Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunch with Brad and Fiwa

Monday I crashed lunch with Brad and Fiwa.

When I found out about their plan Friday and knew I had Monday off, I asked if I could go.

Fiwa picked me up and off we went. As Brad mentioned on his blog, the lesson of the day was the Chanel perfume counter is near ladies shoes but it does help if you are in the same department store.
Just so you know, he was in Nordstrom and we were in Macy's. Hey, meeting up in a mall can be tricky sometimes.

After we found one another, I grabbed a Tazo green tea from Starbucks, we wandered in a few stores and then headed over to The Cheesecake Factory to get our grub on.
Waters all around and a tea for Brad.

Fiwa and Brad both ordered some black bean soup.

I waited for my chopped salad. Can you believe this is considered a small portion size?

Fiwa ordered the avocado eggrolls for her meal.

Brad opted for the blackened chicken sandwich.None of us had room for a slice of cheesecake. I know, I know! How could that be?

I'll be honest and say mine was driven by the desire to keep unnecessary calories from touching my lips more so than anything. I took in enough calories from the bacon and blue cheese in the salad.

I could have gotten the low carb cheesecake but why tempt fate? Even considering that selection I probably would have caved and ordered a slice of Dulce De Leche Caramel cheesecake.

Following lunch, in which plans were made for haircuts and lunch this Saturday, we walked back to the mall and hit up Borders.

Can I just say I feel something is off in the world in which we live when books are as expensive as they are? No wonder education is hard to obtain for some.

Once again I am giving a shout out to a book sharing network with friends and of course the public library systems. I take advantage of mine all the time and use the online reserve program for all it is worth.

After Brad purchased his selections, we headed to his vehicle for a ride back to the other side of the mall and in doing so he presented us with the mugs we made the last time we were together at his place for Saturday brunch.

I forgot to get a picture of Fiwa's. Mine turned out exactly as I hoped it would. I broke it in last night with a mug of decaf vanilla nut creme tea with a splash of light soy milk.

After we said good-bye, Fiwa and I headed to Mel and Kyla's for a few minutes before heading to Trader Joe's. Oh how we love us some Trader Joe's!

Then Kyla came over to help with the latest present from my neighbor lady next door. The funny side of things has turned from humorous to annoying to heebie jeebie status.

I'm letting Fiwa fill you in on all that as she will be the guest blogger Wednesday.

Brad is guest blogging Thursday and KimmyK is doing her thing Friday.

Why so many in a week?

Go on ahead now and cue Willie because Mo is on the road again in the morning. I'll be home early Saturday morning. In the meanwhile I am trusting these fine folks to keep you entertained in my absence and taking a sense of peace with me knowing Auntie Mars will be taking care of the babies and my space.

So y'all come on back now ya' hear?

Peace and Love Peeps.


Summer said...

Having friends is the best thing int he world. Have a safe trip.

Kathy said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great lunch. Doesn't Cheesecake Factory go nuts with the portions??? Glad you all found each other, though. That could have been lonely!
We love the PNW -- been to Seattle and to Vancouver and frankly I can easily see myself living there. I feel the same way about San Diego, too, but there's something about the PNW that is breath-taking. I don't think I've ever seen bluer skies (when the sun is shining, of course) and more clarity.

Cindy said...

Supersized meals, anyone? I've always thought their portions are ridiculously large.

Looking forward to your guest bloggers!

fiwa said...

And for the record, my cup is no where near as pretty as Mo's! I didn't do so well on the whole top glaze thing. I should have followed the crafter's lead. ;)

Cheryl said...

What a fun day! I felt like I was there with you. I love Cheesecake Factory. I always get the chicken quesadillas, and I never have room for dessert. I'll have to go sometime for dessert when I'm feeling especially bad.

I love the guest blogger thing. Have a good road trip!