Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hook 'Em!

In case you didn't know, Texas {in my opinion} was robbed and won't be playing in the BCS Championship game Thursday.

However, they are playing Monday in the Fiesta Bowl, against my second favorite college ball team.

Sorry Kim but you know my blood runs burnt orange. I want the Longhorns to beat the living tar out of the Buckeyes. I know you understand.

I'd love to say I know where I will be watching the game but I have no idea as of yet. As most of you know I get back on the road again early Sunday morning. I've made it known to work husband and dotted line boss man the game starts at 5:00 PM our time. It may be a feat for me to get them out of the office in time for kickoff.

But hey, that is what is for right? As long as I see at least the second half the game I will be happy. My wish is for the entire game but I have to weigh business needs with personal desire.

Just know come Monday night I will either be jumping for joy or hiding in my hotel room disappointed as all get out.

Let's hope joy is on my side a'right?

Peace and Love Peeps.


Ace C said...

Down goes Tex-Ass!

kimmyk said...

i thought about you when i heard about this game. i personally am so far over the bucks....piss poor year if you ask me.

tomorrow we are suppose to wear our colors-i'm not sure whose colors i'll be sportin' honestly.

enjoy the game wherever you find it on!

Live.Love.Eat said...

My hubs is a true Buckeye and I have a 5yo Buckeye at home too, so I am sorry we'll be on opposite sides tonight my friend!

kimmyk said...

great game last night!

Bob and Karen said...

Well, I guess you were jumping for joy last night! Congrats....great game!

Brad said...

I was going to say: "I don't got no dog in this fight so I be siding wit youse" but I have a feeling I'm a little late - and I haven't a clue who won!

Hope your doing ok out there in the wild beyond!