Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cacti Casualty

Precious Pacomo.

I fear we may be parting ways soon.
I fear there will be a RIP headstone in the near future.
I fear the endless gray days and cold weather have done you in.
This is what he looked like the day Paolo and Courtney gifted him to me. I moved him from the kitchen windowsill to my craft table in an effort to provide better lighting when the leaves started to wilt.

Then slowly the leaves started to curl in.
Then they started to wither and fall off.

Upon returning from this last trip, almost all the leaves had met their maker.

However, Pacomo is hanging tough. I'm hopeful he too will be making a comeback like the New Kids on the Block.

Come on little buddy. The tour can't be over when it has just begun.

I'm not ready to part ways. Not just yet.

Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Maybe it can go on cruise with the New Kids.

Brad said...

Succulents are tough to keep. I typically water mine to death. It just doesn't seem right that something so lushous doesn't need water.

Cheryl said...

It took me years to kill my African Violets. They're gone now. I'm kinda happy.