Monday, January 12, 2009

MeMe...Just Because

Do you have a Facebook?

What is one thing you miss about your past?
Being able to pick up the phone and talk with my Mom whenever I wanted or needed to

Can you play pool?
Not very well

Is your MySpace set to private?

Do you like the color green?

Does the number 19 have any significance to you?

It's 4 in the morning and your phone rings. Who do you expect it to be?

What do you think your best friends are doing right now?
They are all being productive because this is how we roll

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
Not sure

Who was the last friend in your house?
Mel and Ben

Can a girl and a guy be best friends without having feelings for each other?
Yes but for how long is the question

Have you had your birthday yet this year?

Have you kissed someone this month?

Favorite drink at Starbucks?
Soy Chai Tea Latte

Last place you went shopping?

Have you ever been camping?

When was the last time you went to the beach?

What was the last item you spent over 100 dollars on?
A Jawbone bluetooth headset

Did you meet anyone special this year?
Not yet but there is always hope

When is the last time you went out of town?
Last week

Are you good at snowboarding?
I am good at falling down

What are you thinking about?
Wondering how I am going to get it all done today

Last person you hugged?

Last mysterious bed you slept in?
The hotel bed last week

When was the last time you felt stupid?
I usually don't. I own whatever it may be that might be making me feel stupid.

Who did you last yell at and why?
Jasmine for waking me up at 2:00 AM

What is bothering you right now?
The right side of my butt is sore. I pulled a muscle lugging the big suitcase up the stairs.

Have you ever seen somebody get shot?
Only in the movies and on TV thankfully

Do you use big words?
According to Kyla, yes

When was the last time you saw your father?
When I was 14

Look to your right, what is there?
A vanilla candle, a bowl of river rocks, cell phone, fax machine, travel ten key pad, mouse, and Jasmine

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Has anyone ever saved your life?
Not in the literal sense of the question

What are you looking forward to?
Chillaxin' tonight

Who do you text the most?
Maricel and Ace

Most exciting thing that has happened to you this year?
My hard work paid off

Ever broken a bone?

Last person you said I love you to?

Last thing you stole?
I don't steal

Last place you lived before this one?
Silverdale, WA

Ever been in a fist fight?

Ever carried a weapon around with you?

Ever stepped in dog poop?

Ever been caught doing something illegal?

Ever use a bar of soap to wash your hair?

Do you ever sleep commando?

Last time you saw your grandma?
When I was a kid


Cheryl said...

I especially like the self-portrait to go along with the meme.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

so what did you do illegally!?! :)) I HATE hotel beds, ugh.

kimmyk said...

pretty picture of you mel!

so introspective.

you sleep commando? you sassy girl you.

i can't get into chai tea. i've tried several times just can't do it.

hope jasmin lets ya sleep tonight!

Kelly Jene said...

Great meme! Not everyone can own up to something that may make them look stupid! Take care...

Brad said...

Ooooo Soooo many questions. I'm printing this puppy out and saving it.

CrystalChick said...

Soy Chai... YUMMY!! Soy cocoa... YUMMIER!
Nice picture of you. :)
Have a nice week!

Ace C said...

Stop putting me on blast dammit!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great meme. I have to try that soy chai tea latte since I am off coffee for now. I hope you're doing well, I've missed ya!

fiwa said...

Pretty girl - but you look so sad. I hope you are/were ok?

I always love reading memes. Brad's comment cracked me up.