Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering...

Ace and Murphy (his dog) made it to Nevada safe and sound this afternoon.

They, along with his buddy Mike, made amazing time in my opinion.

I asked if he was peeing in a cup at the rate of progress they were making throughout the day.

He told me they stopped. I'll believe him only because I know how he feels about that kind of stuff and how he likes to keep the inside of his car.

He said the temps there are 76. Here we are a lovely 49.

He said, via text, "Somebody call a doctor. I think I'm having heat stroke."

I told him to just wait until summer. His reply? Simply "LOL".

He has no idea what he is in for.

So my dear friend, I leave with you the picture of the Space Needle. While you are burning up in the dry, desert heat, think of us lovingly while you take multiple cold showers. We'll be the ones dressed in layers...


Brad said...

Sorry poor Ace - Your body will get used to it in a year or so. Just be glad you have the dry heat. I spent a year in Biloxi sweating thru my dress shirt on a daily basis.

Summer said...

When you said he was leaving I pictured myself holding onto his ankles and being drug across the parking lot to his car.

Enjoy Ace!

Brad said...

Sweets! - We'd love for you to join us. come to my site and click on Ask Manstump and send me mail and I'll send you time & place.

Ace C said...

Lol. It's hot folks...89 degrees today.