

I was in full on panic mode. I felt violated.

I rushed home only to find I was back in my childhood home, living with all of my siblings. We were all grown up and were all living together.

My brothers proceeded to give me grief about not calling the police to report the crime. So, they called the police.

A report was taken and I was scolded once again by my siblings.

Then, I woke up.

When I woke up the first thing I wanted to do was scan all the cards in my wallet.

You know. Just in case.

I didn't get a chance to do it but you can bet your last dollar at some point this week I will have a date set up with my scanner or the copy machine.

I'm not sure what else I might need to be taking away from that nocturnal, sub conscious activity but I will let you know if I find any other "hidden" meaning later.

For now, I have to head on home to finish laundry, walk a little on the treadmill (still working on my lung capacity), and do the other Monday night random stuff left over from the weekend.

Hope things are good in your world. Peace and Love Peeps.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let the Fun Begin


Professional charges to come.

Actual stay in the hospital yet to arrive.

I knew this time would come.
I'm ready for it.
I already started a file for all the mail and follow ups I am sure to do.

This is just the beginning. This I know for sure.

Let the fun begin.

Y'all are sure to be along for the ride so sit down, strap in, and bring your sense of humor a'right?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moments in Time From Today

Some peeps think they are so funny sometimes.
We are at lunch and as I get up to leave I realize the backs of my legs are kinda sticking to the booth because I had gotten all warm. You know what I am talking about right? Extra hot and spicy salsa will do that to a girl.
So, I say, "Oooh. I made the seat all warm. Watch yourself on the way out."
Friend replies with, "What? Did you go pee pee?"
Um, no I didn't but thanks for checking.
Then, later at the office I ask someone what color they think their shorts are because our sales reps are only supposed to wear blue, black, or khaki. What this guy was wearing didn't look like it fit any of these colors to me so I ask via using my toes/tip of my shoes, "What color do you
think this is?
His reply was, "Um, pale and ashy."
Guess I should hit the tanning bed tonight. It has been almost a month since I went so he was right about the pale and so totally wrong on the ashy.
Peace and Love Peeps.
*Updated at 5:18 PM:
While sitting at the fax machine waiting for a confirmation, co-worker asked if I was ok because I was sitting funny and wincing.
My reply? My ass still hurts.
His retort? Why, did you get it last night?
Man, I tell you...they just keep on coming.
And in case you are wondering my ass still hurts from the tumble down the stairs yesterday morning. Get your minds out of the gutter for one second peeps.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Spring sprung a leak. I spoke too soon yesterday. We were tantalized with a taste of the good and now we are back to the typical. Today we are foggy, wet, cool, and a little bit windy. Yesterday, as I mentioned before, was fan-fabulous. The official record breaking high was 68.

*Takes big sigh and longs for what once was*

Today’s little diddy for you goes a little something like this.

I’m leaving Pete’s around 5:30 this morning. I retired the Uggs for a day and wore flip flops last night.

The wooden stairs are nice and slick with rain and evergreen and other tree sap.

Can you guess what happened next?

If you guessed I went sliding down the stairs, one by one, on my backside you would be absolutely correct.

Talk about painful. Talk about a rude way to start the morning. Talk about embarrassing.

Pete was in full on panic mode and was the ever so sweet gentleman.

Nothing is broken or sprained but I am sure to be bruised later today and for days on end to come.

I popped some ibuprofen once I got home and I think doing so has helped ward off the soreness for the time being. The left side of my ass has a dull throb right now. That can’t be a good sign right?

This is one fall I didn’t laugh about but am sure I will find amusing at a later date.

Peace and Love Peeps. I gotta’ go crunch some numbers and forecast funds. Exciting I know. It is so much fun even I can’t stand it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Fever Has Sprung

How is the weather around your parts?
Here? Bootiful! Absolutely gorgeous. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a treat it is to have the sun shining, the birds singing, no clouds in the sky, and the temps in the mid to upper 50's.
Peeps, I'm wearing a pair of slacks, a tank top under a short sleeve cardigan, and my trusty black stilettos. Do you see a jacket in that description?
That'd be uh, no you didn't it!
I hope I am not jinxing it and saying I believe spring has sprung.
We took a moment or two to get out of the office and had lunch at Panera and actually sat outside. It was nothing short of glorious.
Fall is my favorite time of the year but I'm just saying, today is pretty durn good too.
Peace and Love.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

I wake up this morning and decide I can get a whole heck of a lot more done from the home office than the office today.

Boy howdy was I wrong.

It's been a battle to be at command central.

It's not the desk that is necessarily the issue.

Nor is it the craft/dining room/extra desk space table that is the issue.

It's the office chair.

See, a certain love kitty is demanding I give up the chair for her.

It's not enough that she has the entire rest of the house to lay on, to be in.

She wants the freaking chair all to herself.

If I get pawed or yelled at one more time or if she decides to jump on my lap in an effort to distract me for the umpteenth time, I might just have to go to the office after all.

It's a battle I tell you. One that obviously she is almost winning...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Have you jumped on the bandwagon too?

I had not heard of The Secret until I watched the Oprah episode. I was moved and motivated by the content of the show, what the experts had to say, and the theory behind it all.

The Secret is defined as the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like. The concept says that the energy you put into the world—both good and bad—is exactly what comes back to you. This means you create the circumstances of your life with the choices you make every day.

I try to live each day by recognizing the good and putting positive vibes out there but lately I have not been doing such a good job of doing so. So I figured, “Why not?”

I picked the book up yesterday while running some of the errands and have to say I am glad I did. I’ve only read chapter 1 and in the spirit of me, I have also perused the rest of the book. I have to say so far so good.

The other book that changed my way of thinking and the way I choose to live my life was another Oprah show recommendation by none other than Ellen DeGeneres. Have you heard of it? It is the The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

It is one of my all time favorite books. Again with the simple principles and it has been life changing for me. I have recently dusted it off of my bookshelf to regain some of the energy and philosophy I have been lacking lately.

I also have the 48 card deck in my home desk and try to randomly select a card from the box at least once a week, if not more often, for focus, perspective, and meditation. I figure random would guide me on what I needed to see. Ya’ know the universe speaking to me and all that instead of forcing something.

So, are you like me? On the hunt for perspective, gratitude, philosophy, etc.? Of course all things are possible through Christ and he is first and foremost in my life. Spirituality is huge around this part.

Do you have life changing books, movies you care to share? I’m really interested so please do tell.

And just for fun, here is a random card selection from today.

The agreement is Don’t Make Assumptions.

The front of the card says Be Yourself Around Others.

The back of the card says, “The biggest assumption that humans make is that everyone sees life the way we do. We assume that others think the way we think, feel the way we fell, judge the way we judge, and abuse the way we abuse. We are afraid to be ourselves around others because we think others will judge us, victimize us, abuse us, and blame us as we do ourselves.”

Food for thought and does tie nicely into my question for you doesn't it? Peace and Love Peeps.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hella Update

Edited at 10:34 PM: I got my errands done. Aren’t you proud of me?

Well, you should be. It took all the energy I had to drag myself to the shower, to tap and swirl some makeup on (I love me some bare minerals…oh yes I do), to do my hair, and to get dressed in something other than PJ’s.

A certain someone asked what my errands were and since I feel like indulging them, here they are in no particular order:

1. Drop off dry cleaning

2. Deliver rent check

3. Take trash out. It’s an errand folks. I have to drive to the dumpster. This is a good thing but a pain too. It’s a good thing because my building is so far away so I don’t get the stinky smells or constant traffic flow. It’s a pain because I have to drive my trash over instead of being able to walk it over.

4. Pick up replacement contact. I'm supposed to give it a week but I'm telling you now, my right eye RX still isn’t correct.

5. Select and purchase St. Patrick’s Day and Easter stamping stuff to send cards to some peeps. I ended up going to 4 stores and finding almost nothing for St. Patrick’s Day. I found lots of decorations but the selection of stamps and accent papers is surprisingly nil for the luck ‘o the Irish.

6. Buy birthday present(s) for niece

7. Buy replacement moleskin notebook for purse

8. Stock up on groceries at Trader Joes and Safeway

9. Drop mail off at the post office

10. Pick up fiber pills for love kitty at the vet

11. Pick up new take out menu from Italian place down the street. It’s under new ownership and there have been some changes to their menu. The delivery dude forgot to put a new one in when Pete and I ordered from there Thursday and a girl on the go needs the most up to date menu ya' know.

12. Fight the crowds at Target while picking up personal items needed

So, there you go. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but when you factor in the fact that I have next to no energy and get winded easily because my lung capacity is not fully recovered, it really is a lot.

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

No errands but at least 2-4 hours of work to make up a deadline I missed Friday but have until Sunday late afternoon to get done.

Then, it will be home to do a little bit of light cleaning, open mail, pay some bills, and do some laundry. Never seems to end does it? Of course it doesn’t help that I have a bit of OCD when it comes to housekeeping…Peace and Love Peeps.



This is the word of the moment.

I am hella unmotivated to do anything but be in bed and sleep. Still wiped and trying to recover from the sickness I suppose.

I have hella errands to run. But see above to know I don’t want to get out of the house to do them right now.

I have hella work to catch up on.

I am hella inspired to create but don’t have the energy or motivation to do so.

I am hella excited and hella freaked at the same time for the possibility of living with K. I haven’t had a roomie(s), other than the ex, since college.

I am hella happy things seem to be right with the man again after I went psycho crazy girly on him the week I was on lock down.

I am hella blessed.

I have hella love for my kitties.

Hella. Can you dig it?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Small Slice of Heaven . . .

. . . Is curling up naked and in your PJ’s, with your man, in bed, talking, snuggling, doing um well you know, watching a movie, ordering in, and seeing who has more random knowledge in their head while watching Jeopardy (he wins every single time by the way) on a cold Thursday afternoon and into the night.

Another small slice of heaven is having the librarian wave your late fees because you were sick, were in the hospital, and simply couldn’t drag yourself out of the house to return those books.

We’re only talking $2.90 but hey, that’s a random act of kindness and I am thankful for it. There have been times I have donated books and they haven’t even waived a $.20 late fee so you know, I am just saying thanks to the man.

Hope things are good in your world.

I’m heading back to bed. The alarm is going off super early, like 2:00 AM early, and I think it is only right to wake someone up the right way and cook them some breakfast don’t you?

Peace and Love Peeps.