Sunday, February 04, 2007


Holy Hell. I overscheduled myself this weekend and right this minute I am really tired and frustrated.

Don't get me wrong. I had a good time. I ended up not going to CA to be my girl's hair model and to support her but it was jam packed just the same.

I worked really late Friday, had dinner with two work peeps, and then ran some errands. Tra came over so we could catch up and since she was working until 11:00 PM, we ended up hanging out over here and we gabbed until 4:30 AM.

I was supposed to be doing laundry while we gabbed but I only got one load done. The rest will have to wait until later this week. Thankfully I did a load of delicates earlier in the week and the rest of my immediate needs are either clean or were picked up from the dry cleaners Saturday.

Saturday I worked a bit in the morning, had my brows done, ran a few more errands, and headed to Pete's. It was one of the girl's early birthday party and I couldn't miss that could I even though I have and had oodles of things to do?

Then, he and I stayed up until about 2:00 AM talking and snuggling. I was quickly woken up around 7:00 AM, which was a good thing since there were things to be done today. Pete made breakfast, we took my car in for an oil change, and I proceeded to catch up on some work, give us all manicures, and chill until the game started.

Congratulations to the COLTS. You did me proud. I knew you were going to bring it home.

I had to stop by the office on the way home to pick up a few files and my travel power cord. Y'all know what that means right?

Yep, I'm fixing to leave on a two day tour down South.

I just got home, loved on the kitties, checked the snail mail, scarfed down some roasted chicken and chopped broccoli and now need to get cracking on packing and the rest of the stuff I have to do before I leave at...are you ready? Freaking 4:45 AM.

You know you wish were me right about now dontcha'?

I'd love to tell you I'll be updating from the road but I know how the next few days are going to be. I'm telling ya' now there is no need to check back in on me until at least Wednesday night. My night that is. Ya' know, PST time.

Have a good couple of days. Send me some keep it cool vibes please. I am going to need 'em. Peace and Love Peeps.

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