Friday, January 16, 2009

Less is More

We've talked about my thing with candles before.
I shared a little while back how I was giving the flameless candles a go after the wind and rain, which is a common occurrence at this time of the year in these parts, wreaked havoc on my fireplace pillars.
I believe it was Summer who wanted me to post pictures of their thumbs up rating I deemed them worthy of receiving.
Aren't they purty?

No more worrying about them being blown out or having to cut the wicks down nightly.

Plus, they stay the same shape and continuously flicker.

They look pretty good unlit too.

And yes Brad, my fireplace is dirty as it should be.

Nothing will replace the real deal but in this instance it is safe for me to say (flame)less is more.

Peace and Love Peeps.


fiwa said...

Oh no - Willie is singing "On the Road Again". Is that a coinkadink or are you gone? Be safe wherever you are. :)

I love my flameless candles. I have to in scones on the wall. They won't ever replace the real thing - but in certain situations they're great!

love you -

Brad said...

Ok, I'm getting "Staying Alive" by the Beegee's - WTH?

Honey child, why you calling me out over the fireplace?

Iz not critical!

How do those bad boys work? I've never seen a flameless candle - the sure look real in the pic.

kimmyk said...

I love the flameless candles, but somethin' about a real candle makes me feel warm and cozy. I have so many burning these days I think it's raised the temps in my house a few degrees. So warm and pretty.

I do like the idea in the fireplace though...

Summer said...

Just recently I was at a holiday gathering and the flameless candles were on the table. I didn't even notice until my son pointed it out. They are so cool. I like them in your fire place too. Thank you for the pictures.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I had more candles pre-kids, ha.

Ace C said...

You got two weeks to dust.