Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Deserving

If Brad and Fiwa feel this way.
I was supposed to meet them for lunch today.
It was to be our first meeting.
And I stood them up.
As I write this they are most likely enjoying the glorious Seattle spring day, great company, and some good grub.
Here I sit, on my couch, drinking a pear, strawberry, apple juice feeling like the world's worst blogger friend.
I boycotted my email yesterday afternoon and night in order to get my analysis and presentation deadlines completed. I didn't see the email with the details until after they were already meeting.
I hope they can forgive me and give me a do-over.
I understand if they don't but I hope they do because I would really like to meet both of 'em.


Brad said...

No you stopping kicking yourself right NOW! young lady. We were very sorry you didn't make it but totally understand. Of course we'll do it again when work doesn't have you so 'heads down'. - I'm off to play in what seems to be our first day of true SPRING!

fiwa said...

I'm up for a do-over when ever you are ready! Stuff happens, no one I know is holding a grudge. You did, however, miss out on fried garlic at Uwajimaya.

I hope you get to enjoy some of the sun.


kimmyk said...

awww see...they still love ya mo. i mean really, what's not to love?

and can i say that i am just a wee bit (read shit tons) jealous that they will be meeting up with you and i have yet to throw my arms around your neck.

Ace C said...

Damn you, work!

Summer said...

I know they missed you as much as you missed them. There will be other beautiful Saturdays to have lunch.

And I agree with Ace.


Mo said...

Y'all are so good to me. All of you.

Hugs and Love to each and everyone of you!

Cheryl said...

I want to fly out to Seattle and meet all my WA friends. Did you ever notice how many bloggers are from your neck of the woods?