Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look Into My Eye

And what would you see this morning?

Other than my iPod (Black Betty is playing), directly in front of me is my laptop complete with the work I am doing, a couple of bottles of water, an apple, an empty tea bottle, and my cell phone.

To my left is one team member snacking on a bag of Lays while doing his assessment of this week's audit.

Across the table is another team member with his iPod on, shaking his right leg, eating a bag of Cheetos, and completing his assessment too.

What would I see if I looked into your eye?


Brad said...

Well, your blog at the moment.

a messy desk with the finished weekly payroll and invoices I need to type up and mail. A cup of the green tea. No-body's to see all the guys are out on jobsites (Thank god)

Peace Sis!

Cheryl said...

You'd see me lying on my hammock, with my laptop on my lap. A bottle of water on my left and a bag of almonds on my right. The birdsong, my music.

Mo said...

Cheryl, I want your view!