Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today I woke up pretty much every two hours starting at 3:33 AM, which incidentally is the time of the day I was born.

Part of it was Jasmine and Princess. Part of it was me being restless and trying to change the path of my dream.

I usually welcome anytime I dream about football (yes, I have dreams of football) and my family but this particular dream was off somehow.

My siblings were present. One of them was taking pictures of the back of my head on a continuous loop.

One had a throat injury but was continuing to preach (shout out to Dr. P).

Another was doing yoga during the service by a fountain.

At some point we were in a vestibule of our childhood church watching a football game from my present (not the Cowboys or Longhorns but rather the WSU Cougars).

My Mom didn't make an appearance but my long absent father did.

When I realized no matter how many times I rolled over and the dream wasn't going to change, I finally got up and hit the gym.

I have now gotten a workout in, scooped some poop, loved on one kitty, played with other, eaten breakfast, done a load of laundry, made a shopping list for the brunch casserole I am making for some of the peeps tomorrow while we watch the Giants and Eagles get it on, and am about to head out to pick up a RX refill and head over to the peninsula to see T and Snookums.

When I get home tonight, I have a presentation I need to put together and hope to be in bed with a more restful sleep than last night.

My subconscious can take a rest now. Do you hear my request God? Please and thank you.

Peace and Love Peeps.

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Ace C said...

Can you save the stories of poop. It's too early in the morning to be reading that sort of stuff.